TOEFL Writing Topics and Tips to Prepare for the TOEFL Exam

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TOEFL Writing is one of the four sections of the TOEFL Exam. Read more to learn about the types of TOEFL writing topics and tips to prepare for the TOEFL exam.

TOEFL is one of the popular English language proficiency exams students take to study abroad. The TOEFL Writing Section is one of the four sections of the TOEFL Exam. While preparing for the TOEFL writing section, it is essential to know its format. This blog will provide knowledge about the types of TOEFL writing topics and how to score well in them.

TOEFL Writing Task

TOEFL writing includes two types of tasks. The first is TOEFL Independent Writing Tasks, and the second is TOEFL Integrated Writing Tasks. The independent writing task takes 30 minutes, while the integrated writing task takes 20 minutes. Following are the TOEFL syllabus topics students need to keep in mind while preparing for the exam.

TOEFL Independent Writing topicsTOEFL Integrated Writing topics
HistoryChild development
EnvironmentDigital advancements
Science and TechnologyEmployment
Political issuesPrint or Online
Current affairsCity or Countryside

Structure of Integrated Writing Task

The basic structure of the Integrated Writing Task is as follows:


A. A General statement explaining the relationship between two things mentioned earlier in the listening and reading section.
B. Brief description of lecture structure.


Paragraph 1: Paraphrase the points given by the professor in the lecture. Compare it with the reading passage. Give extra details on lecture points. 
Paragraph 2: Paraphrase the second point of the lecture. Give extra details on lecture points.
Paragraph 3: Paraphrase the points for the third issue in the lecture. Give extra details on lecture points.


Give a summary of the relationship between the listening and reading sections.

Types of Questions in the TOEFL Integrated Writing Task 

The TOEFL Integrated Writing Task includes the following types of questions:
• A lecture from a professor that is 2–2.5 minutes long.
• A reading passage of 250–300 words long.
• A writing task based on the lecture on reading passages in 150–225 words.

The best way to attempt this task is by taking notes after reading the passage. Candidates may write down the brief of each paragraph in 4-5 words. The same can be done while listening to the audio. At last, they can collect all the points and write them in a structured way. The students must divide the answer into four paragraphs. The first two paragraphs should be about the topic and passage, respectively. The third paragraph will be about the main points from the audio. The last paragraph must be concluded with three to four sentences.

The candidates may consider the following points:

• Write a short brief, ideally one word, to save time.
• If one has time at the end, then proofread the content grammatically.

Integrated Writing Task: Types of Questions

Following are the TOEFL writing topics to be considered for the integrated writing task:

Science and technology

• Use of technology in education.
• Impact of renewable energy sources on the environment.

Social Sciences and Culture

• Effects of urbanization on communities.
• Role of social media in modern society.
• Significance of traditional customs in different cultures.

History and Literature

• Influence of historical events on contemporary society.
• The interpretation of classic literature in modern contexts.
• The significance of famous figures from history or literature.

Environment and Sustainability

• Consequences of climate change on ecosystems.
• The significance of conservation efforts for endangered species.

Health and Wellness

• The benefits and drawbacks of different healthcare systems.
• The importance of physical fitness and mental health.
• The role of preventive medicine in public health.

Education and Learning

• The effectiveness of various teaching methods.
• The advantages of online education and e-learning platforms.

Structure of an Independent Writing Task

The basic structure of independent writing is as follows:


• The candidate must write something interesting, introducing the topic.
• In the second line, the candidates must present a personal argument.
• Candidates must present their perspectives.


• Candidates must write in two to three paragraphs in the content body.
• Candidates must explain any personal experience.
• Candidates must use a transitory sentence while sharing their personal experiences.
• Candidates must explain it in a subtle way.
• Candidates must give reasons in simple sentences.


• Candidates must write a short and simple conclusion.
• The candidate must mention the major point.
• Candidates should also give two reasons to support their idea.

Approach to the TOEFL Independent Writing Task

In TOEFL Independent Writing, candidates must explain their topic or opinion in 4-5 paragraphs, or 300–350 words. There are three types of questions in the TOEFL Independent Writing task, as follows:
Agree or disagree: The candidate will be given an issue in this question. The candidate must pick one side of it and justify it with supporting statements.
Explain both sides: In this question, the candidates will be provided with a topic, and they need to give the advantages and disadvantages of it with proper opinions.
Pick the right one: This question will provide different possible answers, and the candidate is asked to choose the correct one.

Independent Writing Task: Types of Questions

Students must know about the TOEFL exam pattern and the type of questions in the exam. Following are the TOEFL writing topics that can be found in the independent writing task section:

• Your friend has decided to change careers but is confused about which one to choose. What advice would you give them? Give reasons to support your answer.
• Do you think public money should be used to build libraries or bus stations? Discuss the pros and cons of each option and state your own opinion.
• Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? It is more important for students to learn how to think critically than it is for them to learn how to memorize facts.
• Some people believe that the best way to learn a new language is to immerse oneself in the culture where the language is spoken. Do you agree or disagree? Provide reasons and examples to support your opinion.
• In many countries, there is a growing trend towards online education. Do you think this is positive or negative? Discuss the pros and cons of online education and state your own opinion.

How do I score high in the TOEFL Writing Task?

Following are some TOEFL preparation tips students can follow to ace the TOEFL writing section: 
Spelling Master: One should focus on writing the correct spelling of the word, as wrong spelling can confuse the examiner. The candidate must also use the correct verb. If the candidates do not know how to spell a particular word, they should use a different word.
Correct Grammar: As the exam itself is to test the English proficiency of the individuals, the candidates should ensure that they are using correct grammar while writing sentences.
Pay attention: The candidates should carefully listen to the lecturer as they repeat the important ideas of the passage. The candidates can make notes while reading and listening.
Paraphrase: The score of a student can also drop due to plagiarism. To avoid this, the candidates should try to rephrase the sentences instead of using the exact wording of the passage or lecture.


This blog explained in detail the types of TOEFL writing topics and tips to excel in them. Now the students can easily prepare for the same and ace the TOEFL writing section. If they still need clarification, they can connect with Canamprep and get all their queries resolved.


The TOEFL Writing Section contains two tasks: independent writing tasks and integrated writing tasks.
Candidates can practice TOEFL writing by familiarizing themselves with the TOEFL writing format and improving their writing skills.
The topics that come up in independent writing tasks are history, environment, health, economy, and many more.
The total duration of the TOEFL writing task is 50 minutes.
Although it can vary according to the university and their courses in general, 27 is considered a good TOEFL writing score.

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