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Cost of Studying in New Zealand: Tuition Fees, Money Saving Hacks and Course Costs

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• Studying abroad can be made more affordable for international students by being mindful of expenses and implementing money-saving strategies during their studies.

• The cost of accommodation is one of the major expenses, but there are many affordable options to choose from, like homestays, halls of residences, rented apartments, and so on. 

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New Zealand is gaining popularity worldwide for providing high-quality education and for its vibrant cities. The educational system in New Zealand is based on the British model of education, but it provides a variety of courses at affordable costs. However, studying abroad can be an expensive affair for international students and hence, it becomes important to be aware of the cost of studying in New Zealand. 

Wondering if the cost of education in New Zealand is affordable? Yes, certainly it is. This blog sheds light on the cost of studying in New Zealand, tuition and course fees, money-saving hacks, and much more!

How much does it cost to study in New Zealand? 

Studying in New Zealand would be an experience of a lifetime for international students. The country offers top-notch education, lively cities, beautiful landscapes, and an array of opportunities. The study cost in New Zealand includes tuition fees, student visa fees, the cost of courses, study material, and other expenses. 

Cost of Studying in New ZealandApprox. Average costs range (in NZD)
Tuition Fees22,000-23000/ annually
Student Visa Fees370-375
Study material500-510/annually
Other expenses100-120
Note: The above are rough estimates. It can vary as per one’s chosen university and course.  

Tuition Fees in New Zealand

Tuition fees are based on the desired university and courses in New Zealand. It can also vary as per the course level in which the applicant enrolls. For example, if an applicant enrolls for a master’s degree, the tuition fees would typically be higher than for an undergraduate degree. The table below presents the approximate tuition fees as per the course levels. 

Name of UniversitiesApprox. Tuition fees as per Course level (in NZD)
Auckland University of Technology 
• Undergraduate: 40000-42000
• Postgraduate: 56000-57000
Otago Polytechnic 
• Undergraduate: 21300-22600
• Postgraduate: 35000-36000
Massey University
• Undergraduate: 2000-21000
• Postgraduate: 48000-49000
University of Waikato
• Undergraduate: 26000-27000
• Postgraduate: 49000-50000

Note: The above tuition fees are rough estimates. It can vary as per the university and campus.

Cost of Courses in New Zealand 

The table below presents the cost of courses in New Zealand.

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Course LevelsApprox. average cost of courses (in NZD)
Diploma/Certificates34000-35100 NZD 
Undergraduate degree44000-45000 NZD 
Postgraduate degree50000-51000 NZD 
MBA49000-50000 NZD 
STEM courses 75000-76000 NZD

Note: The above costs are rough estimates. It can vary as per the university and campus.

Student Visa Fees in New Zealand 

Apart from tuition fees, international students also need to spend money on visas to study in New Zealand. International students who aspire to study and work part-time in New Zealand need to apply for New Zealand student visa. There are three types of visa fees that students need to pay to embark on a journey to their dream university. 

Student Visa Fees for New ZealandApprox. amounts (in NZD)
Fee-Paying Student Visa370-380 NZD
Foreign Government-supported student visa370-380 NZD
Pathway student visa370-380 NZD

NOTE: The above student visa fees are rough estimates and are subject to change by the New Zealand government.

Apart from student visa fees, international students must provide bank statements as a proof while applying for a New Zealand student visa, showing that they will be able to support themselves financially. For example, students must show their bank balance of at least NZD 15000-16000 approximately.

Accommodation in New Zealand

Studying in New Zealand is not all about tuition fees, study material, and so on. The cost of accommodation is one of the major expenses, but there are some options to choose from, like homestays, halls of residences, rented apartments, and so on. The table below presents the cost of accommodation in New Zealand as per different options. 

Accommodation options in New Zealand Cost of accommodation (approx. in NZD)
HomestaysNZD 360-370
Halls off residence NZD 400-500
Rented apartmentsNZD 200-300/person 
Hostels NZD 190-200

To know more options for accommodation in New Zealand, international students must connect with expert study-abroad consultants. 

Health Insurance Costs in New Zealand

It is required that all international students coming to New Zealand get health insurance before the start of their program. Some schools and universities in New Zealand offer full health insurance plans to international students. However, these plans only cover students while the program is in effect and end when the program is over.

Some universities might not offer insurance. In that case, students will need to get private health insurance. Annually, medical insurance usually costs between 500 and 700 NZD.  Students should talk to international study-abroad consultants about health insurance if they want professional advice.

Living Expenses in New Zealand for International Students

Students who want to study in New Zealand should save money for everyday and unexpected costs.  It is important to plan for more than just tuition and insurance. The average annual cost of living is between $20,000 and $25,000. These costs include food, transportation, phone bills, internet access, entertainment, and a place to live or rent.  It is worth mentioning that the average cost of living for all New Zealand students stays pretty much the same, even if they pay different amounts for tuition and course fees.

Living Expenses (Weekly)Approx. Average Cost (in NZD)
GroceriesNZD 100-150/week
EntertainmentNZD 50-60/week
TransportationNZD 10-20/week
Emergency Expenses NZD 100-200/week

Note: These are rough estimates that depend on students’ lifestyles.

Money Saving Hacks While Studying in New Zealand 

After discussing about the living, and studying expenses in New Zealand for international students, it becomes essential to know how international students can reduce their expenses. Here are some money-saving hacks for students in New Zealand.  

money saving hacks while studying in new zealand.webp

• Work together to find affordable off-campus housing options, such as apartments or homestays.
• Skip the takeout and make all of your meals at home. Plan your meals.
• For shorter distances, take the bus or a bike.
• Pay close attention to spending, put necessities first, and choose a health plan that will not break the bank.
• Collaborate with other students to share the cost of necessities like food, transportation, and fun activities.
• International students can also work part-time while studying in New Zealand to support themselves financially.


Studying abroad can be made more affordable for international students by being mindful of their expenses and implementing money-saving strategies during their studies. Education in New Zealand is more affordable compared to other study-abroad options. New Zealand universities are highly welcoming to international students as the country continues to establish itself as a popular study destination. This blog provided valuable insights into the financial aspects of studying in New Zealand, offering helpful tips to minimize living expenses. International students seeking guidance on choosing an affordable university and campus can rely on the expertise of the study-abroad counsellors at Canam Consultants


International students who want to study in New Zealand must demonstrate their English language proficiency through tests such as IELTS, PTE, TOEFL, Duolingo, and so on.  Most New Zealand universities accept the IELTS language proficiency exam. 

New Zealand provides a world-class education with internationally recognized qualifications and a distinctive learning approach that promotes critical thinking. 
International students' educational expenses in New Zealand would be around NZD 44,000-45000 per year, which includes groceries, accommodation, tuition, and so on. It depends on one’s lavish lifestyle. 
The country is well-known for its demanding courses in information technology, computer science, and animation. Animation is the most popular course in New Zealand.

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