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Universities Accepting Backlogs in New Zealand

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Explore universities in New Zealand without worrying about backlogs. Many universities in New Zealand accept applications with backlogs. International students can also turn their dreams into reality by studying at some of the top universities in New Zealand. The education system in New Zealand is based on the British model, which has affordable education. Read this blog to learn more about universities accepting backlogs in New Zealand.

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Studying in New Zealand is a perfect study destination for those students who seek high-quality education at affordable costs. New Zealand has several universities, and every university is added to the QS Global Ranking list. Applicants should consider their academic scores, language proficiency test scores, and most importantly, their backlogs while applying to New Zealand universities. Backlogs may impact students' profiles who aspire to study abroad. However, many universities in New Zealand accept applications with backlogs. 

This blog sheds light on the New Zealand universities accepting backlogs to grant better career opportunities to students. In addition, it also talks about factors affecting acceptance of backlogs in New Zealand, tips to strengthen students’ profiles if they have backlogs, and more!

Overview: Backlog and Backlog Certificates

A backlog is a list of incomplete projects or tasks. However, in academic settings, it refers to an unclear exam. For example, if a student fails an exam the first time, they must retake it to pass. An unclear exam creates a backlog. In cases of absenteeism, the exam is marked absent. However, students must pass their exams. 

After reviewing the applicant's academic documents, the New Zealand universities may require backlog certificates or zero backlog certificates. After graduating from university, students are given certificates listing all active and inactive backlogs in any subject. Candidates who do not appear for an examination due to illness or other circumstances are also considered to have a backlog. The multiple backlogs can make the admission process to study in New Zealand complex. 

Do Universities in New Zealand accept Backlogs?

The majority of Universities in New Zealand prefer students without backlogs. However, this does not mean that backlogs will derail a students' dream of studying abroad. Most international students aspire to study at advanced universities while residing in the lively cities of New Zealand

List of Universities accepting Backlogs

The table below shows a list of universities accepting backlogs in New Zealand.

Backlogs AcceptedName of the University 
0-5• Massey University 
• University of Auckland
• Auckland University of Technology
• Lincoln University
5-10• Ara Institute of Canterbury 
• Whitireia Community Polytechnic 
• Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology
15+• Weltec (Wellington Institute of Technology)
• Eastern Institute of Technology

To know more about universities accepting backlogs, connect with Canam. 

Does the New Zealand student visa get affected by backlogs?

The New Zealand study visa is granted based on the genuineness of international students and allows them to immigrate for study after receiving an acceptance letter. International students can check the above-mentioned list of universities accepting students with backlogs. Besides, a significant factor in admission is a good IELTS score, along with any tangible research project or extra-curricular activities to back up backlogs.

For more information about the effects of backlogs, students can speak to our counsellors at Canam to get expert advice to embark on their academic journey in New Zealand. 

Tips to strengthen students' profile if they have backlogs

It is completely fine to have backlogs if a student can justify their backlogs to their chosen universities during the admission process. Here are some tips for students to strengthen their profile if they have backlogs.