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Top Free Education Countries for Indian Students

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Education focuses on acquiring knowledge, values, and virtue. It is a process of expediting learning to develop a better world. Learning evolves with personal experience and perceptions. By drawing measurable goals to draw new skills, we empower young minds to explore and innovate.

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Education focuses on acquiring knowledge, values, and virtue. It is a process of expediting learning to develop a better world. Learning evolves with personal experience and perceptions. By drawing measurable goals to draw new skills, we empower young minds to explore and innovate.

Does Diversity Enhance Education?

The new ideas about diversity have shifted from cultural tolerance to enriching human learning.  Connecting with foreign knowledge and culture to create an environment of multicultural is the new dynamic.    

Diversity in Education Focuses on:

Enriched Learning
Combating Prejudice
Cross - Cultural
Set-up of a global

Enhance Your Global Network

Education provides a golden ticket to experience the world and new cultures. Elevating awareness and imbibing a new environment always adds to the bucket of a better and promising future. 

Do you know, the number of students earning degrees outside their home country has tripled over the past 25 years?

"Studying abroad is about experiencing a foreign country - and the most beautiful, important part of a country's culture is its people." - Alexander Kolker

Studying abroad is an excellent opportunity to establish a professional network and become more independent. 

Here are some prominent reasons to study abroad: 

Cultural Diversity
Better Research and Career Options
Personality Development
Language Proficiency
A Global Degree

College Education is the Horizon of Better Opportunities

College education provides prodigious opportunities to a student. With better opportunities, intellect behavior is also attained in the journey. Choosing the right college to enhance your personality is a core part of the journey.

Here is a list of important points to highlight the importance of college:

1. Adopt Learning: Getting a degree teaches the importance of performing new activities and taking responsibility. It provides a challenging environment to tackle unfamiliar surroundings.

2. Explore and Develop: The more you become goal-oriented, channelizing yourself in the right direction also becomes easy. It develops efficiency and creates a mature perspective. 

3. Future Opportunities: A college degree provides secured future opportunities and results in high-income and better lifestyles.

4. Experience of Life: College life pushes you out of your comfort zone and gifts a never-ending experience that is helpful throughout life. 

5. Transform the World: Education is a source of transformation. Sharing the gained knowledge improves society and makes people aware. 

Are you aware, as per the survey conducted by National Survey Organization(NSO), one out of every eight students is a college dropout in India? As per the reports, 64 percent of students do not even think of going to college

What are the reasons for such dropouts?

- Expensive Tuition Fee: The skyrocketing tuition fee has become a major reason for students to suffer. Their dreams are left crushed as the fee becomes a debt trap. 

- Discouraging Environment: A student faces two types of emotional barriers:

Internal (A less motivational learning environment at home)
External (Fear of isolation from peers and social imbalance)

- Picking Up The Wrong Course: It is important to choose the right course o study for a successful career. If the choice is wrong, it will turn into a windy road rather than a straight path. Due to the lack of the right consultation and guidance, many students decide to drop out and jeopardize their careers.

- Commitments: Many students choose a part-time job to fuel their careers. But, many of them are not able to balance work-study and drop out of college.

How to improve student retention in higher education?

Education fuels the economy of our world, and certainly educational attainment is the only way to a bright future. Going to college is the dream of every student. It's evident that college life brings forth new aspects of life. This scenario states the importance of college education for the young generation.

What is Free Education?
Free education in colleges or universities is a progressive and humane plan to ensure more students attain meaningful education.

What are the advantages of Free Education?

To expand access to education: The high cost of a degree would no longer be an obstacle for a student.  The financial barrier will be swept away and students will get an equal chance to pursue their dreams.

Economic and Social Benefits:  Free higher education will boost the GDP and provide high-paying jobs. The educated population will also be able to assist the young generation to cope and make the right choice.

Follow Your Passion: When there is no constraint of risk, students will be able to choose for themselves. They will not compromise their future and will surely succeed.

Is There a Concept of Free Education in the World for the Young Minds?

  • Nothing is better than receiving a high-quality education with minimal or zero tuition fees. 
  • However, this is not just a dream, but a reality. Many countries have taken the charge to provide a hub for free education to Indians. This is a crucial step towards equitable education for all. This has been done to let students not be deprived of education and primary health care.

Here is a List of Countries that have taken the charge to help students pursue their dreams:

1. Norway: This country provides free education for Indian students, but also funds higher education for them. There is no tuition fee for public universities or colleges, only a small registration fee needs to be paid.

Graduate, Post-Graduate, and Doctorate level Programs are free of cost irrespective of your nationality, but you need to be proficient in Norwegian. 

The following universities in Norway provide free education for Indians:

1. University of Oslo

2. University of Bergen

3. Nord University

4. University of Stavanger

5. NHH School of Economics

What steps should be followed to study for free in Norway?

  • Do your research and get acquainted with the universities that provide free education.
  • Create a flawless application and submit it as per the schedule shared on the official website.
  • Apply for university, private, and government scholarships in Norway

2. Germany: One of the most famous countries among Indian students for free education. It does not levy any tuition fee on Indian students. The universities of Germany are well known for their quality of education. According to the World University Rankings, 40 German universities have ranked among the top universities in the world.

Here is a list of universities in Germany that offer free education to Indians:

1. TU Munich

2. LMU Munich

3. University of Berlin

4. TU Berlin

5. University of Muenster

With the right strategy and approach, education in Germany can be free of cost.

  • Choose the course and the German University of your choice.
  • Submit academic transcripts, work experience (depending on the course), GRE/ GMAT Scores, English test scorecards, LOR, and SOP for admission.
  • Apply for financial aid if required.
  • Keep enough time in hand to apply for a German student visa.

3. Czech Republic: This country is known as the "Heart of Europe", and is quite famous for its free education among Indian students. Free education can be availed from any state university provided a student understands the local language. A survey conducted by the Czech Ministry of Education, Youth, and Sports indicates that the number of foreign students in the Czech Republic increased from 46,351 in 2019 to 50,121 in 2020.

Here is a list of universities that provide free education to Indians:

1. Czech Technical University

2. The Academy of Performing Arts

3. University of South Bohemia

4. Masaryk University

5. Mendel University

Here is a list of suggestions to follow if you want to study for free in the Czech Republic:

  • Check for the requirements to be eligible for admission.
  • An entrance exam or interview, language proficiency proof, letter of motivation, portfolio, statement of purpose, writing sample, updated CV, and academic transcripts should be submitted at the time of application.
  • Tuition fees are applicable to students willing to study in English or another foreign language.

4. Finland: This country is an academic hub and is considered a hotspot among Indian students. A tuition fee is charged, to pursue a course in the English language, but Ph.D. courses are free of cost. There are several universities that offer low-cost programs. It is highly recommended to have a sufficient budget to spend on accommodation, food, travel, books, etc.

Take a glance at the universities in Finland that are well known for their low-cost  education programs for Indians:

1. Diaconia University of Applied Sciences

2. Kajaani University of Applied Sciences

3. University of Eastern Finland

4. Tampere University

5. University of Vaasa

How to study in Finland for free? 

  • Choose the course you want to pursue.
  • Fill out your application form vigilantly and adhere to the dates of submission.
  • Apply for scholarships and financial aid.

5. Brazil:  Education in all the public universities for Indians is free of cost. However, students need to apply for the Portuguese language exam before they apply to any university. Compared to other countries, the cost of food and transportation is affordable.

The list of universities that provide free education to Indians:

1. University of São Paulo

2. Federal University of Santa Catarina

3. Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul

4. Federal University of ABC

5. Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro

How to study in Brazil for free?

  • A student can apply for admission to affordable universities through Brazil's national application portal called SISU.
  • A copy of the ID page of your passport, academic transcripts, a letter of motivation, one or two letters of recommendation, and Celpe-Bras test results are required for admission.
  • Students can apply for scholarships to pay the tuition fees in Brazil.

6. Sweden: This country is well-known for its public universities. However, students need to pay a tuition fee. However, Ph.D. in any field is free of cost for Indian students. Ph.D. students can also take advantage of the financial support provided by the country for research work. 

Universities in Sweden that provide free education to Indians:

1. Stockholm University

2. Uppsala University

3. Karolinska Institutet

4. University of Gothenburg

5. Dalarna University

What procedure should be followed to study free in Sweden?

  • Prepare an excellent admissions application and apply early.
  • Look for scholarship options in Sweden.
  • Apply for admission to affordable universities in Sweden along with documents demonstrating the academic standards for the program and English proficiency. 

7. Spain: This country offers a range of courses, from undergraduate to Ph.D. level, for Indian students. It provided a rich cultural experience with a high-quality education. Many students find this country affordable as the cost of living is quite low.

The list of universities that provide free education to Indians in Spain:

1. University of Barcelona

2. University of Navarra

3. University of Valencia

4. University of Granada

5. University of Salamanca

Here are the tips to follow to study for free in Spain:

- Research affordable universities in Spain.

- Create an application that stands out.

- Apply early before the specified deadline

- Apply for scholarships in Spanish universities.

- Work part-time to cover expenses and minimize expenses.

8.  Belgium:  It is a country well known for its practical and theoretical quality of education. It is one of the top countries to provide free education and also offers a vibrant international community. A minimal tuition fee needs to be paid, but it also provides good placement opportunities to Indian students.

Universities in Belgium that provide free education to Indians:

1. University of Ghent

2. Hasselt University

3. University of Namur

4. Vesalius College

5. UC Leuven-Limburg

  • A list of suggestions to follow to get free education in Belgium:
  • A student should have a good academic record and a letter of recommendation.
  • Apply for scholarships from Belgian universities.
  • Apply for admission to affordable universities in Belgium.

Education Empowers a New Dawn

Education is the most powerful weapon that can restore the world to its balance. Canam believes when you empower a life, a new generation gets enlightened. It is our sole responsibility to guide students and to generate awareness on various aspects of studying abroad at a low-cost expense. Our ambition is to guide the youth to choose the right road that leads them to success.

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