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How to Apply for an Indian Passport to Study Abroad?

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Learn how to apply for an Indian passport online, the documents required for an Indian passport to study abroad and other essential information like eligibility criteria, application process, post-application process, etc. Also, read things that a student must consider before applying for a passport and take a step towards the study abroad journey. 

How-to-Apply-for-an-Indian-Passport-to Study Abroad.webpStudying abroad is a dream of many, but usually, students get stuck on the question of How to apply for an Indian passport online, which is not very unexpected given all the dreads that are connected with the concept of studying abroad. This blog will help you through the process of applying for an Indian Passport and cover everything, including the eligibility criteria, documents required, application process, and post-application process.

Why Do Students Need an Indian Passport to Study Abroad?

It is well known that everyone needs a passport if they wish to travel to a different countries for any reason, may it be studying, education or tourism. A passport is a must. A passport is necessary as it certifies that the holder is a citizen of a particular country, in this case, India. Another reason why a passport is mandatory is because the student will find themselves needing it at every step of their study abroad journey. 

When to Apply for an Indian Passport? 

It usually takes 30-45 days to get an Indian passport after applying, so it is suggested that students apply according to their academic calendar. In case the Passport is urgently needed, students can also apply for a passport under the Tatkaal mode, which charges extra for fast delivery of the Passport. Under Tatkal mode, the Passport gets delivered within 7-14 days. 

While applying for the Passport, it is crucial that the student understands the gravity of the topic and moves accordingly, which brings us to our next topic-   

Eligibility Criteria to Apply for an Indian Passport

There's a set of criteria that a student must meet if they want to apply for an Indian passport to study abroad, which are:

• Applicant must be an Indian citizen
• Applicant must have a clean record and must not be convicted of any criminal offense
• The applicant is not prohibited by the government of India to travel abroad

Along with meeting the criteria, the student must submit the required document for a student passport. 

Documents Required for Indian Passport

To apply for an Indian passport, the student must submit some mandatory documents to prove Indian citizenship. Here are some of the Documents required for an Indian passport to study abroad

1. Proof of identity: It can be any valid and government-issued ID like an Aadhar card, voter ID card, PAN card, etc.
2. Proof of address: As proof of residency, the applicant is to provide an Aadhar card, voter ID card, utility bill or any other legal document which carries their current residence.
3. Proof of date of birth: The applicant must submit a birth certificate, school leaving certificate or any other legal document that proves or mentions the candidate's DOB.
4. Two recent passport-sized photographs: The photographs must be in colour, with a white background and no border.  
5. Other specified documents: The specific documents are required in particular passport types. 

How to Apply for an Indian Passport Online

How to apply for passport online.webp
To make the process easier, the Government of India offers a Passport Seva service, allowing candidates to apply for the Passport effectively. The portal ensures transparent procedures and uses police verification, which adds to its credibility. 

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to apply for an Indian passport online:

Step 1: Applicant must register through the online Passport Seva portal.
Step 2: Visit the Passport Seva online site and select the link for New Passport Application or Passport Reissue.
Step 3: Fill out the form and hit submit
Step 4: Click the Pay and Schedule Appointment link to arrange an appointment at the nearest Passport Seva Kendra for your application submission. 
Step 5: While visiting the office for application submission, bring the original paperwork to the assigned Passport Seva Kendra.

Post-Application Process

Completion and submission of the application form is not the end of it; there are a few more steps that the applicant has to go through to receive their Passport. Here are some of those steps:

• First, the applicant will receive a receipt with a unique file number to track their passport application status. 
• During the processing of the application, the Regional Passport Office will conduct additional verification that may be necessary to ensure the candidate provides accurate information. 
• After ensuring all the information is correct, the Passport gets printed and dispatched to its rightful owner. 

It is interesting to note that student can track the status of their Passport throughout the process. 


Applying for an Indian passport to study abroad can be an exhilarating experience. However, having a clear idea of how the application process works and what documents are required for the procedure can help applicants glide through the process smoothly. To get professional guidance and more information about the process, students can also contact Canam Consultants. The experts can guide to studying abroad, avoid the common mistakes and apply for the Passport effortlessly. 

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To be eligible to apply for an Indian Passport, the applicant needs to be an Indian citizenship with no criminal record. 
Many Immigration departments don't allow boarding if the Passport is not valid for at least six months after the journey dates. Although this is not always true, some countries require the Passport to be valid for at least six months following the journey dates. 
Typically, the Passport arrives in 30-45 days, but via Tatkal mode, students can receive their passports within 7-14 days, but the authorities charge extra for the service. 
Here's a list of the most common documents required for an Indian passport:

• Proof of identity
• Proof of address
• Proof of date of birth
• Two recent passport-sized photograph
• Other specified documents
Applicants can visit the Passport Seva Online Portal to apply for a passport online. 

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