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Documents Required for Study Abroad

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With tons of opportunities available in the foreign countries, international students from all over the world aim to study abroad to enhance their standard of living and take their careers, altogether, to a new level. It may look daunting to go to some other country, because of various personal and family reasons, but once one realises the facilities and amenities available in the other country, there stays no reason why not to go to a foreign country.

There are many things to be taken into consideration before making the study abroad journey a wonderful experience. International students have to be proactive to get to know about all documents that are required to file for a study visa. Only if one is able to fulfill all requirements asked by the university or the college, one is able to study abroad.

Here are some documents that you need, to make your study abroad journey successful:

Application form
This form is a prerequisite that pertains to that particular university or college that one is applying to. One needs to be very careful in filling up this form and the correct information has to be typed in before it is forwarded to the college or university.

IELTS score
Most of the colleges and Universities located abroad have English as their medium of education due to which they ask for TOEFL or IELTS score for the admission. The score that is being asked varies across universities. It is important to note that the test certificate has validity and one must make sure to apply to the desired college or university well within time.

Education certificates
All the previous education records have to be submitted along with the application form. If the student is applying for the post-graduation program, then all the documents such as Senior Secondary Certificate, Higher Secondary Certificate and Graduation Degree certificate, along with mark sheets need to be submitted.

A resume may seem irrelevant to a lot of people as education qualifications and work experience certificates are already required, but a resume stands as one of the most important documents to be sent. The respective university or college looks into the presentation skills of the candidate and how one can perform while having the interaction over the call on video conference. This discussion takes place on the basis of the resume that one provides.

Statement of purpose
University wants to know the reason why you want to come to the campus and study the respective program. Only after having sent an extensively focused and relevant statement of purpose (SOP), the admission seat is reserved for the candidate who deserves to be in that particular college or university.

Passport size photos
The candidates must send a clear picture with the specific background as being asked by the institute. Make sure that you abide by all the instructions that are being given by the Institution.

Photo ID
An ID document that contains your photo such as a PAN card, Driving Licence or Voter's ID will need to be required for the identification purpose as well as the proof of residence.

Experience Certificate
The relevant experience certificates have to be submitted if any. This will play a big role in making one understand the program well and the hands-on experience always comes to the rescue when needed as long as we are presenting our education in the same direction as that of work experience.

Letter of Recommendation
One has to list some people along with their contact details, the one who can help testify for your character and the work that you have done in that organisation or Institute.

Travel and financial documents
The candidate must have the valid passport and the study visa to be able to travel and enter into the destination country. Proof of funds is also required so that it is sure that you can take care of yourself in case of any emergency.

All of these documents are required by study visa aspirants to be able to live the dream of studying abroad. Some of these documents listed above need to be sent within some stipulated time period as defined by the University or college.

Canam Consultants know all the issues faced by study visa aspirants and make sure that the student support staff keeps them motivated and reminded of all the things that have to be done at their end. Having turned many dreams into realities, our focus is to provide premium study visa consultancy.

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