TOEFL Accepted Universities in UK

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Dreaming of UK studies? Master the TOEFL exam! This guide unveils a list of universities welcoming the TOEFL scores, including Middlesex University London, Heriot-Watt University, and Keele University. Discover diverse options across science, humanities, and research. Learn about specific score requirements, prep tips, and eligibility checks. Open doors to academic brilliance in the UK with Canam consultants.

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The United Kingdom is a beacon of academic excellence, home to some of the world's most prestigious universities and colleges. For international students, one of the key steps to unlocking the rich educational opportunities within the UK is proving proficiency in the English language, often through standardized tests like the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL). Recognized globally, TOEFL scores are a standard yardstick for universities to assess the language capabilities of prospective students for whom English is a second language. 
This article delves into the universities in the UK that accept TOEFL scores, providing insights into the varied options available to international students. 


TOEFL measures the English language proficiency of non-native speakers wishing to enrol in English-speaking universities. It assesses skills in reading, writing, listening, and speaking. The Internet-Based Test (iBT) is UK universities' most widely accepted TOEFL. That is why it is important for international students to have good TOEFL score to get admission in the program of their preference. 

TOEFL Requirements 

UK universities generally set their own minimum TOEFL eligibility criteria and score requirements, ranging from as low as 78 to as high as 110, depending on the institution and course of study. Prospective students should check the specific needs of each university and programme to which they apply. 

Universities in the UK Accepting TOEFL Scores 

 The list of TOEFL-accepted universities in the UK showcases the openness and diversity of the UK's higher education system. International students are encouraged to use this list as a starting point as they plan their academic journeys, considering the importance of consulting overseas consultants or universities for the most current admission criteria. Below is a list of notable TOEFL accepted universities in UK for international students:

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Keele UniversityRenowned for its distinctive campus and emphasis on interdisciplinary learning, Keele offers research-informed programs in diverse fields, from medicine to criminology.
Middlesex University LondonLocated in the heart of London, Middlesex University boasts strong industry connections and career-focused degrees in business, technology, and creative disciplines.
University of BedfordshireRecognized for its commitment to social justice and sustainability, Bedfordshire provides flexible learning options alongside traditional degrees in areas like social sciences and applied sciences.
University of BoltonSpecializing in professional programs, Bolton equips students with practical skills and industry experience through close partnerships with employers, particularly in engineering and business fields.
University of HertfordshireCombining academic rigour with real-world application, Hertfordshire excels in science, technology, and creative industries, offering research opportunities and industry placements.
University of WolverhamptonAs a leading provider of vocational and professional degrees, Wolverhampton emphasizes employability and career advancement across a variety of disciplines, including healthcare and engineering.
Heriot-Watt UniversityFamed for its engineering and science expertise, Heriot-Watt boasts a global reputation for research and innovation, attracting students from around the world.
University of AberdeenNestled in Scotland's historic city, Aberdeen delivers a traditional university experience with rigorous academic programs in law, medicine, and the humanities while fostering a vibrant student community.
University of StrathclydeRenowned for its entrepreneurial spirit and industry collaborations, Strathclyde excels in engineering, business, and technology, preparing graduates for successful careers in various sectors.
Wrexham UniversityProviding a supportive and inclusive learning environment, Wrexham offers diverse programs in areas like education, media, and healthcare, with a focus on regional engagement and community impact.
Bournemouth UniversityLocated in a vibrant coastal city, Bournemouth, specializes in creative industries, media, and tourism, offering practical learning and strong industry connections for aspiring professionals.
Nottingham Trent UniversityRenowned for its career-oriented approach and close industry partnerships, Nottingham Trent excels in business, design, and creative fields, offering practical learning and international study opportunities.
The University of LawFocused solely on legal education, the University of Law provides intensive programs and specialized qualifications, preparing students for successful careers in various legal fields.
University of Northampton Committed to providing accessible and inclusive education, Northampton offers flexible learning options and diverse programs in areas like social work, education, and business.
University of WinchesterSituated in a historic city, Winchester offers a unique blend of traditional academic disciplines and contemporary programs in areas like English literature, archaeology, and business.
Bangor UniversityNestled in stunning North Wales, Bangor offers a unique rural setting and a focus on Welsh culture and language alongside research-driven programs in science, humanities, and social sciences.
Robert Gordon UniversityWith a strong emphasis on practical learning and industry partnerships, Robert Gordon University specializes in engineering, business, and creative fields, equipping students with employable skills and real-world experience.

These universities represent only a sample of the numerous institutions that recognize TOEFL scores to study in UK. It is important to note that even within universities, TOEFL requirements may vary significantly between different faculties, departments, and degree programs. 

TOEFL Eligibility 

To ensure that the student meets the TOEFL requirements of UK universities, it is essential to: