IELTS Score for Study Abroad Universities

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The International English Language Testing System commonly known as IELTS is a very reliable measure of your proficiency in the language. It has become widely accepted by English language colleges and universities to gauge your ability to receive instruction in that language.

IELTS Score for Study Abroad Universities

The International English Language Testing System commonly known as IELTS is a very reliable measure of your proficiency in the language. It has become widely accepted by English language colleges and universities to gauge your ability to receive instruction in that language. Your communication skills in all its four aspects of Writing, Reading, Listening and Speaking are separately assessed on a scale of 0 to 9 bands as well as an Overall score calculated on the average. Now, if you need to know which educational institutions you are eligible for on the basis of your IELTS scores we have compiled the requirements of the most sought-after destinations that can lead you to a bright future. 

United Kingdom (UK)

The United Kingdom is associated with Oxford and its rival Cambridge that are two of the earliest and most reputed universities in the world. They are matched in every way by the excellence of London and Edinburgh. The select list given features those ranked among the best 75 in the world on the performance indicators such as teaching, research, citation, facilities and placement. You can’t go wrong if you are headed this way. 

University of oxford7.0
University of Cambridge7.5
London school of economics7.0
University college london6.5
Imperial college london6.5
University of edinburgh6.5
University of  Manchester6.0
University of birmingham6.0
University of bristol6.5
University of  Glasgow6.5

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Canada is known for its liberal outlook and encourages international students. You will experience a very open culture and a very secure life. Its education standard will literally take you places if you want more work opportunities. 10% of Canadian universities rank in the world’s top two hundred. It is also easy to change your program of study if you want to try something different. You are also permitted to find work off-campus while you study to help you get by.

University of toronto6.5
University of british columbia6.5
Mcgill university6.5
University of Alberta6.5
University of Calgary6.5
Simon fraser University6.5
Mcmaster University6.5
University of ottawa6.5
University of manitoba6.5
York University6.5

The United States of America (USA)

This is the most developed country in the world and for good reason. The best learning takes place here. Seven of the top ten rankings in the world are on the list given. You can choose to study in California or right across the continent in the New England states. After your study you can build your future in the land of opportunity. Look up these universities for your desired course in Law, Business, Medicine or Computer Science and get ahead of the competition. 

U.C Berkeley7.0
Cornell University7.0
John hopkins University7.0
University of Chicago7.0
Carnegie mellon University7.5
U.C Los Angeles 7.0

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If you choose to go Down Under you have another English speaking country that has become a magnet for international students. It rivals the best in academic excellence and is a very popular destination to stay and settle in. Look into its best universities for a course that is suited to your needs. The English language requirements are given to help you on your way. 

University of Melbourne7.0
University of Sydney6.5
University of Queensland6.5
University of new south wales6.5
University of western australia6.5
Monash University6.5
University of Adelaide6.5

New Zealand

Another popular destination is this very hospitable country comprising two large islands. All its universities are in the top 3% of the world rankings so you are heading to the right place. In some instances the IELTS minimum requirement is the same in each component as well as overall while in others the minimum individual score is 5.5 band. It’s a great place to build your career and a meaningful life. 

University of Auckland6.0
University of Otago6.0
Victoria University6.0
University of Canterbury6.0
University of Waikato6.0
Massey University 6.0
Lincoln University6.0
Auckland Institute of technology6.0



They have their own language of course, yet there are many universities offering higher education programs in English. Heidelberg is the earliest one in this land and has been functioning since 1386. Some of the German universities may have upto 30% of their students from abroad. You will find a course of study delivered in English in any subject you choose and you can go on to post-graduate courses as well.

Heidelberg University6.5
Technical University of Munich6.5
Humboldt University6.5
University of Cologne6.0
University of Bonn5.5
University of Gottingen6.5

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The International English Language Testing System, also known as IELTS, is a very accurate indicator of your language skills.
IE:TS is taken to determine how well you will learn the language. Your communication abilities are evaluated independently on a scale from 0 to 9 bands for each of its four components: writing, reading, listening, and speaking. An average score is also produced for your overall performance.
Yes, this test is quite acceptable almost in all the developed nations of the world.
Well, there are number of universities in the list worldwide but the popular ones are USA, Canada, UK, Germany and Newzealand .
There are mainly four modules as reading, writing, listening and speaking.

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