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Part-Time Jobs For Students In New Zealand

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New Zealand is a very popular study abroad destination for students from all over the world. With each passing year, New Zealand enrolls in its universities a large number of international students in its universities and colleges.

Apart from its world-class education, part-time jobs are another reason why students from all across the globe are coming to New Zealand to pursue their higher education.

Besides assisting students financially, doing a part-time job helps students in getting on the job experience, which is very beneficial for them professionally.

A masters degree from a decent university in New Zealand can cost students around 45000$. In case international students can land a part-time job for themselves, then they will be able to earn around NZ$290 per week. Therefore, by doing a part-time job, a student looking to study abroad can easily look after their living costs.

While working in New Zealand for students who want to study overseas is quite lucrative, there are a few conditions set by the government which needs to be fulfilled before you can be employed in the workforce.

Rules regarding part-time employment

  • Students from overseas who are on a student visa are allowed to work for a maximum of 20 hours a week during their classes and full time on scheduled holidays.
  • International students arent permitted to be self-employed. They can only work as an employee under an employment agreement, and cannot work as an independent contractor.
  • Students who are doing their masters or doctorate can be employed full-time while studying overseas.

Working during scheduled holidays

There are many employment opportunities in New Zealand for students who want to study abroad during the planned holidays.If you happen to pursue a one-year study program that has 120 credits or more, then, in that case, you are allowed to work during all of the scheduled holidays. If your study program is less than 120 credits, then you can be allowed to working only during the new year and Christmas breaks.

The job market in New Zealand

New Zealand is one of the countries which aims at providing a work-life balance for its workforce. The economy of New Zealand is growing at a steady rate of 3%, with many new jobs being consistently created across all the sectors.There are a large number of vacancies that are available in the field of engineering, business, and agriculture, which international students can take advantage of.Although, it should be kept in mind that unless international students dont have the requisite documents, the employers wonn't be hiring you.

Most popular part-time jobs in New Zealand

  • Supermarket attendant
  • Data entry
  • Restaurant attendant
  • Translator
  • On-campus opportunities as a librarian, laboratory attendant, etc.

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