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Demanding Courses in New Zealand for International Students

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New Zealand stands out for its exceptional education and lifestyle, hosting renowned universities and stunning landmarks. For international students, it's a hub of unique courses offering incredible career prospects. Explore the blog for insights into the demanding courses in New Zealand that promise exciting professional pathways alongside its natural wonders.

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New Zealand, known for its breathtaking natural landscapes, stands as a top choice for international students seeking higher education abroad. Hosting esteemed colleges amidst its wonders, it's increasingly favored by international students exploring global study options. Institutions offer various courses in New Zealand to satisfy the needs of students with different interest areas and offer vocational, undergraduate and postgraduate programs.

The country boasts an affordable yet excellent education system along with abundant work prospects and a robust support network, making it an enticing choice. The most demanding courses in New Zealand bring other advantages such as obtaining PR in New Zealand, and working in the highest-paying sector of the market.  

Why Study in New Zealand?

New Zealand offers a secure and welcoming atmosphere with low crime rates, providing a sense of inclusion among students. One of the top reasons to reasons to study in New Zealand  is that it boasts lower tuition and living expenses. To aid international students financially, numerous scholarships are available through universities and the government.

Renowned for their quality-driven education, public universities uphold global standards with exceptional teaching methods, experienced faculty, and state-of-the-art facilities. Additionally, international students have the opportunity to work part-time in New Zealand during courses (up to 20 hours per week) and full-time during breaks, provided they're enrolled in a full-time course with 120 credits. Master's and PhD students in New Zealand enjoy full-time work in New Zealand privileges as well.

New Zealand Education System

Numerous incentives beckon international students to choose New Zealand as their study destination. The country offers robust support, extending beyond classrooms. Pioneering the way, the New Zealand government crafted the world's inaugural code of practice, ensuring a high standard of care for international students, encompassing both academic and extracurricular aspects.

The New Zealand Qualifications Framework (NZQF) stands as a mechanism to recognize and assess the caliber and standard of qualifications furnished by educational institutions in the country. Here’s a detailed explanation of the qualification levels: 

CertificateNew Zealand Certificate qualifications may be approved at several levels. All certificates must comprise at least 40 credits. Certificate qualifications are delivered at levels 1-5.
DiplomaNew Zealand Diploma qualifications may be approved at levels 5-7. They must be at least 120 credits. New Zealand Diploma qualifications are delivered at levels 5 and 6, both one and two-year diplomas. 
DegreeThe degree gives a systematic and coherent introduction to a body of knowledge of a recognized major subject. It requires a minimum of 360 credits from levels 5 to 7 and gives eligibility to enroll in a postgraduate qualification in New Zealand. 
Graduate CertificateIt broadens or deepens skills learnt in an undergraduate degree in New Zealand and requires a minimum of 60 credits, with a minimum of 40 at level 7 or above. 
Graduate diplomaIt broadens knowledge and skills in a familiar subject or discipline or develops skills in a new area. It requires a minimum of 120 credits, of which 72 credits must be at level 7 or above. 
Bachelor Honors DegreeIt may be either a 480-credit degree or a discrete, 120-credit degree following a bachelor’s degree. It requires a minimum of 120 credits at level 8, with a research component that represents at least 30 credits at that level. 
Postgraduate CertificateIt is open to those with a Bachelor’s degree or Graduate Certificate or Graduate Diploma in a relevant subject. It requires a minimum of 60 credits at level 8 and provides the basis for further postgraduate study. 
Postgraduate DiplomaIt is open to those who have completed all requirements of the relevant Bachelor’s Degree, Graduate Certificate or Graduate Diploma. It may make one eligible to enroll in a Master’s Degree in New Zealand and requires a minimum of 120 credits from levels 7 and above, with a minimum of 72 credits from level 8. 
Master’s DegreeIt has a minimum entry requirement of a Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent. It must include at least 40 credits at level 9, with the remainder at level 8. It may give one eligibility to apply for admission to a program of advanced study.

Universities & Programs to Study in New Zealand

New Zealand boasts world-class universities offering diverse programs across various fields, attracting students globally. These institutions in New Zealand promise top-notch education in stunning settings, catering to a wide range of academic interests and disciplines.

Ara Institute of Canterbury

• Bachelor of Applied Management
• Bachelor of Applied Management - Project Management
• Bachelor of Applied Management In Accounting

Auckland University of Technology

• Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Science
• Bachelor of Science in Environmental Sciences
• Bachelor of Architecture and Future Environments
• Bachelor of Arts (Honours) In Psychology 
• Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing
• Bachelor of Arts in Event Management

Australian Technical and Management College
• Bachelor of Applied Arts in Digital Media Production
• Bachelor of Applied Arts in Film Production
• Diploma in Management (Healthcare)
Eastern Institute of Technology• Master of Applied Management
• Master of Digital Business
• Master of Information Technology
Massey University• Bachelor of Accountancy
• Bachelor of Arts in Business Psychology
• Bachelor of Business In Accountancy
New Zealand Skills and Education College• Bachelor in Business Information Management
• Diploma in Applied Network and Cloud Technology
• Diploma In IT Software Development
NorthTec• Bachelor of Applied Management - Business Information Systems
• New Zealand Diploma in Construction - Quantity Surveying
Unitec Institute of Technology• Bachelor of Accounting
• Bachelor of Business in Management
• Bachelor of Business In Marketing
The University of Waikato• Bachelor of Arts in Economics
• Bachelor of Arts In Law
Toi Ohomai Institute of Technology• Bachelor of Applied Hospitality and Tourism Management
• Bachelor of Accounting
• Bachelor of Nursing
• Master Of Management

Demanding Courses in New Zealand

New Zealand is a popular destination for international students. Students can get access to a diverse range of challenging courses in New Zealand, attracting ambitious learners from around the globe. Whether in STEM fields, humanities, or the arts, New Zealand's universities and educational institutions are recognized for their high standards, providing students with a platform to delve deeply into their chosen fields and emerge with a wealth of knowledge and skills.

AccountingNew Zealand provides comprehensive accounting courses covering financial accounting, management accounting, taxation, auditing, and more.
Business StudiesBusiness courses in New Zealand cover various aspects such as management, marketing, finance, and entrepreneurship.
Civil EngineeringNew Zealand universities provide robust civil engineering programs focusing on structural engineering, transportation, geotechnical engineering, etc.
Data ScienceWith the growing demand for data professionals, New Zealand institutions offer data science programs covering statistics, machine learning, data analysis, and programming.
Digital MediaInstitutions in New Zealand offer digital media courses encompassing graphic design, multimedia, animation, and digital communication.
Electrical EngineeringUniversities in New Zealand provide electrical engineering courses covering power systems, electronics, telecommunications, etc.
Early Childhood EducationNew Zealand is known for its focus on early childhood education. Institutions offer courses focusing on child development, teaching methodologies, and practical experience.
Hospitality ManagementWith a thriving tourism industry, New Zealand offers hospitality management courses covering hotel management, tourism, and event management.
Information TechnologyIT courses in New Zealand cover various areas such as software development, cybersecurity, networking, and IT management.
ManagementManagement courses cover areas like strategic management, human resources, organizational behavior, and leadership.
Masters of Business AdministrationMBA in New Zealand offers a well-rounded blend of theory and practical skills at an affordable cost. Renowned for its state-of-the-art facilities and workshops enhancing communication abilities, this program sharpens managerial skills and prepares students to interpret evolving business trends for a successful career in New Zealand.
NursingNursing programs in New Zealand are highly regarded and offer a combination of theoretical study and practical experience in clinical settings. Students learn about healthcare practices, patient care, ethics, and specialized areas like mental health nursing or pediatric nursing.
PsychologyPsychology courses in New Zealand cover various branches, including clinical psychology, counseling psychology, and research psychology. Students delve into understanding human behavior, mental processes, and the application of psychological theories.
Quantity SurveyingQuantity surveying programs focus on construction economics, cost estimation, project management, and contract administration. These courses prepare students to manage costs and contracts within the construction industry.
Software EngineeringSoftware engineering courses in New Zealand cover programming languages, software development methodologies, algorithms, and software design principles. Students gain hands-on experience in developing software applications. 

International students interested in these courses can connect with the experts at Canam for detailed information regarding program structures, visa requirements and more.

Intakes Offered in New Zealand

Unlike traditional systems with only one or two intakes annually, New Zealand universities typically provide several entry points, allowing students the flexibility to commence their studies at different times.New Zealand's varied intakes cater to students seeking a convenient and adaptable learning experience. The table below provides a detailed overview of intakes offered in New Zealand.

Intakes in New zealand.webp

JanuaryUndergraduate and postgraduate programs are offered by universities in this intake.
JulyIt is a popular and preferred intake as it offers a variety of undergraduate and postgraduate courses in New Zealand to choose from a long list of top universities.
Rolling IntakesVocational courses are offered in institutes and colleges.

Admission Process to Study Top Courses in New Zealand

Studying in New Zealand provides an excellent opportunity for international students aiming to start their careers. Here's a structured process for applying to study in New Zealand with the assistance of Canam- India's prominent study-abroad consultant:

• Connect with study abroad consultants of Canam or log on to the website.
• Create a profile by registering on the platform and adding the required information, such as educational background, test results (if any), preferred programmes, etc. 
• Students can search and shortlist their desired universities in New Zealand based on intakes, fee waivers, tuition fees, etc.
• Start the application process for New Zealand by uploading necessary documents, including academic transcripts, CV, SOP, LOR and any standardized test scores or IELTS, TOEFL, or PTE scores (if required).
• Keep track of the pending and active applications.
• Wait for the offer letter sent by the admission authority of the applied institute after thoroughly checking the candidate's profile.
• The final step is to pay the tuition fees and confirm the seat for the course.
• Apply for a student visa for New Zealand with the counsellor’s guidance.
• Fly to New Zealand and start the dream course.


New Zealand offers a diverse array of highly sought-after courses catering to global demands. From growing fields like Data Science and Software Engineering to pivotal areas such as Nursing and Quantity Surveying, these demanding courses in New Zealand provide a blend of theoretical knowledge and practical application. For international students seeking quality education and promising career prospects, New Zealand stands as a beacon of opportunity with its range of in-demand courses and supportive academic infrastructure.  Connect with the Canam Experts to pursue higher education in New Zealand.


New Zealand has a rich cultural heritage, a meeting point of British-influenced Western ways and the traditional culture of the Indigenous Maori people, who have their own language and mythology.
Student benefits are provided in the form of student allowance as a weekly payment to help with living expenses.
Education level in New Zealand is a three-tier structure consisting of primary level, secondary level, and tertiary level at polytechnics and universities.
New Zealand offers a wide range of courses, from short vocational certificates to postgraduate PhDs. Popular fields include business, engineering, health, education, IT, tourism, and creative arts.
The cost of living in New Zealand varies depending on the city you choose. Generally, it's higher than in some other countries, but the quality of life is high.

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