Learn Tips to prepare for IELTS Speaking with Canamprep IELTS Institute

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The blog gives out some tips on how you can prepare for your IELTS speaking exam. It also details out marking criteria and different parts of the exam. Then, it ends with few tips on how to ace the speaking module of the IELTS exam.  

learn tips to prepare for ielts speaking with canamprep ielts institute.webpLearn Tips to prepare for IELTS Speaking with Canamprep IELTS Institute

One of the four modules of the IELTS exam is Speaking. IELTS Speaking is the same for both the tests i.e., IELTS Academic and IELTS General Training and is designed to assess various skills. The test in the form of interview consists of 3 parts which lasts for 11 to 14 minutes and is conducted between the test taker and a trained and certified examiner. In the IELTS speaking section, Examiners assess the performance against four criteria, namely,

1.Fluency and Coherence

2.Lexical resource

3.Grammatical range and Accuracy


One must prepare thoroughly for the IELTS speaking section because during test everything happens in the spur-of-the-moment. Therefore one should always have to be ready to answer all the questions of the examiner. It is only preparation that works in the IELTS speaking part and it requires you to be spontaneous. This is a face-to-face test therefore there are disadvantages of rectifying a mistake or speaking the memorized answers as the examiner can detect that easily and this may influence the final band score.

The first thing that can help to score well in the IELTS speaking part is to get acquainted with the time limit, structure of the test and band criteria. The three parts of the IELTS speaking test are Introduction, Cue Card, and Discussion Round.

1.Introduction Part:  This lasts between 4-5 minutes, and in it, the examiner asks some general questions related to life, hobbies etc.

2.Speaking on a topic: In the second part, test takers have to speak on a topic given on a cue card. One minute is provided to prepare for the topic, and two minutes to speak continuously, addressing all parts of the task.

3.Discussion Round: The discussion round lasts for around 4-5 minutes. The examiner can ask  questions on any topic, and questions related to real-life experiences may also be asked.

Fluency and Vocabulary

Fluency and vocabulary are equally important in the IELTS speaking section, and these skills carry equal weightage on the scorecard. In the IELTS speaking part, one should try to focus on speaking fluently as much as possible and using those words in which one is comfortable with. The speech must contain some unique vocabulary that  may leave a lasting impression on the examiner. 

Do not memorize the answers

In the IELTS speaking section, one should not memorize the answers; if one does so, the examiner know this at once, and it can adversely affect the band score. There can be any topic on the cue card, and it is almost impossible to prepare for all the topics before the exam. It is advisable to prepare for the Speaking part by practicing with friends/family or an English language expert. One should read more in English to enrich knowledge and vocabulary. Eventually, this enables command on the language and memorizing of answers will no longer be needed.

Speak naturally and elaborate your answer

In the IELTS speaking part, one should speak naturally and at their own pace. Speaking naturally helps to avoid mistakes and sound more fluent. If one makes a mistake, they must correct it and move on with their answer. It shows the examiner that the test taker knows and understands what he/she is speaking. One should try to be more elaborative in their answers and avoid giving one-word answers.

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Some tips to score 8.5 in IELTS Speaking test:

1.Don’t memorize the answers or talk about a topic which is different than the one asked to discuss.
2.Speak directly to the examiner.
3.Don’t answer the questions as ‘Yes’ or ‘No’. Add at least one point to give a detailed and full answer.
4.Speaking test is not a test of knowledge but of English language.
5.Try organizing answers and link sentences, talk clearly at normal speed and use a wide range of vocabulary and grammatical structures.

Remember the following points before you start practicing speaking on your own:

1.Don’t memorize answers.
2.Don’t use words out of context.
3.Use a wide range of grammatical structures.
4.Speak in your normal accent.
5.Pause and wait before you speak.
6.Do not use fillers while speaking.
7.Speak full answers and not just one-liners.
8.Pronounce words clearly and speak clearly.
The IELTS examiners predict IELTS Speaking Scores as per four criteria:

Fluency and Coherence
Lexical Resource
Grammatical Range and Accuracy
You can start telling something about yourself. You can speak about your hobbies, any extra-curricular activities you have done in your college or school days etc. You can also talk about what you do at your workplace in case you are working. 
The examiner might interrupt you at 2-minute mark. Don’t worry if the examiner interrupts you while you are speaking because you have shown the examiner that you have spoken at length on the given topic and given extended explanation to the given topic. 

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