IELTS Test Report Form (TRF): Number, Tracking, Validity and Sample

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These days IELTS is one of the most standardized English language proficiency test worldwide. Students aspiring for admission to universities and colleges abroad, they need to qualify IELTS- The International English Language Testing system. All educational institutions and organizations accept it globally to assess the language proficiency skills of students.

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After taking the IELTS test, a scorecard is received with overall and band scores for each of the module- listening, reading, writing and speaking. This scorecard or certificate is issued, which is called IELTS TRF or Test Report Form. Each candidate receives just one IELTS TRF, and its valid for just two years. Only one copy of TRF is issued until or unless one applies to Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) or the United Kingdom Border Agency (UKBA). Evidence of application to CIC and UKBA is mandatory to be provided to get these two copies.

The IELTS exam is conducted both online as well as offline. Aspirants who appear for paper-based IELTS, get their TRF 13 days after the exam, whereas TRF takes 3-5 days after computer based test. TRF can be verified by using online verification service of IELTS, and for that they will require a Test Report Form (TRF) Number.

IELTS Test Report Form (TRF)

TRF stands for Test Report Form and it carries the IELTS bands scores in reading, listening, writing and listening modules. Its validity lasts for two years and educational institutions and employers in English-speaking countries check language skills of candidates with TRF. Candidates can collect their TRF from the IDP test centre by providing the identity proof or also could be downloaded from the official website.


As IELTS TRF is an extremely important document, it is indispensable to keep it safe and secure. The institution can verify the IELTS Report Form of the candidates by assessing it with verification service. For this purpose, Test Report Form Number of the candidate that could be found in the bottom right corner of the form. One most important point is that IELTS reference numbers and test report form numbers are not similar.

IELTS TRF sample contains following details:

IELTS Reference number and IELTS Test Report Form number

IELTS reference number is a unique identification number used to track the test taker’s information, whereas the test report form (TRF) number is used for verification of candidate’s scores received in all modules of listening, speaking, writing and reading.

TRF number in IELTS- It is a 15-18-digit number mentioned in the bottom-right hand corner of the TRF page.
Candidate can click verify to access this TRF and examine the information they have on file. This TRF number appears on both the Test Report Form and the unofficial online result at the bottom of the page.

IELTS Test Report Form (TRF) Verification

IELTS TRF verification process deals with the authentication of IELTS test scores by universities, colleges, immigration departments and other organizations. There’s an online verification service to ensure that the candidate is presenting a legitimate TRF and that the Candidate’s TRF matches with him or her. The process of this verification involves registering the organization for the IELTS results verification service. Although, only IELTS recognized organizations are eligible or permitted to access IELTS TRF verification service. With the help of candidate’s TRF number, organisation can download the IELTS results electronically.

Some specific steps are followed to verify TRF:

  • Username and password sent to one’s registered email should be used to log in.
  • ‘TRF query’ is clicked from the menu to verify the TRF.
  • TRF number at the bottom right corner of the test report is entered.
  • Lastly by clicking verify, one can check the TRF’s authenticity.

Additional Test Report Form or ATRF

The purpose of applying for the Additional Test Report Form is to send the candidate’s IELTS result to multiple universities at a time. ATRF can be requested within a month of the test date. ATR or Additional Test Report Forms are available in two formats- hard copy and electronic copy. The first five electronic additional TRFs are sent to the institutions free of charge, but courier or overseas postage services are charged additionally. Although now in-person requests for ATRF are not entertained since 2020 and could be requested directly on official IDP website. IDP usually processes ATRF in 5-10 working days.

Tracking Process of IELTS TRF

There’s slightly different timeline for TRF tracking based on whether candidate has given paper-based or computer IELTS. For paper-based, it could be tracked from the 13th day after the exam, whereas for computer-based test, it takes three to five days. There are some ways to track IELTS TRF, online, SMS, post or by visiting a centre after declaration of result. One identity proof used during registration needs to be produced to get the scores.

Educational institutions abroad do not submit original copies of TRFs as they can access it online. All the significant details about IELTS TRF mentioned above clarify that its very important for students to collect their TRF copies on the specified date and submit it to the universities for verification.


The IELTS TRF stands for IELTS Test Report Form, and it is a certificate with detailed result of IELTS with scores mentioned for all modules.
IELTS Reference Number is a unique Identification Number to track candidate’s information whereas IELTS Test Report Form Number is used to verify candidate’s IELTS scores.
First of all, one identity proof is required to get TRF, and number of days differ according to what kind of IELTS test has been given- paper-based or computer-based. As in case of paper-based IELTS, it takes 13 days to get TRF after exam, whereas 3-5 days in case of computer-based.
A candidate number is a unique code provided to the students on the day of the test. A candidate number is essential to check the result.
Additional IELTS TRF could be applied for at the test centre, in case the TRF is lost.

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