IELTS Cue Card Sample 559 - Describe your favourite dress

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• Practice for the third part of the IELTS speaking exam, the discussion round, with a cue card.

• You will get a topic with associated follow-up questions that you have to speak on. One minute will be given to prepare for the "Describe your favourite dress" question, and roughly two minutes to speak. 

• Try answering the questions in at least four lines.

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IELTS is one of the most popular English language proficiency exams worldwide. It assesses a student's language proficiency via four major modules: reading, Listening, Speaking, and Writing. The IELTS speaking module holds its own importance out of these four modules as it evaluates the candidate's language proficiency in speaking the English language. The IELTS speaking module comprises introductory questions, IELTS cue cards, and follow-up questions, and students must prepare for it to excel in this particular module.

Introductory QuestionsIntroductory questions usually include the candidate's daily life and touch on similar topics such as hometown, friends, hobbies, family, etc.
CUE CardIn this part, the examinee will get a topic, and they have to give a monologue of about 2 minutes on the same topic after a minute of preparation.
Follow-up questionsThese questions are related to the topic given for the second part of the speaking test, i.e., the IELTS cue card

Things to include in your answers 

• What kind of dress is it?
• When do you like to wear it?
• How often do you wear your favourite dress? 
• What makes this dress so special? 

IELTS CUE Card Sample 559 - Model Response 1

My fashion sense tends to be casual, so most of my dresses are casual wear. Understandably, everyone's perception of casual clothing is different, but I personally like to wear my blue cargo jeans with a pink oversized T-shirt. I like to feel comfortable throughout the day, so cargo and T-shirts are my go-to outfits for most days.

Of course, just because I claimed that I prefer to wear it constantly doesn't mean I actually do. Instead, I meant to say that unless there is a ban or restriction on wearing them or anything special where I need to spruce up, I like to wear my favourite dress as frequently as possible.

So, if you were to ask me specifically when I prefer wearing them, I would respond that I enjoy doing so while visiting any friend's home, going grocery shopping, attending a sporting event, or picking up my young nephew from school.

Additionally, I like to wear them even when going to a party, restaurant, or other gathering place. I just paired it up with different shoes and jewellery, depending on the occasion. Therefore, I suppose it is safe to say that I wear them every day, except when I have a formal meeting with my boss. Nevertheless, this specific attire is special because it is easy to wear and makes me feel comfortable throughout the year unless it's too chilly outside.

I really like them because they are easy to carry and organise no matter where I go. Finally, the fact that I don't have to worry about wasting my time ironing them is another reason why I think they are so remarkable.

IELTS CUE Card 559 - Model Response 2

I love wearing all of the clothing options available in India, from traditional to Western, but if I had to pick just one, it would be a kurti. Kurtis often provides me with a great sense of comfort, so I like wearing them in all seasons.

Kurti/ kurta is an Indian traditional dress known for its various sizes and lengths, including long knee-, calf-, and ankle-length options. This garment can be worn by everyone regularly or on special occasions. It comes in different styles and colours to create formal or casual attire. Additionally, you also get the freedom to make a kurti out of different materials such as cotton, satin, silk, or wool.

I often wear orange georgette kurti in the summer since it is breezy and looks fabulous even at formal events. Throw in a phulkari jacket, and there you have it, a magnificent outfit ready to be worn in any traditional event.

The best thing about a kurti/ kurta is that it is age and gender-neutral and is frequently worn by many Indians. I am also fond of wearing kurtas because they match my profession as a university professor.   

Kurta is extremely comfortable and comes in so many different patterns that you can never get enough of it. And not to sound boastful, but I feel like a georgette kurti does look good on me because it is graceful and makes me look tall. 

Follow-Up Questions for IELTS Speaking Part 3.

Below are the follow-up questions associated with "IELTS CUE card sample 559—Describe your favourite dress." Look at them to prepare for Part 3 of the IELTS speaking module.

What sort of attire is appropriate for a workplace?

Businesses usually follow a formal dress code: trousers, shirts, and skirts. Uniforms are also a good option as they are made after keeping the comfort level of working people in mind. If there is no particular dress code, wearing a simple shirt and trousers is the best and most appropriate attire for a workplace. 

Does personality have an impact on how individuals dress?

Absolutely! Personality shapes how we dress because we use clothes for self-expression. It also boosts our confidence level and how we feel about ourselves. 

However, it's not only about personality; social situations also play an important part. For example, a person who is more into wearing loose-fitting clothes may wear a three-piece suit for interviews or work meetings.

Do you believe that dress matters during special events?

Following the dress code does matter during special events as it shows respect for the occasion and helps create the right atmosphere. Wearing appropriate attire also helps boost confidence and enjoy the event to the fullest. You can always give a personal flair to the dress to make it match your personality, but do keep cultural norms in mind while doing so. 

What distinguishes the dressing habits of young individuals from those of older ones?

Young people tend to chase trends and experiment with bold styles while keeping comfort in mind to carry on with their daily activities. The main agenda behind their dressing style is their urge to express their identity or impress others. On the other hand, the older generation tends to incorporate classic styles that prioritize comfort and flatter their body type. Social pressures lessen with age, so they dress more for comfort than trends. Not to mention, the cultural and professional influences, along with personal preference, take center stage. 


Speaking cue cards like " Describe your favourite dress" can help you practice and improve your conduct and response during the test. For maximum benefit, it is advised that you stick with the timers and practice as if it is a real test. You can also get help from expert language trainers who are proficient and have helped thousands of students ace their IELTS exam


A topic on clothes in IELTS can be described using the following vocabulary words:
•    Clothes (It is always plural)
•    An item of clothing I love
•    One piece of clothing
•    I like to wear jeans
•    I wear jeans/trousers as they are very comfortable
•    My jeans/trousers/jeans are very comfortable
You can say ‘I like to wear casual clothes because I want to feel relaxed and comfortable. As I am not very fashionable, so, it’s not important for me to look trendy all the time.
I prefer to wear basic and comfortable clothes and I also like to mix accessories with my clothes. I like wearing clothes that fit me well and make me feel comfortable. As an example, I prefer wearing jeans and a t-shirt rather than a dress and a skirt.
Wearing good quality clothing can protect you from things like dust, dirt and pollutants. Clothes that are made from good quality fabric help you protect your skin from rashes and other allergies and are comfortable to wear as well.
A dress is also known as a frock and gown. It is a garment that is worn traditionally by women or girls and consists of a skirt that is attached to a bodice. It may have a matching bodice and gives the effect of a one-piece garment. It has a top piece that covers the upper part of the body and hangs down over the legs.

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