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Why take Study Abroad Counselling?

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Studying abroad is a dream of numerous students in India. One of the major challenges that a student faces while planning to study abroad is choosing the right institute and course. After all, a student's career is highly dependent on the field of Study he chooses and the institution he is studying from. A study abroad consultant assists students in the easy or hassle-free application or paperwork processing and helps them learn about their desired course, university, or country. Study abroad consultants usually have partnerships with Colleges and Universities abroad and help students secure admission into their favourite courses. They coordinate with them and answer all their queries related to lifestyle, finance, etc.

They counsel students by identifying their interests, aptitude, and personality to help them choose the most suitable course and college and answer all their queries related to lifestyle, finance, etc. In this blog, you will learn how a study abroad consultant help students make a rewarding career decision and why you should take a study abroad Counselling.

1.Evaluation of profile:

Study Abroad Consultants first understand your profile and help you find programs and universities you are eligible for by analyzing your GPA, scores in international competitive entrance exams, work experience, and other talent assets.

2.Selecting the university:

Study abroad consultants help students find and select a university with worldwide recognition and excellent education. They have partnerships with some prestigious Colleges/Universities abroad to facilitate students to seek admission into their favourite University/College. They inspect the university, their courses, the accreditation, and other facilities, so the students are sure of their choice.

3. Admission Processing:

The Study abroad experts help students fill out their admission forms and prepare financial documents while helping them learn about the various scholarship options they can apply to reduce their tuition fees.

4. Documents:

The expert study abroad consultants know about all the required documents and convey these requirements to students. Not just that, these consultants help students assemble all the documents on time and help them in every step of their journey.

5. Education Loans:

The Study abroad experts have complete information regarding the education loans and help students get loans and financial aid. These consultants help students apply for private loans, approach funding organizations, work with them on their budgets and complete college fee transactions.

6. Statement of Purpose Preparation

SOP tells the admission committee why they should choose you and lets them understand the mindset and aspirations of the applicant who has applied for a study. The Study abroad consultant helps you prepare an excellent, honest, appealing SOP. They understand your career goals and make sure you draft your statement of purpose well enough to get accepted easily.

8. Process after getting accepted

Study abroad consultants not just provide you with pre-departure guidance but also provide you with post-arrival guidance and training. Once the university sends an acceptance letter to the student, the experts provide the assistance needed like accommodation, lifestyle, managing finance, etc.


Canam Consultants'is your trusted Study abroad consultant that provides Study abroad counselling to students through a network of offices across India.

Canam Consultants Ltd, a study abroad consultancy company started in 1996, is certified by the government regulatory bodies of various countries. It includes the American International Recruitment Council (AIRC), Association of Australian Education Representatives in India (AAERI), Indo-Canadian Business Chamber (ICBC), ENZ Recognized Agency (ENZRA), PHD Chamber of Commerce of India (PhD), and British Council certified advisors for UK education. Today, the company is a name among the leading Study abroad consultants in India that helps students explore study options in all the leading Study abroad destinations.

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