IELTS Map Task 1 Vocabulary

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Many students don’t know what IELTS task 1 map vocabulary contains. Read this blog to know more about the words and phrases one can use in the Task 1 Map question.

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One of the topics that one needs to work on is task 1 map vocabulary. Read the blog to learn more about how one should attempt the question accurately and what are some common words and phrases students can use to answer the question.

What is IELTS Map Task 1?

The IELTS writing section contains 2 tasks i.e. Task 1 and Task 2. Task 1 provides visual information like a graph, table, or chart. One of those visual information is a Map. The answer should be in 150 words and the time limit for it is 20 minutes. There could be 3 types of map questions. The first one could be to explain a map in the present day. The second could be to explain the same map in the present and future. The third one can be to explain the same map in the past and present.

How to attempt IELTS Map Task 1?

There are 4 steps to attempt IELTS Map Task 1 as follows:

  • Introduction: Paraphrase the question in your own language
  • Overview: Write the major changes that happened over time
  • Body Paragraph 1: Give a detailed description of the map
  • Body Paragraph 2: Give a detailed description of the map

IELTS Map Task 1 vocabulary

Let’s learn about the different words and phrases a student can use in IELTS Map Task 1.

Terms related to Position
There are 4 compass directions: east, west, north and south. Now there are some intercardinal directions as well: northeast, southwest, southeast and northwest.

Verbs describing Map

Build: 5 new schools were built in the last 2 months.
Construct: A new hospital was constructed in the corner of the city.
Extend: The main market of the town was extended by 50 meters.
Expand: The school was expanded to accommodate 100 more students.
Remove: The worker removed the letter box near the shopping area.

Terms related to Area
Some nouns are used like width, length, height and depth and adjectives like high, long, deep and wide for area and size.
The width of the parking area is more than 150 meters.
The depth of the swimming pool is less than 5 meters.
The height of the office is more than 500 meters.

Terms related to city
Roundabout: An intersection between 2 parts of a city.
Grid Plan: The map of a city made with grid lines.
Roadside: The side of the road. There are 4 shops at the roadside.

Introduction of the Map

  • Shows
    This map clearly shows that the storm is going to the northeast part of the city.
  • According to
    The hospital is constructed last week according to the map.
  • Provides details of
    The map provides details of the construction of the school.
  • Gives information about
    The map gives information about the new school opened in the city.
  • Illustrates
    The map is illustrated with black and white colour.
  • Demonstrates
    The accident-prone areas are demonstrated in the map, by the grey colour.


  • Go Up
    I go up to the 2nd floor whenever I wanted to see my grandfather.
  • Increase
    Harish had to eventually increase the speed of the car.
  • Peak
    Sales have reached its peak during the summer.
  • Jump
    One has to jump over the fence to enter the park.
  • Rise
    The level of water is rising in the southern part of the city.
  • Come Down
    He’ll come down in 15 minutes.


  • Estimated
    It is estimated that the syllabus will be covered in 1 month.
  • Gradually
    The sales decreased gradually since January.
  • Rapidly
    The mango trees grow rapidly.
  • Further
    He needs a further degree to pursue this job.
  • Makeup
    The CEO has to make up for the loss.
  • Per week
    The graph shows the humidity per week.

Map Location

  • Situated
    The park is situated near the house.
  • Located.
    Finally, he located my office.
  • Northeast
    J&K is in the northeast of India.
  • Southeast
    The table should be in the southeast corner of the dining room.
  • East
    The tsunami is going to the east.
  • West
    Rajasthan is in the west of Uttar Pradesh.
  • South
    Kerala is in the south of India.


  • Was reported
    The crime was reported yesterday.
  • On the other hand
    It seems like a great dam, on the other hand, it’s going to displace a lot of residents living there.
  • To summarize
    The topper of the class was asked to summarize the whole chapter.
  • Was noted
    It was noted that the sales were increased by 25% in Chhattisgarh.
  • Overall
    Overall the economy is working just fine.
  • In total
    She is living her life in total darkness.

The writing section is not difficult if one knows about the task map 1 vocabulary. The only way to do this is by practicing the previous years map questions. If still confused, talk with Canamprep now to get more clarity on this topic.


No maps are not common but the student can be given 2 maps and need to explain them in his own words.
The student should use the present simple tense.
One should try to write in 150 words and give all the information he understands from the map.
One can read the map easily by watching the compass provided on the map.
The map which comes in task 1 map IELTS question is navigation charts, topographic maps, thematic etc.

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