IELTS Writing Task

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One of the most crucial aspects to scoring well on an exam is writing. The IELTS assesses both Academic and General Training in one sitting so it's no wonder they consider this part important enough for timing! As you'll be tested with some difficult questions, make sure your answer has all details necessary before submitting or else there could potentially be a lower score pertaining to content.

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IELTS Writing Task

One of the most crucial aspects to scoring well on an exam is writing. The IELTS assesses both Academic and General Training in one sitting so it's no wonder they consider this part important enough for timing! As you'll be tested with some difficult questions, make sure your answer has all details necessary before submitting or else there could potentially be a lower score pertaining to content.

IELTS Academic Writing Pattern

The IELTS Academic version of the test measures your ability in English. The duration for this particular examination lasts 60 minutes and contains two tasks: one description of given data and another discussion in the form of an essay.

IELTS Academic Writing Task 1

The question will ask you to use your knowledge of English grammar and vocabulary in order to understand and describe information that is illustrated in the form of charts, diagrams, tables and more. You have 20 minutes for this task, so it is advised that you wrap up before the time runs out!

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IELTS Writing Task 1 topics

The chart shows the percentage of people from various age brackets who participated in fund-raising activities during two different years. Describe the information given making comparisons where necessary.

IELTS Academic Writing Task 2

The IELTS Writing task 2 is an essay on a given topic. The aspirant has to draft at least 250 words and should aim for completion in 35-40 minutes.

IELTS Writing Task 2 topics

  • For some, working for just one organization is enough. For others it is more fulfilling if they seek better options each time. Highlight both views and give reasoning behind answer
  • More and more people are beginning to understand how crowded our cities have become. To solve this problem, we need innovative solutions such as lowering the cost for car ownership or making public transportation cheaper than owning a vehicle. What are your views on these and other suggestions?

IELTS General Training Writing Section

The IELTS Writing Task is a little more difficult than the speaking or reading tasks because it has two parts, each with their own set of questions. There will be 60 minutes to solve these writing challenges. The first part is a question that is answered in the form of a letter. The second part is a discussion in the form of an essay.

IELTS General Writing Task 1

Sample Questions

  • There is a need of volunteers to collect and dispatch aid for refugees. Write a letter offering your services for the same and detailing the time you can spare.

  • You have been coaching sports activities at a school but are now unable to continue. Write a letter intimating your unavailability and the reason for it.

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IELTS General writing Task 2

A good argumentative essay would be one where your input resonates with those from other perspectives. If we're talking specifics, then there are many ways to get into depth: 

Sample Questions

  • The debate over whether school students should be given homework daily or have more quality time with their parents and guardians at home is as old as the hills. It's clear that there are advantages to both sides, but what do you feel about it? 

  • The need for homework has been a topic of debate in recent years. Some parents believe that it fosters creativity, while others suggest that it is an unnecessary burden. Present your views on this issue citing examples

There is no doubt that preparation is the key to any endeavor. Your success is possible after you have done thorough planning and have prepared well. For students planning to study abroad, the first thing they have to do is to meet the basic requirements. For this, you need to take an English proficiency test- i.e., the IELTS or the International English Language Testing System exam. Students are most scared of the writing module, and coaching centers such as Canamprep prepare students well to face this challenging section with confidence. It teaches them essential tips and tricks to ace the IELTS writing module.

The IELTS writing module is composed of two different tasks. In the first task, the candidate is required to write an essay for 150 words to describe a process or compare and contrast data presented in the form of graphs and charts. There are various topics that are covered in this module. There can be graphs that would be representing age differences in different countries or shopping habits or internet activities by different age groups. Choose best IELTS Writing Institutes like Canamprep, that can help you to score better. In chart data, candidates are presented with processes like making plastic, picture booth process, precipitation, or charts of climate change. Candidates are required to understand the graph or the diagrams well to interpret it accordingly.

The 2nd task of the IELTS writing module requires candidates to write a 250-word essay in 40 minutes. Candidates are asked to give their opinion on a given topic. The topics presented in task 2 are about old age, globalization, science and technology, environmental issues, lifestyle, education issues, and social issues. It can be on any topic. It is recommended that candidates have to keep themselves updated. They need to be familiar with these topics. Questions on these topics are not very technical. It can be very difficult to come up with a good essay at first.

But worry not! With constant practice in writing essays, candidates will be able to develop their skills by improving their writing styles. Canamprep experts offer the best IELTS training. Experts follow a student-centric approach to help students achieve outstanding scores with the help of professionally developed material and strategic training at state of the art classrooms. Get registered with Canamprep, the top IELTS institute, and improve your capabilities.

With IELTS, it is important to practice well in advance. Take advantage of our interactive online classes where you will get access to questions and tips from previous test-takers as well a chance for one on ones if there are any mistakes or areas that need more studying.

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Task 1 of the IELTS General Training requires you to compose a letter. Task 1 of the IELTS Academic requires you to write a report on a diagram. Task 2—a discursive essay—is the same in both test formats.
It's crucial to practise for the IELTS exam well in advance. Use our interactive online classes to your advantage. You will have access to questions and test-taking hints from past students as well as the chance for one-on-one tutoring if you make any mistakes or need to focus on certain topics more.
If you want tips on writing strategies, effective vocabulary, and a knowledge of the scoring criteria, look at other writing-related posts provided in this blog. 
Candidates must complete the second task of the IELTS writing module, which calls for a 250-word essay, in 40 minutes. Candidates are requested to provide their thoughts on a various types of subjects. 
Candidates are shown processes like producing plastic, photo booth procedures, precipitation patterns, or charts showing climate change in the chart data. Candidates must thoroughly comprehend the graph or diagram in order to interpret it appropriately.

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