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TOEFL Registration

Many students fail to register for the TOEFL test on time, resulting in missed test dates and locations. The best time for TOEFL registration is not when you are ready to take the test; rather, a more balanced strategy is to plan ahead of time and register accordingly. Good planning, along with focused efforts, undoubtedly assist you in passing the test with a respectable score. If anyone wants to take the TOEFL exam, then they can register for it using the procedures described below.

  • TOEFL Registration Online
  • TOEFL registration using smartphone app
  • Mail-in TOEFL registration
  • In-person TOEFL registration

Any of these methods can be employed. However, online TOEFL registration is preferred by more than 95% of students.

How to Create a TOEFL Registration Account:

  1. Visit the official website of TOEFL
  2. Create a new account or sign in to an existing one.
  3. Fill up the blanks with caution.
  4. Choose your preferred TOEFL exam date, time window, and testing location.
  5. Pay for the TOEFL exam using the acceptable method of payment.
  6. Take a Print out of the acknowledgement receipt.

TOEFL Registration Online

Online TOEFL registration is far more convenient than other methods, when it comes to registering for the TOEFL test. Given below are the steps that you can follow to register for a TOEFL exam online:

Step 1 Candidates must register a new account or sign in to their existing account on the TOEFL registration site using their ID and Password. Applicants who already have an account will be requested for their TOEFL registration number when they check in to finish the registration.
Step 2 Applicants must fill out complete information about their personal and educational facts that will be useful for admission. The TOEFL exam's online registration is convenient for candidates wishing to provide all of their information.
Step 3 Applicants in this phase can select their TOEFL exam dates based on their convenience as well as their degree of preparation. Applicants must take precautions when picking dates on the TOEFL registration website.
Step 4 At this point, candidates have the option of selecting their TOEFL test centres based on their preferred location. Furthermore, candidates can take the recently launched TOEFL at-home version.
Step 5 Once the candidates have completed all of their preferences and entered their information, the page will be sent to the payment gateway. Candidates must finish the payment process by paying the TOEFL Registration Fees to complete the IBT TOEFL Registration.
Step 6 After making the payment, candidates are able to successfully submit their forms. The acknowledgment receipt is now available for download from the TOEFL registration site. The acknowledgment slip will assist you in obtaining the TOEFL registration number.

Online registration is not only simple, but quick as well, and you will receive an acknowledgment receipt immediately after payment.

TOEFL At-Home Edition

The "At-Home edition" of the TOEFL test is its most recent addition following the COVID-19 pandemic. To register for the TOEFL At-Home Edition, follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. On the ETS website, create a new account or log in to an existing one.
  2. After that, "Register/Find Test Centres" option should be selected.
  3. Now, select "Find Test Centres and Dates" and then pick "Home Edition."
  4. After that, you can check the email address.
  5. Confirm the time zone and enter your preferred date and time.
  6. Pay the funds to confirm your TOEFL registration.

The At-Home edition is available 24 hours a day, four days a week, with appointments starting as soon as 24 hours after registering for the TOEFL test.

TOEFL Registration Fee

Candidates appearing for the TOEFL exam should know the registration fee and submit the payment on time to complete the registration process successfully. The TOEFL registration fee for Indian students has been set to $190.

TOEFL Late Registration Fee

Online registration for the TOEFL test closes seven days before the exam, and late registration closes four days before the test date. Students who fail to pay the registration fee on time will be charged a late fee of $40.

TOEFL Rescheduling Fee

Students who wish to reschedule their registrations must pay $60 as TOEFL rescheduling fee. Candidates can log in to their ETS account and reschedule the upcoming test. They must do so no later than four days before the test date.

TOEFL Cancellation Fee (TOEFL Refund policy)

Candidates are eligible for a refund equivalent to half of the exam fee only if the cancellation is made no later than four days before the scheduled test date. Refunds are not provided in cash but will be credited back to the original payment source.

TOEFL Score Sending Fee

The TOEFL test fee includes the candidates’ TOEFL score being sent to four universities/institutions. Students who wish to send their TOEFL results to additional universities can pay an extra TOEFL score-sending fee. The TOEFL score sending fee per recipient is $20.00.

TOEFL Fee in India: Payment methods

ETS accepts various payment methods for TOEFL Exam Fee such as American Express®, Discover®, JCB®, China Union Pay®, Diners Club®, Mastercard® or VISA®. Other payment methods such as Electronic Checks, Paypal, Paper checks, or Money Orders are also accepted during registration.

The TOEFL Test is divided into four sections: reading, listening, speaking, and writing. Each part is rated from 0 to 30, with a total score range of 0-120. As the test centres were closed due to COVID-19, ETS launched the TOEFL iBT Special Home Edition. The syllabus for the TOEFL iBT Home Edition is the same as for the original exam. The TOEFL scorecard will not be mailed; instead, the online report will be available on the official website within 6-10 days of the test.

TOEFL Registration with Mobile App

Applicants can register for the TOEFL exam by downloading the TOEFL Phone App. The following stages are critical:

• If the candidate is a first-time user, he or she must sign up after installing the TOEFL app on their phone.
• If the candidate has previously registered, they must enter their user id and password to login.
• Like online registration, candidates must enter the relevant personal and contact information. The rest of the stages are similar to TOEFL online registration, with the exception that applicants must keep the TOEFL registration number.

Applicants applying for TOEFL registration should be informed of the exam’s fee structure:

Item Fees
TOEFL Registration Fee Fees vary by country.
TOEFL Home Edition Registration Fee Vary between USD 180 - $325
TOEFL Late Registration Exam Fee US$ 40
Rescheduling Fee for TOEFL Exam US$ 60
Reinstatement of Canceled Scores Fee US$ 20
Additional score reports (per institution or agency) Fee US$ 19 each
Speaking or Writing Section Score Review Fee US$ 80
Speaking and Writing Section Score Review Fee US$ 160
Returned Payment US$30
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