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How is Artificial Intelligence Revolutionising Global Education?

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The last decade has seen unprecedented growth in technology. This advancement has affected every facet of human life on the face of the earth. From food to academics, everything is influenced by technology today. From taking the perfect pictures on our smartphone cameras to car parking sensors, we might not even realize; Artificial Intelligence has become ubiquitous in every aspect of our day to day life. There has been a paradigm shift in the whole process of education, for it has become more automated and technology-driven. AI is responsible for turning the entire education system around among numerous technological advancements. With intelligent algorithms and automated administration tasks, AI has simplified global education. It has enabled us to cut down on time and helps us maximize our capacities.

Statistics show that by 2024 upwards of 47% of all learning management tools will be powered by AI. AI will significantly influence education by achieving greater individualized learning levels through its efficient machine applications. This is referred to as Hyper-personlization, boosted by on-demand digital Content customized as per student needs. Along with that, AI has also helped in accelerating and automating administrative management for organizations and their teachers. From evaluating homework to the grading process in exams, it is time-saving, thereby facilitating more one on one time with students. Smart Content is another vertical of AI in education; it enables robots to create educational Content with similar accuracy to their human counterparts.

AI has facilitated distance education for people from all over the world, and it has enabled a computer-based connection to classrooms and institutions across the globe. In addition to revolutionizing classroom teaching practices, it has also successfully transformed the tedious process of overseas education. The AI-powered software makes finding your dream educational institution easier by providing in-depth details about various international universities, courses offered, locations, eligibility, and student services. From paying the fee to filling multiple applications to multiple universities, AI has made everything more accessible and time-saving in international education.

Apart from improving the quality and system of education, AI will also help organizations save billions of administrative expenses and invest money better. It has customized the digital learning interface and has also improved the methods in which education is delivered. Leading universities and colleges worldwide have employed AI for the college admission process as it is hassle-free and credible. Today, college recruiting teams and their partners work with an AI-powered algorithm to determine applications, enrolled students, their credentials, and eligibility. It has also made the entire process of visa application, housing selection, course selection, and even availing of academic counselling easier.

In a nutshell, AI is a boon for the entire education industry, for it is error-free, time-saving, and helps perform intensive tasks. Thus, it would be safe to say that AI is the future of education, and it must be harnessed to its maximal.

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