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How to Make the Most of Your Study in Canada Experience

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Immersing in an entirely new culture to strengthen one’s resume is not just life-changing but also a rewarding experience. Before embarking on a journey of a lifetime, read ahead for how to make the most of your study abroad experience.

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How to enhance your Study in Canada Experience

A student’s study abroad experience stays with them even after they have completed their education and moved ahead to the next chapter of their life. It is an experience that alters career goals, enhances skills, and updates the level of knowledge about a particular industry. 

Studying abroad is not only about obtaining a global degree; it is the comprehensive experience of living and adjusting to the standards of a foreign country such as the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand or other countries.

Discussed below are a few ways that can help international students, especially from India, make the most of their study abroad experience. 

Plan AheadA thorough research about factors such as the winters of Canada, top cities to study in New Zealand, or the documents required will benefit students in preparing for their journey. They should plan a budget for their stay in their host country and safeguard all essential documents. Their research should also include the political and economic situation of the host country along with the commonly practised cultural norms. 
Establish Local ConnectionsMaking friends with nationals of the host country is one of the most rewarding experiences of studying abroad. Indian students must participate in local events by joining clubs and organizations that pique their interest.  Socializing while studying overseas will help them interact with people from a wide range of ethnic and social backgrounds. Along with respecting diversity, local connections will also help develop a strong international network beneficial for a rewarding career.
Grab Academic OpportunitiesPursuing higher education in a foreign country provides international students, particularly from India, the unique opportunity to explore the academic environment of their host country. Students must attend lectures, participate in research projects relevant to their studies, and explore subject options that might not be otherwise available in their home country. It will strengthen their resume and prepare them for the global job market.  
Travel and ExploreTravelling within the host country will help enrich a student’s study abroad journey. Exploring the culture and different customs followed by people from different walks of life, students can shape their perspectives. They must prioritize their mental health and actively engage in exploring various attractions of their host country. Stepping out to explore the festivals and celebrations of Canada, experience the nightlife of Toronto, or take a refreshing study break in the UK will provide valuable experiential learning. Travelling within their host country helps create long-lasting memories.
Set Clear GoalsWhen studying abroad, it is important to set clear and achievable goals to stay focused and acquire various skills. Clarity of one’s reason to studying abroad will help in setting achievable goals. Further it will take the student closer to their dream and help in building the career they desire. Whether they are planning to study in Canada after 12th or study in the USA after graduation, setting goals will provide them a framework for growth. They can move ahead in their overseas education journey with valuable skills, connections and a strong resume.
Embrace ChangeIndian students when pursuing their higher education abroad must be open to change. They should be flexible towards diverse teaching styles and academic structures. Stepping out of their comfort zone will help in challenging pre-existing assumptions. It will eventually help in building tolerance, empathy, and intercultural communication skills.
Research the CultureStudents must prioritize research into the culture of their host country. They are likely to experience many emotional ups and downs while adjusting to a new culture. Tackling their cultural differences  and actively engaging with their host country’s culture will help in deepening cultural understanding, appreciation, and connection with the local community.
Prioritize HealthStudying abroad, away from the comfort of familiar places, familiar faces can be a whirlwind of emotions – excitement, culture shock, academic pressure, and homesickness. Taking care of their health through a variety of strategies such as journaling, exercising, enhancing their social life, will help in having a fulfilling study abroad journey of learning, growth, and personal discovery. Students must remember that keeping their well-being on priority is an investment towards their overall success and happiness. Some of the ways in which international students can prioritize their mental and physical health are presented in the infographic below:

• Support System
• Healthy Routine
• Realistic Goals
• Seek help

By implementing these strategies in their daily life, international students can elevate their self- esteem and boost their confidence to overcome new challenges.
Focus on the Positive AspectWhen away from family and friends in an international study destination, every minute can feel like an eternity.  Instead of focusing on the distance, students must approach their challenges with a can-do attitude. Every setback must be taken as a chance to learn and grow. Recognizing the opportunities that studying abroad presents will build stronger bonds with fellow international students and locals from the host country. A positive attitude will enrich a student’s experiences and help in dealing with homesickness.


Studying abroad extends far beyond the traditional classroom. It involves personal growth, academic excellence, and cultural understanding. These shape an international student’s future for success.  To pursue higher education in their desired study abroad location, students can contact India’s trusted overseas study abroad consultants - Canam. Implementing these suggestions during a student’s study abroad experience will elevate their journey. 


Studying abroad helps international students, specifically Indian students to gain independence. They become self-reliant, and grow confident to take significant decisions.
By studying abroad, Indian students can learn a new language, meet new people, expand their resume and prepare for the global job market. 
To decide which country is suitable for studying abroad, students must get in touch with the overseas consultants of Canam to discuss their profile. Generally, a student’s academic interests, cultural preferences, budget and language proficiency will be considered.
The international student must land in their host country with an open mind. They must respect local customs and traditions. Connecting with local people and participating in cultural events will also be instrumental in their adjustment process. 
When studying abroad, students must step out of their comfort zone and participate in clubs, social events and other activities that pique their interest. Talking to friends and family in their home country is encouraged. 

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