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Top 10 careers after Studying in USA

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In today's world, one has to be careful regarding the career path which one decides to take. Continuous changes in technology, such as big data and artificial intelligence, are rendering a lot of people unemployed.

If you want to still be in demand in today's job market, you need to concentrate on acquiring the requisite skills as well as experience in the rapidly evolving careers. According to labor statistics, there are a large number of jobs that are growing exponentially and will be having a high demand in the future. We have compiled a list of the jobs which are in high demand after studying in USA.

Application developer
This field provides excellent opportunities and has an increased potential for earning. The median pay for this profession is around $103,620 per annum, and pursuing a career in application development will help in designing, creating, and implementing applications.
Several industries require software systems in which application developers ensure that they run smoothly. The demand regarding this profession is quite high, which ranges from software developers to manufacturers. After you have completed your training in this field, you are an in-demand employee in government agencies, private institutions, and large corporations.

Personal healthcare aide

This profession is primarily involved in assisting elderly or disabled people needing it in their day to day lives. The people working in these fields mainly work in the homes of their clients, but sometimes they may also be employed in old age or group homes.

Physician assistant

People working in this field are concerned about conducting a physical examination, diagnoses, and dealing with illnesses. Though they do not have to go to a medical or a residency school, they must complete a master's program. Also, the physician assistant has to be qualified before practicing.

Statistician and mathematician

People from this profession analyze the data and perform mathematical functions to resolve multiple real-life problems. One of their other purposes is to design surveys and opinion polls to collect and analyze data to assist the company in enhancing its business.

Bicycle mechanic

More people are opting for bicycles as a mode of transport; hence there is an increased demand for bike mechanics. A bike mechanic will usually work in a workshop, and they also help in selling bicycle gear to the customers. They only require a high school diploma and receive on the job training.

Medical assistant

These professionals perform a range of administrative and clinical duties. They can perform tasks such as documenting records of the patient, assisting doctors with the medical exams, and recording the vital signs of the patients. They might also participate in administrative functioning such as scheduling of appointments and also creating databases. The people working as medical assistants usually work in doctor offices, but they can also work in hospitals and outpatients.
Assistants can also have only a high school diploma and can also take a certificate program in medical assisting in a vocational school.

Nurse practitioner

A nurse practitioner helps in looking after patients, and he/she can also provide medical assistance to them. To become a nurse, a person must complete their masters and also must be registered and licensed to practice. The demand for nurse practitioners has increased due to the spike in demand for healthcare services for the elderly population.

Occupational therapist

These healthcare professionals assist others in helping them acquiring jobs so that they can lead a happy and fulfilling life. It is one of the fastest-growing professions in the United States of America, and it is expected to grow further as the population ages.

Data Engineers

These professionals work with the Data Scientists, and they are mainly concerned with the collection and maintenance of data rather than analyzing it. This job has a high satisfaction rate amongst the employees, having a high demand with regard to this sector.

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