Describe Your First Day at School or College- IELTS Cue Card

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In addition to a discussion of how to prepare for the IELTS cue card, this post will include two elaborate model responses to the cue card that asks, "Describe Your First Day at School or College."

Describe Your First Day at School or College- IELTS Cue Card

Describe your first day at school.

  • You must include:
  • Where was it?
  • What exactly happened?

Describe your feelings about that day.

Model response 1

Well, a person's mind retains both positive and bad memories from various times. Which memories a person wants to share with others or not depends on them. I'll be talking about my old school today.

In my life, I attended three different schools. When I was three years old, I was a resident of Amritsar. After enrolling there, I attended the military school, but my family and I relocated to my hometown after a year. I enrolled there in another school.

I went there to study from kindergarten through eighth grade before transferring to its second branch, which was one mile distant.

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I'd want to discuss about my secondary school because I don't have a distinct memory of my primary schools. Khalsa Senior Secondary School is the name of my school. The construction was green and eco-friendly. My classroom was located on the first floor and it only had three stories.

For heat insulation, high-efficiency air conditioning, solar energy use, and wastewater recycling and treatment, it was built with double walls. All of the school's classrooms had smart boards installed. They assist pupils in their learning. The interactive whiteboard transformed a dull classroom into a stimulating learning space.

Because I had heard so much about the restrictions and strictness of the school, I was really anxious on the first day. My classmates were all new, save for one. We arrived for class 30 minutes early, and as soon as we started chatting with the other students, we felt at ease.

In the morning, I viewed half-school. In light of this, I made the decision to tour the entire campus during lunch. I was stumbling around the school after lunch and noticed all the rooms and labs. Although the rules of the school were extremely stringent, the professors were very approachable.

Between ninth and twelfth grade, I studied there. I made many memories there and friends. It is the friendship from that time that has lasted with me till today.

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Model answer 2

I've worked diligently since I was in school. I believe I can still clearly recall my first day of graduating course when I was 19. I received my degree from Chandigarh's 42 College. Fortunately, I was admitted there after receiving an 80% on my senior project.

I still recall taking my first lesson at this college in the first week of July. A day consisted of five lectures, and in the third lecture, a teacher by the name of Mrs. Sukhpreet Kaur shared her work-life experience with us all.

She is a role model in our institution, and the way she explained to us all the challenges of the course material and how to succeed in it was exceptional. She even gave us everyone a pep talk to encourage and inspire us to take part in both academic and extracurricular activities.

My first day of college becomes inspirational to me just because of her. Even now, whenever I have to begin a new project. Her comments in this motivating speech serve to remind me to do the assignment accurately and on schedule.

When I think back on my past experiences, I realise that my first day of college was the happiest day of my life. I was so excited that I missed my second class of the day too. Till day, the first day of my college has an impression on me. I got some of my best friends.

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IELTS cue card preparation tips

You will be given an IELTS cue card topic that has one core question (in the form of an instance, recollection, or piece of art) and three to four questions that will assist you in determining how to react to the primary question. There isn't a swap option on the cue card, so put your ideas there straight away.

A pen and paper will be provided so that you can jot down your ideas. When the examiner instructs you to cease speaking, you must do so after two minutes.

You can employ idea-generation techniques throughout such period. The 5W and 1H questions—what, where, when, why, who, and how—are the most basic. Mind mapping is an additional one.

A mind map is a tool for the brain that keeps track of your inner thoughts. Thought, information collection, memory, and idea development are all aided by mind mapping. As a result, you'll probably develop your capacity for thought.

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The best way to ace this task is to practice regularly. Make Cue Cards at home on the commonly asked topics and familiarize yourself with them. Practice speaking on different topics in front of the mirror to improve fluency, coherence and confidence. 
No, one can not get the Cue Card changed. Therefore, one is advised to prepare and practice speaking on multiple topics to avoid last-minute hassles. 
The IELTS Cue Card task is the second step of the Speaking section wherein a topic is presented to the test-take, based on which one has to speak for a maximum of 2 minutes. Each candidate is provided a minute to think and make notes before the speaking part starts.
Each Cue Card has a set of cues or prompts mentioned based on which an individual can frame their answer. There is no compulsion to follow the cues entirely. However, including those pointers in the response can increase one’s chances of scoring better.  

There can be instances when a person gets a topic they don’t have much to discuss. Remembering that the Cue Card task evaluates a person’s ability to say, not narrate, a story is crucial.

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