CAEL Exam Fees


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By: Canamprep

Updated On: Jan 02,2024 , 03:16 PM IST

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The following are the CAEL fees:

  • Candidates must pay CAD 195 [11,697.72 INR] to complete the registration successfully.
  • A cost of 60 CAD [3599.30 INR] is paid for postponing the test date.
  • If a candidate decides to cancel a test date, he or she must notify the CAEL Assessment Office at least two working days before the scheduled test day to be eligible for a fee refund. Administrative fee is deducted in the amount of 60 CAD [3599.30 INR].
  • Test review costs 65 CDN [3899.24 INR] per test component (reading, listening, writing, or speaking).

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