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Differences Between Studying in UK vs USA

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Study in UK or USA is a question many students face as there are several differences between studying in both the countries. Students must understand this difference before applying to one of the countries. Read this blog to know about the difference between studying in UK vs USA based on parameters like universities, popular courses, eligibility for courses, student visa, post study requirements.

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Students always came across this question that UK or USA which is better for education as both the countries offer unique opportunities to students. This blog sheds light on the different offering of both the countries and goes in depth as how they differ. 

Read this blog to explore the differences between studying in UK vs USA based on parameters like top universities, popular courses, eligibility for courses, student visa, post study requirements. After reading the blog students can decide in which country they want to study. 

USA vs UK: Top Universities

Below are the top Universities that are located in both USA & UK 

Top Universities in the USA

Below are the Top universities located in the USA for international students: 

The University of Alabama
Auburn University at Montogomery
Northern Arizona University
Concordia University Wisconsin
The Catholic University of America
Governors State University
• Northwood University
QS Mercer University
Golden Gate University
Troy University

Top Universities in the UK

Below are the Top universities located in the UK for international students:

Heriot-Watt University
Keele University
Middlesex University
University of Aberdeen
University of Bedfordshire
University of Bolton
University of Hertfordshire
University of Strathclyde
University of Wolverhampton
Robert Gordon University

USA vs UK: Popular Courses

USA and UK universities are known for their popular programs which cater to the academic interests and career aspirations of international students. Here is a list of some popular courses provided by both USA and UK.

Popular Courses in USPopular Courses in UK
Computer Science and I.T.Business and Finance
Business and ManagementLaw
Healthcare and MedicineSocial Sciences
Data Science and AnalyticsCreative Arts and Design
Finance and EconomicsMedicine and Life Sciences
Artificial Intelligence and Machine LearningInternational Relations and Politics
CybersecurityEnvironmental Science and Sustainability

USA vs UK: Eligibility for Courses

Eligibility criteria can vary depending upon the university, program, specialization etc. Following are the general eligibility criteria for both countries.

Eligibility for Courses in USA

Below is the eligibility criteria to study various courses in the USA:

Eligibility for courses in USA.webp

Academic QualificationTo pursue undergraduate programs, students must complete high secondary education with minimum CGPA as required by the university. For graduate courses, students must complete a bachelor’s degree. 
Standard TestsMany US universities require entrance exams to accept international students such as GMAT or GRE. Some other universities may also require the TOEFL or IELTS score of students. 
Letters of RecommendationLOR or Letter of Recommendation are an important part of application while applying for programs at US universities. 
Statement of Purpose Students may also be asked to submit Statement of Purpose or SOP for some programs by universities.
Financial DocumentsInternational students may also require to show that they have sufficient funds to cover the expenses while living in USA.
Visa RequirementsOnce accepted by the US universities international students must apply for an appropriate student visa to study in USA

Eligibility for Courses in UK

Below is the eligibility criteria to study various courses in the UK:

Academic QualificationsTo pursue undergraduate programs in UK students are required to complete secondary qualification with equivalent to UK A-levels. Students must have completed a bachelor’s degree postgraduate programs.
English Language ProficiencyMany UK universities require students to provide English proficiency scores such as IELTS, PTE or TOEFL.
Personal StatementStudents will be required to submit a personal statement which can tell about their academic and career goals. 
Visa RequirementsInternational students must apply for a Tier 4(General) student visa to study in UK
InterviewsFor some courses such as medicine universities may conduct interviews as part of their selection process. 

USA vs UK for Indian students: Student visa

Below are the types of study visas that are offered to international students (Indian students) by both USA & UK:

Student visa for USA

There are three types of US visa for international students who want to study in USA.

F-1 VisaF-1 visa is a non-immigrant visa issued to international students who want to pursue academic programs in US. The visa is designed for full time students who want to enrol in universities
J-1 VisaJ-1 visa is another non-immigrant visa issued to individuals who wish to participate in cultural exchange programs. It is issued to individuals participating in internship and training programs, research scholar programs
M-1 VisaThe M-1 visa is a non-immigrant visa issued to individuals who wish to pursue vocational or technical training in the US. It is designed for international students who want to enrol in vocational programs, such as vocational schools, technical schools, and community colleges

Student visa for UK

UK offers two types of student visas to international students who want to study in UK.

Tier 4 (General) Student VisaTier 4 (General) Student Visa is a primary visa for students who want to come to UK for higher education. With the help of this visa students can study full time and work part time during term-time.
Tier 4 (Child) Student VisaTier 4 (Child) Student Visa is for children aged between 4 to 17 and wish to study at independent schools in the UK. A Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) is required for this visa. 

UK vs USA for Indian Students: Post-study requirements

Following are the different requirements for Indian students after completing their studies in UK and USA.

USA post-study requirements

Optical Practical Training (OPT)After completing their degree Indian students can apply for Optional Practical Training (OPT) which allows students to work in their field of study for up to 12 months. Students are required for OPT before graduation.
H-1B visaH-1B visa is a non-immigrant visa for skilled workers providing long term employment opportunities in the USA. 
Green Card (Permanent Residency)Green card (Permanent Residency) allows you to live and work permanently in the United States. If green card holder stays longer in USA they may even receive social security benefits.

UK post-study requirements

Post-study work visa (Graduate Route)After the introduction of Graduate Route in 2021 Indian students can stay in UK  for up to two years after completing a degree at UK University. This provides post study work opportunity to students. 
Tier 2 (General skilled worker) visaStudents can get a Tier 2 (General Skilled Worker) visa after securing a job offer and meeting the eligibility criteria. This route leads to long-term work in UK.
Entrepreneur or investor visasTier 1 (Entrepreneur) or Tier 1 (Investor) visa is for those who want to start their businesses in UK.


Both US and UK are the 2 most popular study destination for international students which offers unique opportunities to study and work. After reading this blog, students can decide which is better: US or UK. Both the countries offer visa which allows students to work there after completing their studies and both are home to renowned universities of the world. Either students want to study in UK or USA their career is definitely going to skyrocket. Still to choose the perfect study abroad destination students need to consider various other criteria for which they can take assistance of experts at Canam


UK provides 2 types of visa which are Tier 4 (General) Student Visa and Tier 4 (Child) Student Visa.
USA provides 3 types of visa which are F-1 Visa, J-1 Visa and M-1 Visa.
The US post-study requirements are Optional practical training (OPT), H-1B visa and Green Card (Permanent Residency).
The popular courses in USA are Computer Science and I.T., Business and Management, Engineering and Healthcare and Medicine.
The popular courses in UK are Business and Finance, Law, Engineering and Social Sciences.

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