CAEL Exam Pattern


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CAEL Exam Pattern

Test Features CAEL – Online CAEL – At a Test Centre
Length: Approximately 3.5 hours Yes Yes
Format: 5 integrated components Yes Yes
Testing Days: Friday – Sunday Yes Yes
Check-in Window 30 minutes after the start 45 minutes before the start
Location Online at home Test Centre

Individual English proficiency scores for the Reading, Listening, Writing, and Speaking components, as well as an overall score, are assigned to test takers. CAEL scores are reported on a scale of 10 to 90, with descriptions of what performance implies. The total score is now computed as an equally weighted average of the four component scores, rounded to the closest ten-point interval.

The table below summarizes test taker proficiency at each full band level.

CAEL Band Descriptor CAEL Score
Expert: Demonstrates a high level of competence, accuracy, and effectiveness in academic/professional settings 80-90
Adept: Uses generally accurate language in most settings; some limitations in flexibility are evident 70
Advanced: Displays competence in academic or professional settings 60
High Intermediate: Exhibits some competence in academic or professional settings; communication may break down in places 50
Intermediate: Demonstrates some ability to comprehend and articulate complex ideas and arguments typical of academic or professional settings 40
High Beginner: Expresses basic ideas about familiar topics in routine settings 30
Low Beginner: Communicates with limited ability 10-20

Room Requirements:

  • Indoors (walled), well-lit, with a closed door, and clear of background noise and interruptions are required for testing.
  • For the length of the exam, no third person may be present or enter the room. If this happens, your test will be terminated, and/or your results will be discarded away.
  • Pens, paper, electrical devices, and other items must be kept away from your desk and surrounding area. During your test, no content that could potentially provide an unfair advantage, such as that placed on walls or in your local vicinity, must be present.
  • You may have two tissues at your workstation, but they must be reviewed by the Proctor before the test begins.
  • You can only take notes on your test screen using the ProProctor Scratchpad (paper is not allowed for note-taking).
  • Only water in a clear container is permitted at your desk.
  • Food is not permitted.
  • For further details, please see the ProProctor User Guide.

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