How to Get 9 In IELTS Reading?

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In this blog, you will get to know the best tips and tricks that can help you score 9 band score in the reading module of an IELTS english language examination that can further help you study in your favorite country and accomplish your dreams.

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Many test-takers think that scoring band 9 in the IELTS reading module is an impossible task, especially for a non-native English speaker. You may encounter unfamiliar or tricky words, but that is entirely normal. The IELTS reading classes assesses candidate’s ability to understand what they have read. So, if you do not know some words, but can guess their meaning, you can score 9 bands. It is a common perception that test-takers lose marks because of a lack of knowledge, but it is not true! It is because those test-takers make very simple mistakes. Read the following IELTS reading tips to get a high score in the IELTS reading module:

Don't expect to understand every word:

Test takers’ worst nightmare is that they might not understand passages in the IELTS reading module. If at any point that nightmare becomes a reality, do not worry! There is a simple way to overcome this situation. The basic rule to score well is to build an extensive vocabulary. But if you find unfamiliar words, then don’t panic and don’t spend too much time thinking about the meaning of the word. You can also try to read the line, and you can quickly get the meaning of the word.

Read the instructions VERY carefully:

Reading instructions carefully is one of the essential things that IELTS test-takers should do. It is imperative, especially in the reading and listening modules, because they give precise and particular instructions. If you don’t follow them, you may lose your points.

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Don't panic:

You will encounter many questions, out which some may be easy, and some can be extremely difficult. But it is strongly recommended not to panic. If you panic, you may forget whatever you know or have learned. When you panic because of one question, you tend to spend a lot of time over it. With this, you may lose track of time, and eventually, no time will be left with you to attempt other questions.

It's a vocabulary test:

In many ways, the IELTS reading module is more of a vocabulary test than a reading test. You have to use synonyms and paraphrase sentences in the test to show that your vocabulary is wide. Make sure you work on your vocabulary.

Time Management:

You will have to manage time in the IELTS reading module. If you spend too much time on one question, then you will be let with less time for other questions. Therefore, it is recommended to try and get each section finished in 20 minutes. With this, you will be able to break down to 16-17 minutes to read and answer the questions. Canamprep experts offer the best IELTS training. Experts follow a student-centric approach to help students achieve outstanding scores with the help of professionally developed material and strategic training at state of the art classrooms. Get registered with Canamprep, the IELTS institute, and improve your capabilities.

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Yes, it is definitely feasible to achieve a band score of 9 on the IELTS test. This is attainable if you demonstrated proficiency in using the English language and met the examiner's expectations for IELTS.
Canamprep's preparation modules and courses can help you get a head start on your studying and guarantee a high band score in each part.
Yes, but only in part. With the availability of countless online resources and knowledgeable mentors.
Yes, provided that you remain consistent in your responses.
This depends on a number of variables, however you can find our advice on accelerating reading here:

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