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Exams to Study in New Zealand for International Students

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New Zealand is gaining popularity across the world for providing high-quality education based on British models at affordable costs. To study in New Zealand, international students should satisfy the admission and visa requirements. Students need to appear for certain exams to secure their seats at their chosen New Zealand universities. Read more to know about exams to study in New Zealand. 

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New Zealand is one of the best study destinations to pursue higher education. International students are required to satisfy the eligibility criteria of the university and student visa requirements to immigrate to study in New Zealand.
Apart from this, students need to take some exams to study at universities in New Zealand for ample career opportunities. This blog helps international students learn about the exams to study in New Zealand to start their academic journey in New Zealand with Canam.

Exams required to study in New Zealand

To study in New Zealand, International students need to appear for some exams asked by universities during the admission process. These exams improve students’ profiles and increase the chances of admission into the universities. New Zealand is one of the English-speaking countries among other countries and it might be difficult for students to cope with instruction for non-native applicants. Hence, it becomes important for international students to improve their language proficiency by taking exams. For international students, it is beneficial to take the below-mentioned exams to meet the universities’ requirements to study in New Zealand. 

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Language Proficiency Exams

International students should take language proficiency exams to show their grasp of the English language. The language exams not only help students in the admission process but also help in getting a student visa for New Zealand. Following are brief details of different language proficiency exams that students can take for studying in New Zealand. 

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IELTS: International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is one of the famous study abroad exams among international students.  It includes four sections which are speaking, listening, reading, and writing considering band scores from 0-9. IELTS is accepted by several Universities in New Zealand such as University of Canterbury, University of Otago, and so on.

Course LevelBand Scores
For Diploma5.5 (5.0 Each section)
For Bachelors6.0 
For Graduate Diploma 6.0
For Master’s 6.5

PTE: Pearson Test of English, commonly known as PTE is a popular English Proficiency Test that assesses candidates' speaking, writing, reading, and listening skills. PTE is accepted by several universities in New Zealand such as Lincoln University, Massey University, and so on.

Course LevelScores 
Doctorate64 or above

TOEFL: Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) is yet another widely accepted international standardized test. It has four sections which speaking, reading, writing, and listening considering scores from 0-120. TOEFL is accepted by several Universities in New Zealand such as Eastern Institute of Technology, University of Auckland, and so on. 

Business Management90
Computer science100
Arts & Humanities85
Health & Medicine100
Environment Science90

Duolingo: Duolingo English Test or DET is the latest English language proficiency test which started in 2016. The exam is accepted by more than 4000 universities all over the world. Duolingo test can be given through the Duolingo App.

SectionsScore Range
Conversion10 to 160
Literacy10 to 160
Comprehension10 to 160
Production 10 to 160

Standardized Entrance Exams

Besides the language proficiency exams, international students need to qualify for Standardized Entrance exams as well, such as GMAT/GRE. The score or grade of these exams play a crucial role in their college or university application. For students who want to pursue demanded courses in New Zealand, these two exams are plus points for them.