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Top Colleges & Universities in Christchurch for Indian Students

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• Christchurch, New Zealand, is the heart of the country, where students will find reputed colleges and universities, along with career opportunities. 

• Academic institutes in Christchurch offer diverse programs for students to pursue their interests. 

• An opportunity to study at Christchurch is no less than a dream to explore adventurous paths of success.

• International students will have plenty of job opportunities to enhance their professional skills after studying in Christchurch, New Zealand.  

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Christchurch, a city in New Zealand, is the land of dreams for international students who have chosen this city to start their academic journey. It is home to some prestigious educational institutions that welcome students with open arms. One of the main reasons for choosing universities in Christchurch is the diverse programs reputed universities offer.

Studying in Christchurch can be a wonderful experience for international students due to its academic facilities and naturally stunning landscapes. Before discussing the prestigious academic institutions in Christchurch, let's explore why students prefer to study there. This blog will provide details on some of the famous universities in the city, including the programs offered in Christchurch, tuition fee, and more.

Why Study in Christchurch, New Zealand?

This section highlights the reasons why to study in Christchurch, New Zealand. 

Christchurch, New Zealand, is the largest city on the South Island and serves as the capital of the Canterbury Region. It is a picturesque location home to some prestigious colleges and highly-ranked universities in New Zealand. 

It has resulted in an excellent academic environment with high-quality education opportunities, diverse courses with several specializations, and career prospects. Below are some reasons why students choose to study at universities in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Campus life The campuses of colleges in Christchurch are stunning, blended perfectly with the beautiful surrounding landscape. 
LanguageEnglish is the primary language used in instruction, hence it's much easier for international students to communicate with the locals. 
Living Cost Christchurch's cost of living is lower than that of other developed countries, making it an excellent option for those looking for affordable education. 
NZ UniversitiesNew Zealand's government-funded universities are known for providing high-quality programs and courses that undergo rigorous quality checks. 
Programs Many international students are attracted to these universities because of their educational programs and degrees in different specializations. 

Top Universities in Christchurch for International Students 

Christchurch is popularly known as The Garden City due to its central position on the island's east coast. It has one of the reputed academic institutions- the University of Canterbury, offering high-quality education and a welcoming environment for international students.

In addition, graduates can find high-paying job opportunities in Christchurch after completing their studies. Read below to learn in-depth about the university.

University of Canterbury: Overview

The University of Canterbury promotes curious students and conducts creative research to help communities locally and globally. Academic leaders use their expertise to encourage debates and share their findings to improve outcomes for everyone. 

They assist students in developing the professional skills needed for a successful future. Consider the below overview if you aspire to pursue higher education at the University of Canterbury.

Academic ExcellenceIt boasts a strong academic reputation with highly qualified faculty. 
Research OpportunitiesIt fosters inquisitive students and conducts creative and innovative research for the benefit of local and global communities.
Student lifeStudents will experience global exposure in terms of education, entertainment, careers, and facilities. 
Courses Offered It offers several courses in different fields of study such as Arts, commerce, science, business, law, engineering, etc. 
CampusesThe 'new' campus features a central complex of libraries, lecture theatres, labs, and student housing surrounded by playing fields, a river, and the well-known Ilam Gardens.

Note: For more information about the University of Canterbury, New Zealand, connect with Canam Consultants. 

Courses offered at the University of Canterbury

Over the years, most international students have preferred to study at the University of Canterbury. The university is among the most prestigious educational institutions in Christchurch, a beautiful city in New Zealand.

It is famous for its unwavering commitment to academic excellence, research opportunities, and providing an exceptional student life. The university offers a comprehensive range of programs such as Bachelor, Master, and Diploma. 

The below table represents programs available at the University of Canterbury.

courses offered at christchurch universities.webp

Course-levelPrograms available at the University of Canterbury
Bachelors Program• Bachelor of Arts
• Bachelor of Commerce
• Bachelor of Communication
• Bachelor of Criminal Justice
• Bachelor of Data Science
• Bachelor of Youth and Community Leadership
Graduate Certificates and Diplomas• Graduate Certificate in Māori Language and Pedagogies: Aumiri Pounamu
• Graduate Certificate in Sport Coaching
• Graduate Diploma in Arts
• Graduate Diploma in Commerce
• Graduate Diploma in Criminal Justice
• Graduate Diploma in Teaching and Learning (Primary or Secondary)
UG Certificate and Diploma• Certificate in Arts
• Certificate in Commerce
• Certificate in Criminal Justice
• Certificate in Health Sciences
• Certificate in Indigenous Narrative
• Diploma in Advancing University Studies
• Diploma in Arts
• Diploma in Commerce
• Diploma in Global Humanitarian Engineering
PG Certificate & Diploma • Postgraduate Certificate in Antarctic Studies
• Postgraduate Certificate in Architectural Engineering
• Postgraduate Certificate in Arts
• Postgraduate Certificate in Business
• Postgraduate Certificate in Civil Engineering
• Postgraduate Diploma in Business
• Postgraduate Diploma in Business Administration
• Postgraduate Diploma in Business Information Systems
• Postgraduate Diploma in Child and Family Psychology
• Postgraduate Diploma in Clinical Psychology
Honours Degree• Master of Antarctic Studies
• Master of Applied Data Science
• Master of Applied Finance and Economics
• Master of Applied Translation and Interpreting
• Master of Architectural Engineering
• Master of Artificial Intelligence

Note: For more information about programs available at the University of Canterbury, reach out to Canam for expert assistance.

University of Canterbury: Student Campus 

Studying at the University of Canterbury can be an exciting journey. Students can explore different cultures, education systems, and work environments while living on beautiful campuses. Getting an opportunity to live at student campuses is no less than an adventurous trip. The Christchurch location is the main campus of the university.

International students will undoubtedly appreciate lives at Christchurch's campus. Those seeking to escape into nature will find fun in outdoor activities such as hiking, mountain biking, skiing, snowboarding, and more.

Apart from these, there are several perks of studying in New Zealand

Eligibility Criteria to Study at a University in Christchurch

Studying at reputed universities in Christchurch is a dream for many international students because its diverse programs offer plenty of career paths. However, to get into these academic institutions, aspiring students should be eligible to apply. 

Before application, students should be aware of the eligibility criteria of Christchurch universities to start their educational journey. Below are the general eligibility criteria at universities in Christchurch for international students.

• Applicant must be 18 years old at the beginning of the course.
• Aspirants should have excellent academic scores in previous education.
• Candidates must take Language proficiency tests, such as IELTS, TOEFL, etc. to demonstrate their proficiency in English.
• Aspirants should appear in standardized exams such as GMAT/GRE etc, if they are asked. 
• They should take other Entrance exams if asked by the university.

Note: The eligibility criteria may vary as per the academic institutions in Christchurch. 

Documents Required to study at a University in Christchurch

To get into a university in Christchurch, international students must submit certain documents. These may vary according to the admission guidelines of different programs. However, some general document requirements are standard in most universities. Some are below:

Documents required to study in christchurch.webp

Note: The university may ask students to provide additional documents. 

Cost of Studying in Christchurch, New Zealand

For several reasons, New Zealand is considered an emerging education place among international students. One of the primary reasons for choosing this country is the affordable cost of education. 

Its costs range between $31,800 and $48,800 per year, including tuition fees, study materials, application fees, and other related costs. Usually, these expenses vary depending on the academic institution and chosen course. Below are the cost estimates of studying in New Zealand's Christchurch.

Cost of Studying in Christchurch Estimated range (in NZD)
Tuition feesNZD 31,000-48,000
Application feesNZD 100-200
Study materialNZD 80-120
Other expenses NZD 60-100

Note: These are rough estimates which are changeable as per university.


The modern province of New Zealand, Christchurch, is globally famous for its education standards. The University of Canterbury is a significant example of a reputed educational institution that has maintained high academic standards, which results in career-leading skills. It offers several programs in various study specializations, such as STEM. It is well-known for its student-friendly facilities, excellent faculty, research opportunities, cutting-edge tech learning, and part-time job opportunities in New Zealand.

Apart from these, Christchurch has an affordable cost of living and various tourist places for international students. This blog discussed comprehensive academic institutions in Christchurch that will help students make up their minds while choosing a province. Do you also aspire to study in Christchurch? Connect with Canam - Study overseas Consultants to embark on an academic journey in New Zealand!


The University of Canterbury is a prestigious, progressive university in one of the world's safest, most resilient cities. 
International students will enjoy studying some of Christchurch's most beautiful spots and the city's historic schools and colleges. The West Coast's Fox Glacier and Queenstown are only a few attractions.
However, a New Zealand student visa SOP is known as a Letter of Motivation. It is essential for students applying to New Zealand institutions. This letter provides the institution with insight into the student's personality, including their personal, academic, and professional accomplishments.
Below are the requirements for a New Zealand Student Visa:

• A Letter of Acceptance from a New Zealand educational institution accredited by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority 
• Must have a valid passport 
• Financial proof of their capacity to pay tuition, living expenses, and return to their home country.
• Health and Travel Insurance
The following are the intakes in New Zealand in 2024.

• February
• July
• Rolling Intakes
Canterbury Christ Church University is a popular choice among international students. One of the reasons for this is the diverse and vibrant community of students from over 80 countries. Despite being small enough to feel like a family, the university has a global impact.
Canterbury is a fantastic place to reside and behold. It's a beautiful, lively market town with a rich cultural and historical heritage. As a World Heritage Site, it boasts charming cobblestone streets, magnificent old buildings, and a grand cathedral.
New Zealand has much to offer, including an excellent education system, internationally accredited qualifications, ample research opportunities, and a matchless quality of life. 

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