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Why are Indian Students seeking Education Abroad?

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  • Indian students seek access to international universities with renowned faculty and leading programs.
  • Studying abroad encourages students to interact with people from different cultures and keep a broad world view.
  • Overseas education equips students with recognized qualifications to get better job opportunities.
  • Grow holistically in a safe environment that promotes a vibrant lifestyle with quality healthcare.

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From 50,000 in 1999 to over a million in 2024, the number of Indian students seeking education abroad has skyrocketed. This shift reflects a world with blurred borders, where global connectivity motivates students to pursue their educational dreams far beyond their homeland.

But the question remains – why are so many Indian students drawn to popular destinations like the US, UK, Canada, and Australia?

There are many factors that could influence a student’s decision to study abroad. Let's explore them ahead. 

Why are Indian Students going Global?

Indian students have shown a growing appetite for specialized academic opportunities beyond borders. They seek an exposure to diverse cultures, an access to institutions that offer world-class education with programs that will boost their resume. They are not just choosing abroad studies to obtain a degree, but to develop holistically with cross-culture exposure. It is not confined to a specific field of study but spans across disciplines, from medical and technology to humanities, and business. Read ahead to understand what drives Indian students to pursue their education abroad:

Quality EducationStudents look for a range of courses when choosing to study abroad. This includes programs in emerging fields like artificial intelligence (Bachelor of Computer Science in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning from Carleton University and sustainable energy (Masters of Science in Sustainable Energy and Environment from Cardiff University , along with cutting edge research facilities. Students are drawn to learn from renowned faculty who have industry experience. They want to benefit from innovative teaching methodologies and smaller class sizes to receive personalized attention. 
Global Exposure & Cultural EnvironmentStudying in international universities provides Indian students a unique opportunity to interact with their counterparts from over 100 countries. This broadens their world view on social issues, political systems, and cultural traditions that differ from their home country.  A study conducted by the Institute of International Education found that more that 80% of Indian students in international study destinations such as Canada, USA, UK, or Australia reported a significant increase in their understanding of global issues. It helped them cultivate empathy and improve their intercultural communication skills.
Career AdvancementStudents who earn their degrees from prestigious universities receive global recognition. International qualifications are a hallmark of a successful career with higher return on investment. Post-Graduation Work Permits assist Indian students gain valuable work experience in their fields. Gaining practical experience helps Indian students in these countries establish strong professional ties. 
Financial Aid Options & Resources for Managing Study Abroad CostsReadily available financial aid options are instrumental in helping Indian students with their studies abroad.  If planning to pursue undergraduate studies, there are many top undergraduate scholarships that can assist them in planning their finances better. If they want to know how they can avail the best scholarships to study abroad , connecting with the experts will be helpful. 
Quality of LivingPopular study abroad destinations offer a high quality of life that attracts many Indian students. These countries offer a comfortable and vibrant lifestyle that is conducive to learning. Easy access to healthcare, safe neighbour hoods and recreational activities provides a holistic experience. It encourages them to thrive in their studies but also prepare for a successful career in today’s globalized world.

Country Specific Insights

USAStudies reveal that USA leads the world in research and development. The country encourages an atmosphere of innovation and discovery to help students be at the forefront of their fields. Post-graduation work permits like Optional Practical Training (OPT) and H-1B visas help Indian students gain valuable work experience and establish long-term careers in the country. 
CanadaWith a multicultural society, Canada welcomes Indian students with open arms. Its globally-ranked universities offer students a sense of security and a higher quality of education. Its Post-Graduation Work Permit allows them to gain Canadian work experience paving way for permanent residency. With more than a 200% growth in the last decade, studying in Canada  is an opportunity of a lifetime for Indian students seeking to study abroad.
AustraliaWith a strong focus on practical skills and employability, Australian universities emphasize hands-on learning experiences, internships, and industry collaborations. Working at par with the Australian workforce ensures that students from India are job-ready upon graduation to make an impact in their chosen field. Post study work opportunities offered by the Temporary Graduate Visa (sub class 485 attracts Indian students who are planning to gain international skills and build a career.
UKHaving a strong historical connection with the country, Indian students can experience a familiar cultural environment. It helps them ease the cultural adjustment and focus solely on their academic goals. Its 1 year master’s programs  offer Indian students a quicker path to an internationally recognized degree.  These degrees help students enter the British workforce sooner and gain a significant financial advantage. 


Indian students choosing from popular study abroad destinations signify a generation driven by ambition and a thirst for well-rounded experience. Indian students have the opportunity to choose from specialized programs, immerse in diverse cultures, and gain globally recognized qualifications. This helps them not just acquire knowledge but also shape themselves into future leaders. Studying abroad is a student’s commitment to personal and professional development in today’s globalized world. 

So, are you ready to take the plunge? Connect with the expert study abroad consultants at Canam to get a personalized feedback of your profile. 


Although being an enriching experience, studying abroad can be challenging for many international students. Homesickness and difficulty in adapting to a new culture as they adapt to a new environment, language, and social norms are some major challenges that students might face. They may also find it challenging to adapt academically for most colleges and universities would have a different teaching style, increased academic pressure, and language requirements.
The popular study abroad destinations allow international students to work part-time while studying. They can work full-time during their semester breaks. 

It is important for the student to research the culture of their chosen study abroad destination. They can get in touch with fellow international students on social media platforms. They must always be open for new experiences. 

In the application essay, students must highlight their academic achievements and relevant skills. They must explain why they are motivated to study abroad. Their application essay must also demonstrate their research about the university and program they are applying to. 

Students must look for programs that cater to their academic goals and career aspirations. They must prepare a budget and consider which country fits it. They must get in touch with study abroad consultants to streamline the process of researching scholarships, keeping track of various applications, etc.

Universities in top study abroad destinations are renowned for their strong academics. These offer a wide range of programs and expose students to advanced research and innovative teaching benefits. Students have the opportunity to interact with people from different cultural backgrounds and enjoy a high quality of life with good healthcare and a vibrant lifestyle. These help create a supportive learning environment for international students.
Each college or university in popular study abroad destinations have specific requirements. Students must collect their transcripts, standardized test scores, statement of purpose, and letter of recommendations. For further information, students can get in touch with the expert counsellors at Canam.

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