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Things to Do and Student lifestyle in Canada

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Before booking a flight to Canada, international students should explore the lifestyle of the country along with what things they can do as a student. Here is everything a student should know about.

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Things to do and student lifestyle in Canada

Canada has picked up fame on the map as one of the popular education destinations among students across the globe. However, the country is not just about its advanced education system. Its quality of life, scenic landscapes, cultural diversity, safe & secure environment, popularity for sports like hockey, flourishing music scene, and varied cooking styles make it a country worth living and studying. Here are the top cities in Canada that have made it to the world ranking list of the best city for international students:


Montreal has been Canada's top city for a while now, primarily for its quality education and high-ranking educational institutions, including McGill University, ranking 31st in the QS World University Rankings 2023. The town is famous for its comedy shows, festivals, and abundant cultural activities. It has an effective public transit system with a productive bus service system that works in 200 bus routes, the metro, and local train service, which are helpful and economical for students.

Student life

Montreal is home to 6 major universities and 12 colleges, which offers international students a true study-abroad experience. The city stands apart from other cities in its way of life, food, ethnicity, and culture. The cost of study in Montreal is reasonable compared to other North American cities. Aspiring students can learn French as a free language course with the help of specific courses offered by several universities.

Popular places to explore in Montreal:

Considered one of the oldest cities in Canada, Montreal has many places for students to explore and have fun. The city is known for its historical centers, dance clubs, landmarks, parks, shopping regions, and more.

Some of the places worth visiting in Montreal are:

- Mont-Royal

- Old Montreal

- Notre-Dame Basilica

- Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

- Montreal Biodome

- Old Port of Montreal

- Olympic Stadium


Ranked 17th among the student-friendly urban regions in the world, Vancouver is a popular urban area located on the west coast of Canada. It is among the fastest developing cities in Canada, known for its beautiful landscapes, lovely environment, diversity and endless opportunities to study and work. Academic institutes in Vancouver aim to provide the best possible environment for research and practical experience for students.

 Student life

Vancouver is the third largest metropolitan city in Canada. Every year more than 10,000 international students fly to this city to study at some of the top-ranked institutes. The beautiful town is a high-tech orbit in Canada, offering many educational opportunities to students in subject areas such as digital media, technology, and engineering.

Popular places to explore in Montreal:

With its mountain backdrop and scenic beaches, Vancouver is among the most well-planned cities in Canada. It is a lovely city surrounded by picturesque landscapes and is famous for theatre and music scenes.

Some of the famous places to explore while staying in Vancouver are:

- Stanley Park

- Capilano Suspension Bridge

- Granville Island

- Vancouver Aquarium

- Queen Elizabeth Park

- English Bay

- VanDusen Botanical Garden

- Canada Place


Ottawa is the capital of Canada. Located in the eastern region of Ontario, the city is popular for its rich history, national galleries, museums, adventures, quality education and more. It is a big city offering the vibe of a small town because of its balance of urban city and lush green environment.

Student life

Student life in Ottawa is filled with great education options and endless extra-curricular activities. Students get to study at the country’s top universities and colleges, including the University of Ottawa, Saint Paul University, Carleton University, etc. There are many clubs and recreational activities for students to participate in, enabling them to pursue something they are passionate about or start with something completely new.

Popular places to visit in Ottawa:

- Rideau Center

- National Gallery of Canada

- Gatineau Park

- Omega Park

- Camp Fortune

- Mont Tremblant


Ranked among the most livable cities globally, Toronto is one of Canada's most diverse and vibrant cities. It is one of the world's major finance and business centres that houses the third-largest film and television production hub after Los Angeles and New York. It has several natural and cultural attractions with new events and activities to enjoy every weekend, reflecting the cultural diversity of Canada.

Student life

Ranked 13th in the list of QS Top Student Cities, Toronto provides several educational opportunities to students from different parts of the world. The city welcomes thousands of students from over 160 countries and offers a wide range of well-known academic institutes. While studying here, students get to connect with individuals with similar interests and join communities with various sports teams, clubs, and organizations. 

The weather in Toronto is a bit extreme and might take some time to get used to for international students. But during the autumn season, Toronto transforms into a truly gorgeous city with colorful fall leaves as an attraction. During winters, the entire Toronto is decorated with snow and Christmas lights, and you can also indulge in skiing and ice skating at the City Hall.

Popular places to visit for students in Toronto: 

- Royal Ontario Museum

- Art Gallery of Toronto

- Hockey Hall of Fame

- Revue Theater

- Fox Theatre

- Massey Hall

- Aviva Center

- Monarch Park Stadium

Planning to study in Canada takes more than learning about the student life there. To read more about studying in Canada, click here.


Can an international student work full-time in Canada?

International students can work full-time only during their scheduled breaks, such as winter and summer.

What factors should be kept in mind before moving to Canada to study?

Studying in a foreign land can be a little daunting at first as one needs time to adapt to the new environment, especially in the case of a country like Canada with extreme weather conditions. Here are some of the things that students should consider: 

- Be prepared to face the cold as it snows heavily in almost every Canadian region.

- Work on communication skills to interact with the natives without hesitation.

- Learn to manage the finance and spend only on the things that are needed.

- Focus on time management.

Is student life easy in Canada?

Students planning to study in Canada are sure to have a life-changing experience. They get to study at the top academic institutes, experience advanced learning methods, meet people from varied cultural backgrounds and enjoy high standards of living. However, they also need to deal with culture shock, take charge of their life, and manage everything from assignments to tests and home chores to work independently.

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