IELTS Speaking Part 1: Shopping

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IELTS Speaking Part 1 is an important section of an IELTS Test where test-takers are asked various questions about a specific topic, and they have to give a short answer, considering what they think about that particular topic. In this blog,  we have explained all about IELTS Speaking Part 1 topic "Shopping" along with all the questions, answers and vocabulary associated with it.  

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IELTS is considered one of the most highly regarded language proficiency exams for studying abroad. It has four modules that test the English language proficiency of test takers in all aspects of a language: reading, listening, writing, and speaking. When it comes to the speaking module, IELTS Speaking Part 1 is important. In this part, students are asked questions about a particular topic, and they have to give a short answer, considering what they think about that particular topic.

Shopping is one of the most common topics when it comes to IELTS Part 1. In IELTS speaking part 1 shopping, test takers are asked questions about their shopping habits, which is why they require good preparation.

IELTS Speaking Part 1 Shopping has its importance in an IELTS test as it helps the examiner assess the test taker's spoken English, which further translates into their overall score on the test. Below are the few questions and answers associated with Shopping Speaking Part 1 that can help test takers not only prepare for this part of an IELTS test but also excel in it with clarity and confidence.

IELTS Speaking, Part 1: Shopping Questions and Answers

Below are the most frequently asked questions and answers that can help a test taker prepare for the IELTS speaking part 1 shopping:

1. Do you enjoy shopping, and why?

Yeah, I enjoy shopping a lot, as it helps me explore and buy new stuff for myself.

2. How often do you go shopping?

Well, my shopping habits vary depending on what I need. That is why, for groceries, I usually go about once or twice a week, and for clothes and other stuff, maybe a few times a year.

3. Do you compare prices when you shop?

It helps me find a good deal and get the best value for my money.

4. What's your favourite shop?

My favourite shop is called 'Victoria Book Shop' and it's located near my house. I love that shop because it not only has a great collection of vintage novels but also rare first editions that are not available elsewhere. Other than that, the staff of that shop is highly knowledgeable about books, which helps me get the best recommendations on which books I should read according to my taste.

5. Do you like shopping on the Internet?

Yes, I love shopping online, as it helps me explore a wide range of products at an affordable price with free home delivery and a 15-day return period.

6. Have you ever bought anything online?

Yes, a few months ago, I bought an Android phone online from a very popular website, "Amazon." The product is amazing and has a one-year warranty. All in all, the experience of shopping online was great.

7. What are the benefits of shopping with friends?

Well, shopping with friends is beneficial as they give honest opinions and feedback when I am trying on clothes or considering a new gadget. They suggest if something looks good on me or is worth the price.

8. Is it difficult for you to make a choice when you shop?

Yes, sometimes, but it depends on what I want to buy. If I am buying groceries, it's easy when compared with electronic gadgets or clothes. Most of the time, when I see a lot of product options, I get overwhelmed, and it becomes difficult for me to decide which one to consider.

9. Do you prefer shopping alone or with friends?

Well, it highly depends on what I want to buy. If I am buying something for which I need my friends' advice, then I enjoy going with friends. Especially when it comes to buying clothes or any gadget, it's important to get opinions and advice.

10. What kinds of products do you enjoy shopping for?

I love shopping for comfortable activewear that motivates me to exercise daily and feel confident. Besides that, I also love buying vintage clothes, as they help me express my creativity and show my personality.

11. Is shopping a popular activity in your country?

Yes, shopping is a very popular activity in India due to malls, online shopping websites, and traditional markets offering consumers a wide range of goods. While not everyone loves to shop frequently, many people love shopping for self-expression, leisure, or finding practical necessities. In India, weekend mall visits are common, and with the introduction of online shopping websites, online shopping has become more popular than ever, especially among the youth. However, there are also regions and communities where traditional markets or local shops hold more cultural significance. Ultimately, the popularity of shopping varies across demographics and preferences, but it's undeniable that it plays a significant role in India's economy.

12. Is shopping a leisure activity?

Yes, shopping can be seen as both a necessity and a leisure activity. For example, browsing for new clothes, discovering unique items in vintage stores, or finding great deals can be fun and rewarding experiences.

IELTS Speaking Part 1 Shopping: Vocabulary

Below is the vocabulary associated with IELTS Speaking Part 1 shopping:

ShopliftingShoplifting is simply taking some goods from a shop without paying them anything.
CustomerThe customer can be referred to as the person who buys a product or service from a business or a shop.
ShopaholicA person who loves doing shopping.
RetailerRetailers are the people or businesses who sell their products or services to individual (single) customers.
CompetentCompetent is having the necessary ability.
AbandonedWhen something is left or deserted
ChunkyA thing that is bulky or thick
Independent storessmall shops or stores that are not owned by big companies.
Status symbolA product people buy, thinking people will admire them for owning it.
EleganceIt is a quality that helps people be both stylish and graceful in appearance.
Souvenirsa quality or a thing that people keep as a person's reminder
PeriodicallyIt can refer to something happening occasionally or from time to time.

This section of an IELTS exam is known for improving a test taker's communication skills and increasing their fluency in the language. Therefore, its preparation needs to be done correctly with a positive attitude so that test takers can easily succeed in "Shopping Speaking Part 1" of an IELTS exam. If test takers want to prepare for the IELTS exam and want to achieve their desired band score, they can choose Canamprep, as we have a highly qualified team of experienced tutors and language proficiency experts that can help students prepare for the test in the shortest possible time and achieve the band score they want in the test.


Shopping is important because it helps people purchase items like food, clothing, electronics, music, and others that fulfil their needs and help them maintain a basic living standard or pleasure.
It is an activity where a person searches for all the available goods and services provided by multiple retailers, having the potential intent to buy the one they find suitable according to their needs.
Shopping influences people to make decisions that give them a sense of personal control and ease the feelings associated with sadness.
When a person physically goes to any shop or business to buy something, it is called offline shopping.
When a person visits an online store or a website and buys something after browsing all the available options, that is called online shopping.

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