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How to Deal With Homesickness While Studying Abroad

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Studying overseas can be one of the most unforgettable and thrilling experiences of your life. However, many students experience the problem of homesickness initially.

A student can encounter homesickness due to several reasons, which can include missing your friends and family back home. This problem can also manifest itself in many different ways: continually wanting to get in touch with your friends and family, being critical of everything in your new environment, and withdrawing yourself from regular social interactions.

Feeling of being homesick can be brief, or it can last for an extended period, thereby having adverse effects on a students life and personality. While there isnt any sure-shot standard procedure for getting over homesickness, there are a few strategies which you can employ to get over this problem as soon as possible:

Put a hold on using social media

Social media has made it very easy for people to be connected with their friends and family, but this can be very detrimental for someone who is facing homesickness. Social media leads to FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) as you may feel left out when you see your friends and families enjoying on social media.

So if you want to overcome homesickness while studying abroad, in that case, it might be a good idea to get away from social media for a while.

Learn to have fun

One must always keep in mind that going overseas to study is a beautiful opportunity that very few students get to experience.

Once you go to a new country, there will be many new things to do and experience, and make a list of all the things and places which you would want to experience or visit before you leave for your home country.

Try the local cuisine

One of the things which you will miss the most when visiting a new country will be your favorite foods and dishes from back home.

Go and look for familiar foods to eat, and once in a while, dont hesitate to try out new foods and cuisines. Also, remember that having a meal together is a great way of socializing and meeting new people. So be sure to go out and make new friends and also immerse yourself in cuisines from different parts of the word while studying abroad.

Try to be positive and upbeat

One of the most important ways of getting over homesickness is to try and keep a positive attitude. Although it is a lot easier said than done, often having a positive outlook towards life is the critical factor in making your study abroad experience a memorable one. Always keep in mind that it is perfectly normal to be homesick while initially while studying overseas. Over some time, you will be able to overcome it by being dynamic and positive.

Look after your health

Physical activity and exercise are wonderful coping tools to combat homesickness while studying overseas. Stress and loneliness can have adverse effects on your mental and physical health, therefore exercise will not only help you mitigate stress, but it will also help you with keeping yourself fit and healthy. So remember to keep up with your exercise regime and favorite sports to overcome homesickness while studying abroad.

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