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Top Cities to study in New Zealand New Zealand is gradually climbing the ranks among major study destinations in the world after it has been ranked as one of the best tourist destinations. New Zealand Education is considered one of the best across the globe which is why more than 100,000 international students apply for admissions to the universities of New Zealand each year. All the students who are seeking admissions in New Zealand consider studying in a city which provides them with the very best of Environment, Facilities, Social life and Cost of Education. Therefore, Canam UniSearch brings you the information regarding Top Cities to Study in New Zealand.   Auckland: Auckland This city is well-known among students as some of the best universities are located in Auckland. Majority of international students are studying here. It is ranked 18th in the top cities for students in the country and the world by QS. This city has a fast growing transport network which makes it easy for students to explore the best attractions within half an hour of the city centre. It is one of the populated areas of New Zealand which makes it comparatively expensive for international students.   Christchurch: Christchurch Christchurch also called The Garden City of New Zealand is among the top 50 student cities in the world as per QS. It is known for its various adventurous attractions. It is among the largest cities in the South Island of New Zealand and it has the population of approx 400,000. It is one of the expensive cities of New Zealand but relatively cheaper than Auckland.   Wellington: Wellington Being the capital of New Zealand, this city is known for its excellent entertainment landscapes in the country. Most of the renowned universities and their branches are located in Wellington. It is a peaceful city with beautiful sandy beaches to explore. Students can experience a pleasant life here at a moderate cost of living.   Hamilton: Hamilton To study in New Zealand, Hamilton is another city that you can choose for you for higher education. Located in the Wakaito region, it is known as an excellent tourist destination. Along with that, over 40,000 students are studying in the city. This city provides students with famous cafes, libraries, and shops and it is also cheaper than most cities in New Zealand.

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