Top Tips to ace Your TOEFL Listening Module

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If you intend to take TOEFL listening exam so be careful as it is a bit complicated. There are two versions where in shorter version lasts for 60 minutes and longer version lasts for 90 minutes. ETS (the organization that creates the exam) includes five themes which are recognized such as lectures, interactive lecture, consultation, group discussion, and conversation. 

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If you are planning to take the TOEFL exam, then you must be aware that listening module is a tricky one. The TOEFL exam will take a total of 60 minutes for a short version and 90 minutes for a long version It consists of a total of 34 to 51 questions. In all, you are required to listen to 4 to 6 lectures. Each lecture further consists of 6 questions. There are also two to three conversations, and each has five questions. The ETS (the company that makes TOEFL) has identified five themes in the listening tests:


In this type, a professor gives a lecture in a monologue form, just like in a formal academic setting.

Interactive lecture:

In this type, a lecture is being delivered where students may ask their queries or professor can ask questions to the students.


In this type, a group of speakers discuss class-related or academic topics, just like a student asking some study-related queries from a professor in-office hours.

Group discussion:

In this type, a group of speakers discuss some academic-related topic, just like students discussing a specific item in their study group.


In this type, a group of speakers talk about an academic or campus-related topic. For example, a student is looking for a book in a library.

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Based on these five types, here are top tips to help you score well on your TOEFL test:

Take Notes:

If you want to score well in your TOEFL exam, then you should learn how to take accurate notes quickly. Jotting down speedily and correctly is both a physical and mental skill. This way, you can summarize sentences, shorten words and identify vital part of the sentences.

What to write down:

  • Crucial points in the lecture.
  • Short Details of the essential points.
  • Important facts that you feel are difficult to remember.

What not to write down:

  • Function words like a, an, the. Just write straight, direct points.
  • Words that signal the overall structure of the passage.
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Different styles of organization:

Knowing the organization of the lectures is an essential aspect of the TOEFL listening aspect. The various forms of the organization are:

  • Theory and Evidence
  • Cause and Effect
  • Steps of the process
  • Comparison of two things

Besides that, there are two main structures in the listening module. First one is lecture or presentation which has clearly defined introduction, body and conclusion. The second one is narrative, which has a beginning, middle and end.

Listen more:

If you want to ace the TOEFL listening section, then you should listen to audio all around you. The best source is the television. Listen to the documentaries on channels like Discovery, Animal Planet and National Geographic. All these channels are in an American accent. Also, get familiar to the British accent as well.

Practice a lot:

To score well in the TOEFL exam, you need to practice a lot. Join the best IELTS, TOEFL institute and try giving mock tests. Even the native speakers need to train themselves for this module.

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No, you can only hear the lecture and conversation once as it cannot be paused.
Each conversation consists of five questions which a learner has to answer.
In this module, by making notes, answers become more clear and one becomes confident while answering.
In total, TOEFL listening comprises of questions ranging from 34 to 51.
A candidate has to attempt six questions from each lecture.

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