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Top MBA Courses to Specialize in Abroad

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MBA (Master of business administration) is a prestigious postgraduate qualification recognized internationally. It is designed to develop the skills required for careers in business and management. It is very useful to build a managerial career in the public, government, or private sector. Today, there are over  2,500 MBA programs offered worldwide. Most MBA programs include a "core" curriculum of subjects, such as accounting, economics, marketing, operations, and elective courses.

If you are looking forward to pursuing an MBA and want to take admission to top business schools, you will have to fulfil some basic requirements. Business schools require that candidates have at least a few years of professional work experience before pursuing an MBA program. You are also required to submit (GMAT) or (GRE) scores, letters of reference, academic transcripts, and an essay or statement of purpose that describes why they want to pursue an MBA. If you are a Non-native English speaker, you will be required to prove English language proficiency skills with TOEFL or IELTS or through previous academic.

Here are the Top MBA Courses to Specialize in:

MBA in Marketing

MBA in Marketing is a two-year course and lets you get a job not only for the executive positions but also for the managerial positions in good companies. To pursue this specialization, you are required to have a Bachelor's degree from a recognized university with at least 50% and entrance exam scores. MBA in Marketing lets you learn about sales, marketing fields, consumer trends, market strategies, executive and leadership management skills, product management and market research in different industries. The degree will help you differentiate the product in today's global market as a student.

MBA in Finance

MBA in Finance is a two-year course and is best for you if you want to pursue a career in the field of Finance and thoroughly understand the financial sector. It will let you learn to analyze company reports, forecast economic trends, take actions to maximize stock value, choose investment portfolios, balance risk and profitability. The eligibility requirements to pursue an MBA in Finance are at least 50% marks in Bachelor's Degree and entrance exam scores. Pursuing it, you will have vast career options to choose from, including investment banker, asset manager, portfolio manager, hedge fund manager, or derivative manager.

MBA in Human Resource

MBA in Human Resource is a two-year course. An MBA specializing in human resources provides you with an opportunity to get a better salary and is preferred by corporations, consulting firms, and other businesses. Human Resource is in charge of acquiring talent and ensuring that the organization has the best staff possible, including professional and competent employees. By pursuing it, you can opt for roles such as Talent Acquisition Director, HR Manager, Consultant, Learning, and Development, Director of HR, Training Coordinator, Recruitment Coordinator.

MBA in Operations Management

The advancements in manufacturing and production technology require businesses to have an improved form of operations management. For this reason, companies highly prefer a candidate with MBA in Operations Management. A student with MBA in Operations Management is chiefly concerned with planning, organizing, and supervising in production, manufacturing, or providing services. The degree can prepare students to handle all these different aspects of a business. Pursuing this 2-year professional degree course, you can get work as Operations Manager, Production Analyst, Production Manager, Industrial Engineer, Time Study Analyst, Inventory Manager, Schedule Coordinator, Distribution Manager, Purchasing Manager, Supply Chain Manager, Quality Analyst, Quality and Plant Manager.

MBA in Consulting

MBA in Consulting combines business-management skills with consulting skills. The course teaches students to refine the strengths required to work in consulting firms, such as business problem solving, communication, corporate strategy skills and analysis of business situations and issues. The consultant provides solutions to problems the company faces in IT, public relations, advertising, operations, and education with thorough research and analysis. As a consultant, you will be working areas in one of these Strategy Consulting, IT/Technology Consulting, Operations Consulting, Engineering Consulting, Career Growth in Consulting, HR Consulting, Marketing & Sales Consulting, Real Estate Consulting etc.

MBA in Information Systems

MBA in Information Systems is a 2 -year course and helps you learn about critical business and management skills, database management, and business application of these principles. This field of study teaches you about important business and computer science elements to help you prepare for an area in several industries. It includes large mega-corporations, private market analyst positions, and other jobs.

MBA in International Business

MBA in International Business Abroad program is a one year (full-time) or two years (part-time) for international students. The course work equips the students with adaptability towards the changing trends of the global marketplace. It helps them develop a global perspective to succeed in business and see how globalization has brought about an increasing 'connectedness' of businesses, markets, people and information across countries. Pursuing the course, one can work abroad, have better networking opportunities, and earn higher salaries.

MBA in Entrepreneurship

MBA in Entrepreneurship is a 2-year course, but you can also complete it in 1-year. It lets students develop the necessary skills required to launch a business and help them learn how to be agile, quick thinker, identify problems, and find solutions. It gives you core management skills and teaches you how to drive innovation while working on a company or starting your own business.

These are the top MBA Courses to Specialize in. We hope that the blog helped you gain critical knowledge about the courses mentioned. For more information, you can also contact our expert consultants at CANAM who love to solve the queries of our students and guides them in fulfilling their dream of studying in various countries like Study in Canada, Study in USA, Study in Newzealand, Study in Australia, Study in UK, and many others.

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