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Canam Consultants is an undisputed leader in the field of overseas education. With over two decades of international education consulting experience, we have assisted thousands of students in pursuing the right course at their dream destination. Connect with us to choose the best program and make your application process as seamless and effortless as possible. Here are a few reasons to choose us

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We’re a trusted name in international education consulting because of our extensive experience in understanding students from various academic and professional backgrounds. We have earned trust by being responsive, honest, and transparent.

We’re Certified

We have accreditations and awards from global agencies and organizations. Canam has partnerships with top-ranked universities to provide world-class education to students. Connect with us to get admission and start your application process. Know about the courses and universities click here

Direct Connect with University and College Representatives

At Canam, we regularly organize university and college fairs where students get to interact directly with the official delegates of global universities and colleges. Such sessions help students to get detailed information on intakes, courses, scholarships, application fee waivers and more.

Complete package

With markedly increasing global student mobility, we focus on using advanced promotional strategies to provide powerful marketing support to institutes and enable our partners to reach out to students across the globe.

We stand by our values

We deeply care about the students who dream of studying abroad. We believe in giving the best advice to our students. Nothing gives us greater pride than seeing the success stories of lakhs of students, and they are delighted with the work we do together as a strong team of 800+ members.

Present wherever you are

Canam offices are situated in over 30+ locations across India. Additionally, our online services give students the same on-ground experience over virtual mediums.

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