Describe a Person Who You Believe Dresses Well - IELTS Speaking Test Cue Card

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Does the fact of speaking for two minutes give you chills? The cue card section of the IELTS speaking test is a great chance to express yourself in detail while it gives the chance to the examiner to evaluate sentence framing, vocabulary and more. Read to know how to talk about a person whose way of dressing you admire and tips to respond to this part of the speaking test.

Describe-a-Person-Who-You-Believe-Dresses-Well.webpThe IELTS speaking test comprises three parts – introductory questions, cue cards and follow – up questions.

Introductory questions – These questions center around the candidate’s daily life, for example hometown, family, friends, choices and more.
Cue card – In this part the examinee has to give a monologue of about 2 minutes on a given topic after a minute of preparation.

Follow-up questions – These are opinion based questions related to the topic given for the second part of the speaking test i.e. cue card.

Describe a person who you believe dresses well

• Who is this person?
• What kind of dresses does he/she wear?
• How do you know him/her?

And explain why you think this person dresses well.

Sample Answer 1 - IELTS Speaking Test Cue Card

The speech for the second part of the IELTS speaking test should connect the ideas well. It shouldn’t only answer the questions but form a string of flowing ideas.

In the first IELTS speaking sample though, the speech has been broken for reference to how the questions can be utilized.

Introductory lines

I have always been a keen observer of people and their habits and certainly  that includes the way they dress. These days, we see most people dressed well, but to me a good dressing style is one that makes a person carry the style effortlessly. 

Who is this person?

A few months back, at an event in my city, I met an artist. She is one of those people whose dressing sense I really like. 

How do you know him/her?

We first met in college for an assignment that our classes were being briefed for. Incidentally we sat next to each other and that was the beginning of our friendship. Social media has a thing with keeping people close and that’s how we’ve been in touch since the past few years.

What kind of dresses does he/she wear?

Usually Niza dresses simply in a t-shirt and shorts or t-shirt and jeans and wears transparent colored spectacles which create the right balance of being simple and funky. Sometimes, she pairs her outfits with hoops and wears sport shoes or slip on shoes. If we had to put a name to her style, I’d say it’s tomboyish. At the event she was wearing a long black dress with Chelsea boots. It just shows confidence in people when they do things that are not in trend and it becomes their style. Sometimes, she pairs Chelsea boots with sarees and Indian wear, again an impressive sense of dressing for me.

Explain why you think this person dresses well

I think her dressing sense comes from her personality. She is a very calm, happy-go-lucky girl and an artist. So not conforming to rules, even those of dressing is what comes naturally to her. With her outfit and personality, she exudes an air of nonchalance.


I think we mostly like styles that we can pull off as well, and Niza’s style is one for me. Read the answer together again to see how the sentences are connected.

Sample Answer 2 - IELTS Speaking Test Cue Card

According to me, people who dress well have a knack for doing so. Somebody who is conscious and obsessive about their looks doesn’t appeal to me despite them taking pains and going lengths to look a certain way and well.    

One person who seems to give the right amount of attention to their clothing and style is my friend Cherub. We have been schoolmates and science-enthusiasts. He was a junior to me in school but we’ve teamed up for various quizzes and tinkering competitions. We’re now in different colleges but we meet quite often and compete together as well as against each other in competitions. 

His sense of dressing is very relaxed, he wears tight shirts, loose shirts, oversized shirts, oversized shirts, all very casually like he’s meant to carry that style. I wouldn’t even call it a style, it seems like he pairs things without giving it much thought. The effort he says he puts in is to look neat and not unkempt.

Although on formal events, Cherub wears formal suits and shoes and Indian wear on festivals and traditional events, he's never overdressed even during friends’ outings and trips. His dressing is unbothered by the trends and that casualness makes his style stand out. 

Follow-up Questions IELTS Speaking Test Cue Card

Follow-up questions for the cue card about a person whose dressing sensibilities you admire the most are given as under.

The answers given below are only for reference. The style of answering and opinions can be very different from what is stated.

Does clothing affect people’s mood?

I think it does. I think people can get a lot more done on the day when they’re dressed for it. In today’s time when people also work from home even in their night suits, pajamas bring in a gloomy sense of laziness. To me, it doesn’t only affect the person’s mood but the onlookers too.

Does clothing affect personality?

I believe personality to be a result of one’s appearance and their behavior. So if we say that clothing affects personality, it would be half of a statement. Clothing may be a small part of it but personality’s a bigger bundle of characteristics.  

Do you think online shopping will replace in-store shopping in the future?

In part, it already has. We can see a clear shift in how people are shopping these days. Online shopping has brought in a sense of ease and better awareness of prices, so it is here to stay. But in-store shopping experience is unmatched, at least in India and the place I live in. The tactile experience and the joy of seeing so many articles kept together cannot be replicated by a virtual experience. 

Why is fashion important to some people?

There may be different reasons for that as per me. The primary one is choice. The second is peer presence; people feel the need to match-up to everybody else around.  Another one could be to prove a point, e.g. if someone has been poked for their looks since childhood or teenage years, fashion becomes important to prove that they can carry every kind of clothing that people don’t expect them to. In that case it becomes a game of achievement. 

What factors do people consider when buying clothes?

For me it’s the design I like and the material. And I think most people do that too. For some, comfort is the primary concern, so design takes a back seat but some prefer to buy new styles and prints. When buying, purpose is also an important factor, e.g. clothing for gym has to be light, should help evaporate sweat and fit well, while casual clothing can be loose and airy.
Follow-up IELTS speaking part 3 questions with suggested answers on more topics here. 

Tips to Respond to IELTS Speaking Test Cue Card 

While responding to the second part of the IELTS speaking test, a candidate has a good chance of presenting one’s vocabulary i.e. sense of word usage and exploring sentence styles. Even if vocabulary is not a candidate’s strong suit, they can use the following tips to answer the second part of the IELTS speaking test, i.e. cue card. 

(↓ can be a list type infographic)

- Prepare your flow of speech.
- Write keywords in your own way; if writing is not your style, don’t do it. 
- Write any special words that come to your mind during preparation time.  
- Be confident and use your hands to express if you usually do but don’t force it.
- Take pauses where required. Also, use the tone that conveys the right thing, sentence ending, emphasis, disapproval etc.  
- Conjure up a story if you haven’t gone through something asked in the cue card.
- Do not only stick to the provided hints. You can add and subtract points from the list.


The IELTS speaking test poses three types of questions for the examinee – personal and opinion questions and a cue card. The response to cue cards has to be well-thought and expressed as the candidate has to hold up a topic for as long as 2 minutes. Candidates can use the tips to respond or connect with language educators at Canamprep for guidance.   

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Your speech should be relevant to the topic, even if it just picks up from the given topic. If it goes on for longer than the given time, the examiner will ask you to stop. You may even be asked to stop before 2 minutes and none of the two things necessarily mean a band score reduction. 
You can take a pause and think about the tone if you don't understand the words. You will find at least one thing to latch on to for responding. If you still did not get anything, then you can ask the examiner to reframe the question or you can pass the question.
Vocabulary does not have defined metrics. The evaluation parameter of vocabulary only tests the appropriate use of words as per the question. Fancy vocabulary is not a requirement.  
This requires a calm head. When you’re relaxed and taking the conversation as a conversation, taking the right pauses to think and talking naturally, you may have a good chance at scoring a 9 band score on the IELTS speaking test.  A tinge of natural-like accent will also be helpful in this case.
Responses to all parts of the test by the candidate are evaluated on the basis of 4 parameters – fluency and coherence, vocabulary, usage of grammar and pronunciation.  So, it cannot be said that one part has more weightage than the other.

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