Are You Planning to Study in USA?

“I want to study in USA.” One can hear every second youth saying so simply because USA is world’s leading and preferred education destination for international students. There are many reasons that make it the world’s best education destination. The primary reason is almost all the best colleges and universities in all streams, commerce, science,

Insurance Every Student Needs While Studying in Canada

Studying in Canada involves a lot of factors to be looked upon. Out of which the most important for a student is to take insurance. The student should consider three kinds of insurances; travel insurance, provincial health insurance in Canada and private health insurance. Insurance plans act as a savior when any sort of mishap

Top Cities to Study in Canada

Canada is one of the most preferred study destinations as it offers the best quality education and a chance to broaden one’s horizons. Not only education, but it is also famous for the innumerable job opportunities it offers to international students. Here’s a list of top cities that a student should prefer to study in

How to Finance Your Childs Study in Canada?

Major expenses to be met in Canada Education of a child, I believe, is the most crucial and lifelong investment for parents. Most of the educated parents usually start planning about their child’s education even before the birth of the child. While elementary education is quite affordable in India and most of the parents manage

Why Should One Choose Canada to Pursue Their PhDs?

For a lot of people, pursuing a doctorate is the step that will give their careers a leap to their desired professional status. Canada is home to some of the most well-known and renowned universities in the world, be it the University of Toronto or the University of British Columbia. Offering one of the best

Requirements for Getting Student Visa for USA

Out of all the prime international education destinations USA holds the number one position and there are number of factors responsible for this making USA education systems top the list. The most significant of all these reasons is the high flexibility of the US education system that gives students an opportunity to customize their course

Things You Need To Consider Before Choosing Study Abroad Consultants

Studying abroad and acquiring excellent educational qualifications ensure a bright future across the world in any field. This is the reason that each year more than a thousand students apply for courses abroad. Every aspirant is looking for a consultant who is equipped with extensive knowledge of rules and regulation and paperwork which is required


New Zealand is gradually climbing the ranks among major study destinations in the world after it has been ranked as one of the best tourist destinations. New Zealand Education is considered one of the best across the globe which is why more than 100,000 international students apply for admissions to the universities of New Zealand

Reasons to Study In Canada

Having some of the top-ranked universities and colleges of the world makes Canada the most popular international education destination. Canada is a place with diverse culture, safe environment, affordable education, and living expenses that makes Canada the preferred international education destination. Let us find out in detail the reasons to Study in Canada. Amazing Education

How Much Does it Cost to Study in Germany?

Studying abroad for Indian students is considered an expensive means of acquiring world-class qualifications which is why most of the parents have this question in their mind that how much will it cost if they send their children to study abroad. If you are planning to study in European countries, then Germany is the country