IELTS Pie Chart 2022 - Topics, Model Answers, Tips and Vocabulary

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There will be a picture or diagram in IELTS Writing Task 1 of the Academic portion on which you must compose a report. Pie charts could be one of these visual representations. The examples, explanations, helpful tips, vocabulary, and answer-framing strategies are provided below.

IELTS Pie Chart 2022 - Topics, Model Answers, Tips and Vocabulary

IELTS pie charts are circular diagrams with parts or pie slices, which typically display percentages. The percentage of data that each pie-shaped segment represents is displayed. All of the pieces come together to make a circle.

Pie charts are more frequently utilized in business and multimedia than they are in scientific and technical publications.

IELTS Pie Chart Topics

method of transportation

The chart shows the main methods of transportation for people traveling to a university for work or study in 2004 and 2009. Summarize the information by selecting and reporting the main features and make comparisons wherever relevant.

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Model Answer

The pie charts show the percentage of people who commuted to a university in 2004 and 2009 for job and study purposes using five distinct means of transportation.

The pie charts show that, between 2004 and 2009, fewer people commuted by automobile, while the proportion of commuters using other modes of transportation increased.

In 2004, more than half of people (51%) traveled by vehicle, followed by buses (33%). It is clear that just 9% of people rode bicycles to go to school, which was around three times the percentage of train commuters. 4% of the population, however, preferred to walk to the institution.

Since a new bus stop was installed at the institution in 2006, the percentage of travelers who go by bus has increased dramatically by 13%. Additionally, changes were made to the university's parking lot in 2008, which caused the percentage of automobile travelers to drop to 28%.

On the other hand, the share of bikers increased significantly by 7%, while that of train passengers and pedestrians increased to 4 and 6%, respectively.

propotion of different cottagery of family living in poverty in ukThe pie chart below shows the proportion of different categories of families living in poverty in UK in 2002.

Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant.

avarage consuption of food

The pie charts show the average consumption of food in the world in 2008 compared to two countries; China and India.

Write a report to a university lecturer describing the data.

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How to interpret IELTS Pie Charts?

job Classification

Using the pie chart from IELTS task 1, we may respond to the following queries:

What percentage of jobs is the largest?


What percentage of occupations is the smallest?


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Writing an IELTS Pie Chart Answer

To achieve the highest band possible, you must keep in mind the following steps when writing a pie chart description:

Writing the Introduction

A pie chart description must always start with an introduction. Two sentences would do, to sum up this. Additionally, you must paraphrase the details provided in the question when writing your introduction. There would be a requirement for two pointers. The first would be the specific information that the chart is displaying, and the second would be the time span.

Penning down the overview

The overall, fundamental overview of the pie chart will be covered in the second paragraph. You would need to pick out a few key characteristics from the provided chart and explain them. You can start by writing down the rationale for the pie chart's smallest or largest areas. Second, you can identify the ones that remained the same over time. Make sure to highlight the important chart changes.

Writing certain details

You must include detailed details in the final paragraph. If you choose, you can divide them into two or three paragraphs. While doing so, you might decide to write one paragraph about the areas that experienced growth and a second paragraph about elements that either didn't alter or went up/down.

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Tips for writing an IELTS Pie Chart Answer

  • To understand the essential features included in the chart and have a concept of how to write the explanation for the same, you must carefully study the heading and the data labels.
  • You must use the chart you will be explaining as a guide when writing the introduction.
  • You can compare the two pie charts in the sentences that come after. It could be either similarities or differences.
  • You must use the right terminology while discussing a pie chart. Use terms like "related to," "linked to," and other similar expressions when relating information, for instance.
  • The largest portion of the pie chart will typically be the most significant. If you don't have much time and the word count is already over 150 words, you can skip the sections marked "other."
  • You can describe proportions and percentages using a variety of words.
  • Don't discuss anything that isn't represented by the data in the pie chart. There must be no variations from the provided data.
  • You must carefully study the question to determine the tense in which it is written. The same tense should be used in your response as well. The chart provided is often in the past tense. So it follows that you should give your explanation in the past tense.

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IELTS Pie Chart Answer Vocabulary

The Academic module's writing job 1 has a specific vocabulary for the pie chart. Pie chart descriptions for IELTS must be written appropriately. Here are some examples of words.

Use the terminology listed below to describe fractions:

  • 73%, or just over three quarters
  • Just over half, or 51%
  • 49%, or somewhat about 50%

Use the following words to describe growth/decline:

Noun phrase + verb + adverb

E.g. The price of tomatoes fell sharply.

There + be + noun + in + noun phrase

E.g. There has been a sharp decrease in the price of leather goods.

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Few tips to answer pie chart questions in IELTS:

•  You need to highlight the biggest and smallest proportions.
•  You need to highlight the key trends and changes if there are two pie charts in different time periods in the question. 
•  You need to use pie chart language like accounts for, comprises of and represents.
A pie chart answer in IELTS can be written in the following steps:

Analyse the question first.
Identify the main features in the question.
Write an introduction.
Write an overview.
Write content in form of detailed paragraphs. 

Use following strategy to write pie chart in IELTS:

In the first step, understand how test is marked. Knowing what the marking criteria is will help you understand what is the examiner looking for exactly.
Rephrase the question in the introductory question.
Next, write an overview.
Then, support the main features with data or information from pie chart.
Finally, proofread your writing.

For any two pie charts that are related and are in a different time frame, while writing report on these we use language of proportion, comparison and change.

•  Language of Proportion: This is used to describe percentages.
•  Language of Comparison: This is used to describe the biggest and the smallest proportion.
•  Language of Change: This is used to describe what changes over time.
The key language used to describe pie charts is that of proportions and percentages. Some common phrases that can be used are “the percentage of” and “the proportion of”…….While other phrases can be a large number, a small minority, less than a fourth etc. 

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