Duolingo Exam Pattern 2024 - Explore Section-wise IELTS Exam Format, Marking Scheme & Duration


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Duolingo (Exam Pattern)

Duolingo exam helps international students fulfil the English proficiency requirements. It evaluates an individual's ability to read, write, speak and listen to the English language. The performance of the participant determines the complexity of the Test. Its difficulty level rises with each accurate response and vice versa.

The Duolingo exam format is summarized below for quick learning:

Sections Duration Overview
Introduction & Induction 05 minutes

Ensure the proper functioning of the microphone camera & speaker

Valid ID proof

Adaptive Test 45 Minutes

A graded portion that uses objective as well as descriptive questions to assess the participant's knowledge

Incorporation of different question types

Intensity of difficult questions varies as per the performance.

Writing and Speaking sample 10 Minutes Unranked video interview to assess your english language speaking & writing abilities

Format of Duolingo English Test (Detailed)

A detailed format of the Duolingo exam is as follows:

Introduction and Induction

The system will test the functionality of your camera, microphone, and speakers during the introduction and onboarding stages. Also, you are required to present a government-issued ID for validation. Make sure you follow the rules and regulations while taking the Test.

Adaptive Test

The adaptive test is part of the Duolingo English exam ID of 45 minutes and has a series of questions that evaluate your proficiency in the English language. The difficulty level of the question changes as per the candidate's performance. The scores are Calculated by using AI based on literacy, comprehension, dialogue, and production.

Video Interview (Unranked)

Your writing and English speaking fluency are evaluated in this ungraded section as you get 30 seconds to select a question to respond to. You might be asked to describe a picture briefly, discuss a specific scenario, or talk for a few minutes about a particular subject. To attempt the video-speaking sample, you get 1-3 minutes and 3 to 5 minutes to attempt the writing sample.

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