Describe a Person Who Wears Unusual Clothes - IELTS Cue Card

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It is very important to master the speaking section of an IELTS exam to achieve a higher band score and study abroad. This blog will help you answer the 'describe a person who wears unusual clothes' topic in IELTS CUE cards. 

Describe a Person Who Wears Unusual Clothes.webpIf you're planning to take the IELTS Speaking test, it is essential to understand the different sections involved in the test. The second stage of the IELTS speaking test is the Cue Card. During this stage, candidates are required to speak and communicate based on the topic provided in the IELTS cue card. They are given one minute to prepare before beginning to speak. It is common for some test-takers to confuse the letter 'q' with 'cue', but in this context, 'cue' refers to the topic given in the cue card. The following write-up gives a comprehensive overview of one of the popular cue cards asked frequently on ‘Describe a Person Who Wears Unusual Clothes-IELTS’.

How should I talk about my topic?

While preparing how to describe someone who dresses in a unique way during the cue card section, you need to consider various aspects of their dressing style, such as the type of clothes they wear, the colours they prefer, the accessories they use, and the overall impression they create.  The person can be anyone, and it's important to organize your response logically, with the most essential information mentioned first. Use simple vocabulary  , short sentences, and an active voice. Don't change the meaning or remove any important information.

For an IELTS Speaking Cue Card topic about someone who wears unusual clothes, prepare for a minute and speak for about 2 minutes. To deliver a compelling response, you must also use descriptive language and provide specific examples to support your points. By doing so, you can showcase your language proficiency and impress the examiner, ultimately increasing your chances of scoring well on the test. Speak for as long as you can until the examiner stops you. Make sure to use correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

During the speaking test, remember to discuss the following topics:

• Introduce the person you are talking about and your relationship with him/her
• Describe his/her clothing style
• Explain why you find his/her fashion choices unusual
• Remember that the IELTS Speaking test is evaluated based on:
1. Fluency and Coherence
2. Lexical Resources
3. Grammatical Range and Accuracy
4. Pronunciation

Sample Answer 1 - Describe a Person Who Wears Unusual Clothes


It is rare to see people who wear clothes that do not conform to societal norms, making it challenging to find someone who wears unusual clothes. The majority of people judge a person based on their dressing style. However, some celebrities quickly catch the public's attention with their unique dressing style. One such individual is Ranveer Singh.

Who is he?

Ranveer Singh is a renowned Bollywood actor who has featured in numerous successful movies. He stands out in the industry due to his distinctive dressing style. He is one of the highest-paid actors, having received several accolades.

How do you know him?

As a frequent moviegoer and a lover of good movies, I have come to know Ranveer Singh I through his contributions to the film industry and his social media presence. He has gained popularity for his unique fashion sense and is often seen wearing bizarre clothes at various functions.

What kind of clothes does he wear?

Ranveer Singh's clothing style is often perceived as unconventional and humorous by many. His outfits are typically vibrant, shiny, and peculiar, with some resembling women's clothing. While some people find his fashion choices amusing, others may find them absurd due to their deviation from traditional styles.


Ranveer Singh, a famous and wealthy actor, has a unique clothing style, although people appreciate his acting more than his fashion choices.

Sample Answer 2 - Describe a Person Who Wears Unusual Clothes


I like shopping for clothes, dressing up and looking good. But I have a friend who wears peculiar garments most of the time. He has terrible taste in clothes and should get someone to help him choose dresses  clothes during shopping.

Who is he, and how do you know him?

I met my childhood friend in fourth grade and, he has always been careless about his dressing style.

What kind of clothes does he wear?

He wears old, faded, and sometimes torn clothing. He doesn't seek attention, but his attire often makes him stand out. He only cares if his clothes are visibly worn out. It would be better to pay more attention to his clothing choices to avoid drawing attention.

Why do you consider that his clothing choices are weird?

His clothing is unconventional because he doesn't give it much thought. Unfortunately, people often make judgments about others based on the clothes they wear. From his outfits, people might assume that he is careless and unclean.


It is important to maintain a presentable appearance when leaving home. Wearing nice clothes can help create a positive impression on others. For some people, dressing modestly or in regular clothing can help avoid unwanted attention from others.

IELTS Speaking Part 3 : Describe a Person Who Wears Unusual Clothes - Follow-Up questions

During Part 3 of the IELTS Speaking test, the examiner will ask follow-up questions about "Describe a person who wears unusual clothes." Some of the model answers that you can give are as follows:

Where do people from your country buy clothes?

Many people purchase clothes from local shops and markets, while some who are more fortunate buy expensive clothing from shopping malls. Nowadays, more and more individuals are turning to online stores for their shopping needs due to convenience.

What’s the difference between men's and women's choices of clothes?

Clothing options for men are limited, with most of their garments being simple and basic. Conversely, women have a plethora of clothing choices available to them, resulting in their wardrobes being filled with a wide variety of different outfits.

Do clothes affect people’s mood?

Our mood has a significant impact on our clothing choices, which in turn affects those around us. When we wear attractive clothes with bright colours, it can positively influence our outlook and the perspectives of those we interact with.

What is the frequency of clothing shopping?

There are individuals who prefer fast fashion and opt for inexpensive clothing, which they use sparingly before buying new ones. However, there are others who prefer investing in high-quality clothing that can last for a longer duration of time.

What do people consider when buying clothes?

When shopping for dresses, people consider buying new styles or colours and affordability. Trying on the clothes before purchasing is also common to ensure a good fit and comfort.


The Speaking test evaluates the communicating ability of a candidate to speak English. The test takes place in a quiet room, and the examiner will encourage you to keep speaking. Unlike an AI test, the IELTS examiner can help you feel more at ease and confident. Additionally, they can understand your accent, which ensures you receive a fair score. For more IELTS related tips and tricks, connect with the language experts at Canamprep today!


The IELTS test consists of 3 parts:

Part 1: The Introduction section
Part 2: Cue card
Part 3: Follow-up questions related to cue card.

Speaking section in IELTS is the shortest module and takes a total of 11 to 14 minutes. The examiner controls the test time, which must be between 11 and 14 minutes.
There are many different topics for each part of the speaking test. In the speaking section of the IELTS test, the topics for the interview are universally relevant and can be discussed by a wide range of individuals.
There will be 12 questions in part 1 (these are based on 3 different topics), in IELTS Speaking Part 2, candidates will be asked to speak for 1-2 minutes on a topic chosen by the examiner. In part 3, they will be asked 5 more questions- it depends on the length of your answers. 
If you want to score 6 or above on the fluency criterion, it's important to show the examiner that you're willing to speak at length. This means being comfortable with giving longer answers.

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