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Top Perks of Studying in New Zealand

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Every year, a large number of students take a leap towards their dream by beginning to study in New Zealand. This island country has the all resources and intellect to give the rest of the world a strong sense of competition. Since long students have realized the vast space that it holds on the educational map and so consider it one of the choicest study destinations.

Living abroad is not a cakewalk as it is fantasized to be, but if the destination has a conducive environment for students to thrive, then it isn't as tough a trudge too. New Zealand makes for one such country. With a large number of academic institutes and programs, this land of kiwi invites lakhs of students from over the world.

If you've not had enough reasons to add to your pros list, consider these:

Great Academic and Work Opportunities All academic institutes, including the government-funded and non- university institutes go through regular and rigorous quality checks. These institutes offer programs in arts, business, science and each college has its own exciting niche courses to offer. Getting accredited by a university in New Zealand makes students readily acceptable in the international job market. To top that, there are various research opportunities for international PhD aspirants in fields such as agriculture, astronomy, engineering, computer science, geology, healthcare, and physics among many others, where they pay the same tuition fee as residents and get to work part time as well. The students can work in for 20 hours a week off-campus as well to make ends meet.

Safe and peaceful  The fact that New Zealand was ranked as second in the Global Peace Index 2018, speaks volumes about the political stability of the country. Students feel as safe as in their home country as they enjoy the same rights while in the Kiwi democracy as their permanent residents.

Abundant Job Opportunities  A large number of students get attracted to this country because of a plethora of jobs in specialized and unspecialized fields and its student-friendly policies. Studies have revealed that 97 percent of the students who graduate, get employed, and a high 90 percent of them get employed in profiles relevant to their fields of study.

Breathtaking locations Life in New Zealand is like living on the horizon of country and city life. It screams exploration with its lush forests, serene beaches, piping dormant and active volcanoes, snow-capped and green hills. The wide variety of naturally beautiful spots that it offers becomes a gateway for students to immerse themselves in the sublime calmness of nature.

International exposure  Students not only get to avail the advantage of excellent pedagogical methods but also exposure to diverse cultural groups. International students come into this island country from all part of Europe and Asia and many countries.

Pre-course perk: Easy entry requirements  Unlike requirements for universities in many other countries, NZ does not have a lot of competition. The universities generally have more capacity regarding the number of enrollments than the number of students. So (especially) getting into a Bachelor/s program becomes easy.

High ambitions do not necessarily require high grades but a drive to fulfill that ambition, but right academic institute. And studying in New Zealand can unlock all doors and help you walk closer to it.

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