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The Express Admissions initiative brings a quicker acceptance offer to qualified students to their desired course at their preferred Canadian University or College.

In is an exclusive and unique initiative by Canam. We are the largest and most trusted Canadian higher education student recruitment company in the world. Better opportunities for students are created here by offering them ‘Quick Acceptance’ service for a selected number of institutes and programs. The service is currently available for over 25 Universities and Colleges across Canada, covering 100’s of programs across various fields of study, and the list expands every intake. At Canam, the Express Admissions can be accessed by a click of a button and is absolutely free of cost.

Search & Apply for programs that are approve for Express Admissions Term & Conditions may apply.

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Express Admissions Services at Canam

Applying to programs identified and marked as ‘Express Admissions’ will expedite offers for qualified and complete applications to a limited number of days instead of the regular processing time of weeks or months.

Our team here at Canam suggests that students should explore and choose to apply to the most appropriate courses based on their aspirations and personal career goals, the express admissions is an exceptional service to get accepted at selected few institutes at an accelerated format to match the immediate and current requirement that maybe unique to some students.

  • Explore programs on our AI powered Program Explorer
  • Check your prospects for admission at your preferred institute based on the eligibility criteria
  • Customize your search results by choosing Express Admissions in the search filter or simply start searching options by clicking below
  • Shortlist and apply or you can even connect with Canam’s study abroad consultants
  • Submit the relevant documents and get accepted to eligible courses

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