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Health Tips for Students Studying Abroad

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Studying overseas is an enjoyable and satisfying experience as it helps you submerge in another culture. But due to the uncertainty of the new environment, it can bring on a lot of unwanted stress, which can be pretty detrimental to your physical and mental health. Also, due to having so much fun and working towards your academic objectives, your health can suffer. Staying healthy while you study abroad can be pretty challenging, but staying in shape for you won't be a problem at all with our tips.

Nutritious diet

Though studying abroad can be pretty demanding for some students, and shuffling between your academics and cooking might become cumbersome in the long run. The easiest way to make your meals is by planning and selecting easy to cook recipes. Preparing your meals in advance can help in saving a lot of your time while at the same time, it helps you in being creative.

Focus on exercising more

You can refer to a lot of fun YouTube videos and start following an exercise regime from the comfort of your residence. It will help you in burning calories while at the same time, it will let you save money.

Invest in a travel insurance

After you decide to study abroad, make sure you invest in proper travel insurance. It will help you get quality medical facilities without being concerned about a hefty medical bill. Also, it would help if you were informed about your health insurance policy and your service policies.

Try to be as outgoing as possible

Being isolated from the world can lead to anxiety and depression amongst the students studying abroad, which can lead to adverse effects on your mental and physical health. To counter this, try to go out and socialize, get in touch with your family and friends, as it will aid you to better your mental health, which is equally important as your physical health.

Stay hydrated

The most crucial tip to staying healthy and looking your absolute best is to be hydrated. Try drinking water before you head out and try to go easy on the aerated and adult beverages, which will result in you looking less than your best.

Try to get enough sleep

Getting enough sleep can help you feel refreshed, and also use a face mask while napping as it will help you re-energize your skin. It will also make you feel relaxed and rejuvenated instead of feeling worn out and tired.

Pick up a sport

While abroad, be sure that you pick up a new sport and research your options for getting involved in a new game. Many universities and programs include fitness memberships when you enrol and get in touch with students who study abroad to form a new sports team. You can also look for other physical activities in your surrounding area, such as pools and gyms and other different sports activities.


Yes, Indian students get scholarships in Canada during their studies. So many universities have a scholarship program for international students. Students just need to check their eligibility to apply for the program.

Yes, it is compulsory for Indian students to qualify for the NEET Exam for studying the medical program in Canada.

In Canada, there are some high-paying allied health science courses and certificate courses for a rewarding career as a podiatrist, dentistry, optometrist, physical therapist, and in nursing, clinical research, epidemiology, homoeopathic medicine, pharmacy, biochemistry, kinesiology, physiology, and radiologic technology.

Any of the degrees mentioned above will be instrumental in getting you a variety of jobs, for example –
-Health Assistant
-Health Analyst
-Health Coordinator
-Junior Health Policy Analyst

Bachelor’s degree in Health Sciences, Master’s in Health Sciences, and Bachelor’s in Health Care Management are some of the best courses. In addition to these, there are a lot of other courses you can go for after the 12th standard.

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