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Biggest Festivals and Celebrations in Canada for International Students

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Canada is a multicultural, ethnically diverse country with residents from all across the globe. These communities have been living together harmoniously, and over the years, we see more international students seeking admissions to Canadian Universities. Canada has some of the best cultural celebrations and festivities for students to enjoy. Canadas famous festivals attract visitors and students from all over the world. From stunning lights and fireworks festivals to winter wonderlands, Canadians are incredibly vibrant and enthusiastic when it comes to celebrations.

Canada has a wide variety of tourist and cultural attractions, and along with beautiful locations, several festivities and celebrations are held each year in the country. This writes up deals with the best festivals and celebrations in Canada for international students to enjoy:


It is the largest fireworks festival globally and is held in Vancouver every summer. This festival is usually organized within July and August each summer for a week. It is a competition where firework teams from three different countries are selected from participants worldwide. The festival presents a spectacular display of fireworks, which is a sight to behold and has people travelling from all over the world to enjoy it. Over the years, top bands and performers have entertained visitors and made it a festival to remember.


The Montreal Jazz festival is held every year in June   July; it is one of the most famous festivals for jazz lovers and music enthusiasts. It is the biggest festival globally and even holds a Guinness World Record for being the biggest. The festival lasts for over ten days and includes various musical performances from artists worldwide. The festival has had a record number of audience members, estimated to be in millions. The festivals hold free jazz and music concerts for audience members and have become immensely popular over the years.


Winterlude is the biggest winter festival in Ottawa, spanning over three weeks, starting the first week of February. This beautiful carnival includes winter sports, ice art, music, stellar displays of ice and so on. The capital city is home to the largest ice skating rink in the world, with ice sculptures, a playground full of snow for students and many more attractions. This festival attracts crowds from all across the globe and the country, along with ice sports, musical concerts are also a significant attraction. The festival is an experience like never before for the attendees, and predominantly that is why the number of people attending the festival is increasing manifold each year.


Abbreviated as TIFF, the Toronto International Film festival is one of the biggest film festivals in the world attended by the public and is attended by 480,000 people every year. It was established in 1976 and is held in Downtown Toronto, Ontario. The festival screens 400-500 movies each year, with over 5000-7000 industry people attending each year. The festival has carved its niche as one of the most prestigious film festivals across the globe; it is counted among the likes of Cannes and Morocco Film Festival. The festival is a hub for the best movies with the biggest stars and is often a kick-off to the award season.


A testament to Canadas multicultural population and its cohesive existence, Folklorama is a two-week-long event organized in Winnipeg, Manitoba. This festival is a way to provide equal representation to the vast population of communities and ethnicities that call Canada home. It is the largest and longest cultural festival globally and has become increasingly popular. This festival is a symbol of Canadian solidarity and its growing multiculturalism. Additional events are also organized, such as clothing, food stalls, and many more.


Canada Day is commemorated on 1st July every year with spectacular celebrations held across the country with significant firework displays, musical concerts, gigs, etc. In the main cities like the capital city, Ottawa, Toronto, Ontario, Vancouver, and British Columbia, celebrations kick off early during the day and then extend till midnight with various events. The day is a national holiday in the country, and every year people come together to celebrate in full swing.

Along with the festivals mentioned above and celebrations, there are many other famous festivals in Canada popular among residents and international students. These festivals are an immersive experience and something that people relish for their whole lives.

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