IELTS listening map vocabulary

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Map is one of the most common questions in the IELTS Listening section. Read the blog to learn more about the speaker's words and phrases in the IELTS Listening Map Question.

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One of the questions in the IELTS Listening section is the map question. One needs to know IELTS listening map vocabulary to attempt the map question. Read the blog to learn more about how to answer the IELTS Listening Map question, how to practice it and the words and phrases that are used in the IELTS Listening Map question.

IELTS Listening Map Tips

As it is a listening task, the candidate had to use his listening skills well. Following are some tips one can use to attempt IELTS Listening Map Question:

  • Instructions are important
    Instructions are essential for any questions, making individuals understand what they need to do. One should read the instructions carefully to know how many words must be in the answer.

  • Prediction
    One has limited time to attempt the map task, so it must be appropriately utilized. An individual should try to predict the labels according to their location on the map.

  • Jump into Map
    The individual can imagine himself on the map and guess from where a person will start and what places can be in the right, left, behind and front of him.
  • Avoid Distractions
    Sometimes the candidate gets the answer, but the speaker will try to distract by using some words. The candidate must focus on words such as but, sorry, no, etc.

  • Transferring answers
    The candidate is provided with extra time to write the answers. The candidate must use the correct spelling, locations and directions during that time.

  • Use synonyms
    After getting the answer in the audio, one doesn't need to use the exact language. He can use different words having the same meaning. Hence he must learn multiple synonyms for different words.

Problems during Listening Map Task 1

  • Not aware of language: The widespread problem many candidates face is that they are unaware of the words and phrases used to describe directions and locations.
  • Overloading Information: When listening to the audio, the candidate needs to listen to too much information and write short notes to understand the locations and directions.
  • Spelling Mistakes: One can also go wrong in spelling some words as one has to write too much in a short time

IELTS Listening Map Vocabulary

There are some common words and phrases one can use in the IELTS Listening Map Task:

Terms used in map question

  • North/east/west/south
  • In the centre of/in the middle of
  • Below/above
  • Outside/inside
  • Junction
  • Leads off
  • Dead end
  • Right-hand side/left-hand side
  • A little beyond
  • Before you get to
  • Just past
  • Northeast
  • Northwest
  • Southeast
  • Southwest
  • Runs Alongside
  • Enter via
  • Next by/next to
  • Alongside
  • To your right
  • Northside
  • Southside
  • Eastside
  • Westside
  • Turn right
  • Along
  • Corner
  • Beyond
  • Go straight
  • Adjoining
  • Behind
  • Between

Phrases used in map question

The classroom is in front of the kitchen.
The dining room is facing the bedroom.
The stadium is in the middle of/in the centre of the college campus.
The classroom is behind the stadium.
The restroom is between the gym and reception.
The seating area is next to/by the gym.
As you enter the college campus, the admission department is on the right-hand side.
To the left-hand side of the school, there is a water cooler.
Pass through the entrance, turn left, and the classroom is in front of you.
There is an open area just beyond the stadium.
Go straight to the conference room beside the canteen and to your left you'll see two gyms.
The shopping plaza immediately to the south and north of the hospital is near the school.
The park is just beyond the first row of houses heading east.
The garden is just southwest of the high school.
The theatre is slightly west of the primary school.
There is a post office on the east side of the college.
The garden is opposite a departmental store.
There is going to build a new school across the road from the hospital at point F.
The library is on the same side of the road as the school.

The listening section is one of the most essential parts of the IELTS exam. To succeed in the map question, practice the IELTS listening map vocabulary. One can listen to the common words and phrases used by speakers. If you still need clarification about the listening map question, talk with Canamprep and resolve all your queries.


Notice the title, predict the words and take notes while listening to audio.
Read instructions carefully, notice directions and avoid distractions.
Maps are the most common question asked in IELTS listening.
A helpful tip for an IELTS listening test is to read all questions thoroughly.
One can retake any section of IELTS, whether it's reading, speaking, writing or listening.

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