Advertisement IELTS Speaking Part 1 Topic with Answers

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The blog gives out questions on the topic of ‘Advertisement’ which is an IELTS Speaking Part 1 topic. The blog also gives sample answers to these questions so that the students can compare their answers with these and practice more. 

Advertisement IELTS Speaking Part 1 Topic with Answer.webpIELTS speaking part 1 topic with answers (advertisement)

The speaking module in IELTS exam has three parts to it. In the first part, the candidates are asked questions on different general topics. These questions are to be answered in two to three long sentences. In part 2 of the exam, they are given a topic on which they have to speak at length for 2 to 3 minutes after a one-minute preparation time. Finally, in the part 3 they would have a discussion on questions related to the topic of part 2 to which candidates are supposed to answer in 4 to 5 sentences. 

In this blog, candidates will find answers to questions based on the topic of ‘Advertisement’ which is an IELTS speaking Part 1 topic. The answers will be two to three sentences long. Questions with Sample Answers on Advertisement Topic

Q1: Are plenty of advertisements broadcast or displayed in your country?

A 1: This is certainly true for my nation. The roadsides in my country are lined up with advertisement billboards and banners all along the ways and highways. The advertisements are broadcast in plenty on television and radio too in my nation. Candidates can indeed see online advertisements on websites here as well.

Q2: Why are so many things being advertised these days?

A 2: It is certainly true that these days’ businesses launch new products on everyday basis to make more profits and gain an edge over their competitors. The businesses, therefore, need to promote their products vigorously to maximize their profits and win over their competitors. No wonder, we see a variety of commercials almost everywhere nowadays.

Q3:  At what different places are products advertised nowadays?

A 3: There’s almost no place where we don’t see advertisements these days. We see the advertisements on websites and social media. The newspapers, magazines and television are also places where we witness advertisements alongside radio commercials.

Q4: What do you feel about advertisements?

A 4: In my opinion, advertisements have both benefits as well as drawbacks. On a positive note, advertisements not only help us get familiarized with the various products that are available through different businesses but also their operations. On the contrary, some businesses can mislead consumers by making false claims about a product through advertisements.   

Q5: What kind of advertisements do you prefer to watch or listen to the most?

A 5: Well, I like to watch or listen to advertisements that are related to fashion and technology because I am interested in new trends and fashions. Therefore, the advertisements that are based on new trends and styles interest me the most. 

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Q6: Do advertisements affect your choice while buying a product?

A 6:  Yes, indeed advertisements do affect my choice while buying a product. Before I purchase a product, I tend to watch its’ commercial and compare it with products from other companies. I also read customers’ reviews about that particular product before purchasing it.

Q7: Have you ever bought something after watching its’ advertisement?  

A 7: Hmmmm, yes I have bought a mobile phone after watching its’ advertisement on television. Then, I read its’ customer reviews online. The phone’s features were described in details in the advertisements, so, I went on to buy it then.

Q8: What are the main differences between advertisements on television and in print media?

A 8: The television commercials are in video form while the ones in magazines or newspapers are in printed form. The younger generation prefers to watch advertisements on television rather then read them through newspapers and magazines. Through the printed advertisements candidate can easily read about the products manufacturing while the commercials on television tell about their functionality.

Q9: Do advertisements on television or the ones on internet interest you?

A 9: I rarely watch television. I normally watch them online while surfing through websites or watching videos on YouTube. Therefore, the commercials on internet interest me more.

Q10: Which advertisements do you tend to dislike?

A 10: I tend to dislike commercials that end up as pop-ups on internet, social media feeds or the ones that are broadcast in the middle of YouTube videos. I guess they are intruding and an interruption. I also hate those that I have to delete or skip as they disrupt my view. 

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Q11: Do you share any advertisements with your friends or family?

A 11: Yes, I do sometimes share commercials, blogposts or ads with my family and friends. This is so because they like to know about the latest products in the market and their characteristics. 

Q12: Would you like to work for an advertising agency in future?

A 12: It is something that I am not interested in. I would rather work as a Software Engineer than in an advertising agency.

Q13: What kind of advertisements do you like to watch?

A 13: Well, I am not a regular when it comes to watching advertisements whether on television or online. But the ones I often notice are for clothes or books. Then, the internet gives me choices that I am interested in based on my browsing history.

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Q14: Do you like celebrities or actors in advertisements?

A 14: Well, I actually do not like the concept of celebrities or actors endorsing a product in an advertisement. Everybody knows that an actor or a celebrity is merely endorsing the product for the sake of a large sum of money. It in no way is an indication that the audience will like the product or not.

Q15: What is the purpose of advertising?

A 15: The objective that a business advertises its’ products is that it would like the audience to know about the products’ beneficial features or characteristics. Also, the business would like to gain the clients’ and audience’s trust.

In the end, I would like to mention that the above questions and sample answers to these questions on advertisement IELTS speaking part 1 topic will definitely help students in practicing the topic for IELTS speaking module.


IELTS speaking module has three parts to it. In the Part 1, the examiner asks general and introductory questions on three different topics to the candidate. The questions vary from 9 to 12 in number. The part 2 is Cue Card round or the Long Turn Round where the candidate gets one minute to prepare a topic and then speak on it for about one to two minutes. The Part 3 is then the discussion round where the examiner asks questions based on topic in Part 2 to the candidate.
During the exam, the stop watch is with the examiner only. One good way to know how long the candidate has been speaking is to practice speaking with someone and ask them to record their time. This way they will be able to judge for themselves on how long they’ve have spoken.
The examiner has to follow a strict time schedule in the exam. If the candidate has spoken for say about five to six minutes in Part 1 of the test, the examiner might stop them or interrupt them because she wants to move on to the next part.
Well, wearing a face mask may not affect the candidates IELTS speaking score as long as they are clear enough to be heard. In case the candidate is not audible, they might have to repeat what they have said. 
It really cannot be said that IELTS speaking is the most important module because its’ scores are 25% of all the modules’ scores. Similarly, IELTS Reading, Writing and Listening also constitute 25% each of the total scores. So, it’s really not the most essential module. 

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