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Top Cities to Study in New Zealand

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New Zealand is known for its spectacular natural landscapes, and the cities dotted across the island have much to offer. Cultural, spiritual, and historical influences combine to make vibrant cities and towns perfect for exploring. With a network of high-quality schools and education providers throughout New Zealand, it is an unbeatable place to live and study. New Zealand’s cities have distinct personalities worth plunging into, and they are energetically evolving. 

Cities to Study in New Zealand.webpNew Zealand cities are not all alike. Big cities like Wellington, Auckland and Christchurch are home to a large population, though smaller cities like Queenstown and Arrowtown are compact and completely unique.

In New Zealand cities, we can find ‘kiwi’ charm, great communities and beautiful landscapes. From vibrant modern cities to small towns, wherever one chooses to live won’t be far from beaches, parks, walking trails and cycle tracks. English is one of the three official languages in New Zealand, with more than 95% of New Zealanders speaking English. This leads to minimal language barriers for expats across the entire country. 

Why Study in New Zealand

New Zealand offers a combination of excellent universities and high living standards. The cities in New Zealand provide an intellectual avenue for pursuing higher studies. Many renowned universities are situated in these cities. 

The following are the convincing reasons to study in New Zealand cities for international students. 

• International students can be assured of a welcoming and friendly society with an excellent support system for international students. 
• The New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) ensures that institutions are registered to enrol internationals students and comply with qualifications standards. 
• The learning environment in New Zealand universities is quite prominent, and as a nuclear-free zone, the outdoors is green, open and with an overall enjoyable vibe. 
• With mild summers and cold winters, sports and activities, the entire process becomes more wholesome.
• International students enrolled in some tertiary programs can receive a post-study work visa of a few years. 
• The best of both worlds is provided to international students with an internationally recognized qualification at an economical rate. 
• New Zealand focuses on research-based teaching, where students learn to deal with situations in a systematic and organized manner. 
• Universities and colleges in New Zealand boast highly experienced faculty, well-equipped laboratories, and access to the latest technology, equipment, and opportunities. 
• Living in New Zealand provides every student a chance to grow with its diverse culture and natural beauty all at once. 

Cities to study in New Zealand for International Students

With its excellent universities and institutions, diverse culture, and exciting recreational opportunities, New Zealand offers a well-rounded experience for students. New Zealand’s education system works  based on diverse educational principles. 

Due to the diverse geography of the country and the fact that it spreads across two main islands, eclectic cuisine, and several reputable universities, it’s no wonder that so many students choose to study abroad in New Zealand. 


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Universities/ CollegesPrograms/ Courses
Le Cordon Bleu (Private College)• Bachelor of Culinary Arts and Business
Massey University (Public University)• Bachelor of Commercial Music (Honors)
• Bachelor of Commercial Music in the Music Industry
Whitireia and WelTec (Public College) • Bachelor of Information Technology
• New Zealand Diploma in Architectural Technology
• Bachelor of Health Science- Paramedic
• Bachelor of Nursing


cities to study in NZ 3.webp

Universities/ CollegesPrograms/ Courses
Auckland University of Technology (Public University)• Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Science
• Bachelor of Science in Chemistry
Eastern Institute of Technology (Public College)• Master of Applied Management
• Master of Digital Business
Manukau Institute of Technology (Public College)• Bachelor of Accounting
• Bachelor of Applied Social Work 
Massey University (Public University)• Bachelor of Arts- Social Anthropology 
• Bachelor of Arts in Business Psychology
New Zealand Skills and Education College (NZSE) (Public University)• Bachelor in Business Information Management 
• Diploma in Applied Network and Cloud technology