IELTS Technology Vocabulary

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Through this article, Canamprep presents a list of IELTS Technology Vocabulary along with strategies to excel in the IELTS Speaking test to get better scores. Read ahead for sample questions to prepare for the test.

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‘Without grammar, very little can be conveyed; without vocabulary nothing can be conveyed’.
Through the above quote, David Wilkins, a notable British linguist aptly suggests the significance of a strong vocabulary. Its significance cannot go unnoticed in the International English Language Testing System. Through the IELTS exam, students can measure their knowledge of the English language and vocabulary. Within the IELTS Speaking module, test-takers can be asked questions related to technology. To excel, students must possess accurate information and the knowledge of appropriate word choice.

Why is a Topic-Specific Vocabulary Important in IELTS?

The IELTS Speaking module assesses a student’s ability to communicate effectively in English language. Through a topic such as technology, the examiners are looking for more than simple words such as electronics, science, good, bad, etc to describe usage of technology.  Students are expected to use vocabulary that accurately conveys their thoughts on the effects of technology, its benefits, drawbacks, and latest innovations.  

Words that can Enhance IELTS Technology Vocabulary

Hereunder are a few vocabulary words that can be used for the Technology topic of the IELTS Speaking section. 

Database Management SystemConfigureSecure--
Programming LanguageDebugPortable--
Augmented RealityCrashEnergy-efficient--
Internet of ThingsHackAutonomous--
Virtual RealityNavigateReliable--
Quantum ComputingStreamAccessible--

Apart from the words mentioned above, here are some other words that can help IELTS test takers enhance their IELTS Technology Vocabulary:

• Technophobe
• Gadgets
• Cybercrimes
• Smartphone
• Video Conferencing
• Technological Breakthrough
• Obsolete
• Revolutionize
• Viral
• Browse

Students preparing for IELTS 2024 must read ahead to get a better understanding of how these words can be utilized in your IELTS Speaking test.

Sample Questions for Speaking Part 1 

When preparing for the topic ‘Technology’, students must pay attention to the different phrases and words that can benefit them. Hereunder are a few sample questions that can help students prepare for the topic and strengthen their IELTS Technology Vocabulary.

How comfortable are you with modern technology?

Since I am not up to speed with the latest technology and do not own any gadgets, I can be considered a technophobe. I keep away from such distractions and strive to learn from traditional methods.

How protected is your data on modern technological devices such as mobile phones and personal computers?

I keep reading about cybercrimes happening across the world. Their increasing number prompted me to stop accessing pirated content on any of my devices. Installing antivirus software on both devices will also protect my data from any potential cyber threat.

Is your home connected to any modern technological devices?

My father is one of the most tech-advanced people I know. He has upgraded our house with many IoT-enabled devices. My parents have apps on their smartphones that help control these devices. 

How can technology be of advantage to us?

Today, a wide range of websites are accessible with just a click of a button. Now, money can be transferred through the revolutionary Electronic Funds Transfer technology. Social media and video conferencing can be leveraged to connect with loved ones.
Read ahead for how an enhanced IELTS Technology Vocabulary will help students take their Speaking Skills Part 2.

Sample Questions for IELTS Speaking Part 2

To attempt the IELTS Speaking Part 2 with the topic ‘technology’, students will have a minute to prepare their notes before they begin speaking. Students must speak about the topic for about two minutes. Through this section, students are assessed on their ability to speak at length on the topic – Technology.
Hereunder are a few sample questions for IELTS Technology and how a strong vocabulary will help students excel in this section:

How will you describe the time when you started using a new technological device?

I got my first smartphone after completing my 12th standard. To pursue my higher education, I had to relocate to a new city. To stay connected with family in my hometown, my father gifted me a smartphone from Nokia. It was an exhilarating experience for me. I could now call my loved ones with just a click. Along with that, I could now browse the internet, check my emails, and use social media.  This phone helped me capture so many memories through its camera that I reduced the usage of my DSLR.  I was very happy to receive this new portable device and have kept it as a memorabilia.  I strongly feel that people will share the sentiments regarding their first technological device.

Students preparing for their IELTS Speaking module must work on their grammar for their IELTS exam. The words discussed above will help the test-takers amplify their IELTS Technology vocabulary. 

Read ahead for how working on IELTS Technology Vocabulary will help students excel in the IELTS Speaking Part 3:

Sample Questions for IELTS Speaking Part 3

To attempt the IELTS Speaking Part 3 with Technology as a topic, students will be questioned further to discuss issues and ideas related to the topic. Students are encouraged to read ahead for some words and phrases that will help them master their IELTS Speaking section.

Is internet usage increasing in today’s time?

I have noticed that people are glued to their screens more than they are invested in a conversation. Instead of fostering relationships, people are interested in the likes and comments on social media. In the near future, social media will become an indispensable part of our lives. 

How is technology helpful to a student?

As a student, technology is an essential part of my daily affairs. It assists me in working on innovative ideas for my studies. Through it, I have explored many new areas of my personality. The internet has helped me learn how to code and eventually become a software developer. 

Watching movies has changed over the years. What are your thoughts?

Over the top (OTT) platforms have changed how people enjoy movies. From movie theaters to televisions, people have now moved to streaming movies through different movie apps. They are now watching web-series and movies on the go. OTT technology is truly a breakthrough for the movie industry. 

Strategies to Improve IELTS Technology Vocabulary

IELTS test takers must understand that they will be evaluated on fluency, pronunciation and range of vocabulary in the IELTS exam. They must incorporate the following strategies to prepare for the test:

Idioms Related to TechnologyIdioms are a helpful tool to convey something in a few words. They make a conversation interesting and add humor to it. IELTS test takers can practice idioms such as cutting-edge, on the same wave-length, hit a snag, reboot your brain, digital nomad, tech detox. The correct usage of these idioms will help your vocabulary shine in the IELTS test. 
Read Newspapers and MagazinesOne of the fastest ways to enhance IELTS Technology Vocabulary is to read a variety of reading material. Be it newspapers, magazines, or bestselling novels, it is important for an IELTS aspirant to read extensively. Doing so, students will come across many new words and phrases. Students must use these words and phrases in their daily conversations. 
Watch the News Every NightStudents must watch the news daily. They must observe how the news presenter speaks and how the news is packaged. Analyze how the news is structured. Doing so will help students structure their answers and put their points across with relevant words. 
Synonyms for Commonly Used WordsThe IELTS exam examines the depth of a student’s vocabulary range. Repetition of words will hamper their progress. Synonyms will help you put your point across with various words with the same meaning. 

For example:

Important•  Main
•  Key
•  Major
•  Prominent
•  Noteworthy
•  Prestigious
•  Leading
•  Significant
•  Famous


Building IELTS Technology vocabulary should not be considered an overnight task but a continuous task. Well, one must follow the rule, “ Try and try until you succeed.” Test-takers should take the help of Canamprep and be consistent in learning and using new words & practice their usage in daily speaking.  The above strategies will help students approach their IELTS test with confidence. A diverse vocabulary will help demonstrate linguistic competence and help leave a strong impression on the IELTS examiners.


Possessing the knowledge of different words, idioms, and phrases related to technology will assist IELTS test takers during their exam. It will help them convey their thoughts in a cohesive manner and excel in the exam.
The IELTS exam is divided into four sections, namely Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening. Students preparing for the test can get in touch with expert language trainers to get a better understanding. 
Students must incorporate strategies such as reading the newspaper daily into their routine. They should read a variety of books. They should keep a track of difficult words and connect with their language trainer to understand their meaning and usage. 
Students must focus on the accuracy of the words used, identify words that fit the topic, show their variety, and work on a natural flow of their answers. 
Students must avoid mispronunciation of technical terms, not use complex words and remember the conversational setting of the IELTS Speaking test. Using accurate vocabulary is encouraged, but formal speech should not make the conversation sound unnatural.

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