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Course Curriculum & Syllabus

Introduction to the course

Induction (4 modules)

Who conducts IELTS?

Version of IELTS (GT & AT)

Difference between Pen - paper based & Computer-delivered Test

Writing Task 1 – Report Writing

Steps in Writing

Introduction to question types

Do's & don'ts

Assessment Criteria

Essay Writing

Structure of Task 2

Types of essay

Do's & don'ts

Assessment Criteria


Difference between Academic and General Reading

Skimming and Scanning Methodology

Time Management (Reading Passage)

Do's & don'ts


Format of Listening

Tips and techniques

Types of questions



Do's & don'ts

Assessment Criteria

Mock Test

Mock Test Attempt and evaluation

Understanding the Report Writing

Explaining the line graph

Attempt of line graph

Developing main idea in an essay

Problem and solution

How to write introduction and conclusion

Attempt of an essay writing

Improving Global Reading Skills

Extracting key information

Question type – True/ False/ Not Given

Orientation towards the text

Predicting the situation

Form-filling and note completion

Responding to personal questions

Answering questions on familiar topics

Expanding your answers

Speaking Part 1 – Practice

Skill Practice

Real-time exam practice

Interpreting charts, tables, graphs and diagrams

Interpreting visual information

Bar chart

Approaching the Task 2 – An Essay

Analysing the task and generating the ideas

Main and supporting ideas

Writing a coherent paragraph

Dealing with unfamiliar words - Reading

using titles and sub-headings

finding information in paragraphs

choosing headings for paragraphs

Becoming more fluent – Speaking part 1

linking your ideas

using vocabulary to link and expand your ideas

Skill Evaluation

Actual exam practice

Describing trends - Graph

Using appropriate vocabulary

Picking out significant trends

Planning your essay

Writing an opening paragraph

Organising ideas and balancing views

Following referencing - Reading

Vocabulary builder

Short-answer questions

Completing a flowchart/ diagram/ table

Identifying detail - Listening

Understanding form, position, colour

Labelling a diagram

Multiple choice

Preparing your talk – Speaking Part 2

Understanding the topic

Brainstorming the ideas for part 2

Assessment test

Mock Test Attempt and evaluation

Summarising information – Task 1

Selecting and illustrating main points

Highlighting the main stages of a process

Turning your ideas into written arguments – Task 2

Presenting ideas

Refuting an argument

Defining and explaining writing task 2

Identifying main and supporting ideas - Reading

Understanding paragraph structure

Yes/No/Not Given

Following a description: diagrams, maps and plans - Listening

Following directions on a Map

Labelling a plan

Giving your talk – Speaking Part 2

Using notes

Using rhythm and timing to help your talk flow

Diagnostic test

Mock Test Attempt and evaluation

Comparing and grouping information – Task 1

Describing a process

Attempt of task 1

Linking ideas in an essay

Making the main argument clear

Using linking words and expressions

Building complex sentences

Getting gapfill answers right - Reading

Sentence completion

Global reading questions

Choosing headings for paragraphs

Seeing beyond the surface meaning - listening

Understanding stress and intonation

Classification listening part 3

understanding abstract and analytical questions – Speaking part 3

Making ideas clear

Exploring the theme

Answering the question

Practice Test

All modules of IELTS

Determining the task 1

Report summarising

Comparing the main features of the graphic

Attempt Pie Chart

Write an essay

Expressing and supporting and opinion

Agree/Disagree and answer two-part questions

Summarising – Reading

Understanding summaries

Vocabulary builder

Summary completion with/without box

Locating information in paragraphs

Following signpost words

Learning to direct listening

Completing a flowchart

Practice Test

All four modules

Determining the topic – task 1

Writing the topic sentence of report

Analyse the graphic title and description

Developing a thesis statement – An essay

Plan an essay

Present ideas

Address the task

understanding argument – Reading

Recognising text types and arguments

Dealing with a range of views

Choosing from a list, classification and matching

Following a talk - Listening

Using your own knowledge of the topic

Note completion – listening part 4

Giving a reasoned response – Speaking Part 3

Using the right language

Giving two sides of an argument


Extending a conversation

Practice Test

All four modules

Making comparisons - Graph

Look for things to compare in the graphic

Look for similarities and comparisons

Organising your writing – Task 2

Support thesis statement with main ideas and details

Use a concept map to organise ideas

Identifying the writer's views and claims - Reading

Interacting with the passage

Analysing the passage

Matching sentence endings

Making Assumptions - Listening

To understand a conversation, focus on – the speakers and the topic

Determine what you know and what you need to know

Organising a topic - Speaking

How to make a mind map

Importance of W-H questions

Provide sequence of events or actions

Practice Test

All four modules

Tips and tricks by a certified trainer

Do's and don'ts of IELTS

Exam day tips

Mock Test in a simulating environment

Discussion of the mock test by a certified trainer

Mock Test

Master session by Ex-IELTS Examiner


Strategies of Reading

Techniques in writing

Practice of Speaking Cue Cards

Mock Test

Discussion of mock test by a certified trainer

Discussion of latest Cue cards and Essay topics

Speaking practice

Feedback to the student

Certification of course

IELTS Sprint

Personalised Attention

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Weekly Student-Teacher Meeting


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