Describe an area of science you like or are interested in - IELTS Cue Card Sample 77

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The blog covers an IELTS card topic ‘Describe an area of science you like or are interested in…’ which is a part of the IELTS Speaking module’s part 2. Three sample answers with vocabulary to follow from all three answers have also been provided in the blog.

Describe an area of science you like or are interested in - IELTS Cue Card Sample 77

Describe an area of science that interests you

You should say

  • What it is
  • What you learn from it
  • When you became interested in it
  • Explain how this area of science helps you

IELTS Cue Card Topic - Sample Answer 1

Significant progress in human society has been made thanks to science. Science is more than simply a subject; it's crucial to every facet of our life. Science has many subfields, some of which include Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.

We can only learn about diseases and their treatments thanks to research. Well, biology was the subject that attracted me. My science teacher was incredibly competent and engaged the class in active learning.

She gave me a biology lesson. The subject typically focuses on living things and the processes that keep them alive, and it imparts a thorough knowledge and comprehension of the natural world.

The human body is an amazing piece of equipment, thus I'm particularly interested in learning more about it and its facts. Every form of life has its unique biological systems and activities. Additionally, some biological truths simply boggle our thoughts. One day, I intend to work as a biology professor.

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IELTS Cue Card Topic – Sample Answer 2

I used to like science less than other subjects in school until I got to the tenth standard. At this point, the topic's in-depth understanding started to pique my interest. I was leaning more toward chemistry than the other two fields.

I was very enthralled by the different elements and reactions in chemistry. Additionally, Mr. Singh, our Chemistry teacher, made the subject even more engaging and simple to understand by teaching all of the principles in this manner.

To study the periodic table in order, our teachers assisted us by teaching us shortcuts and learning techniques. The utilization of many chemical substances in industries, including sodium, hydrochloric acid, sulphuric acid, and others, was something else I learned.

My interest in chemistry increased the minute I realized how frequently these ideas appear in our daily lives. For instance, we combine a variety of components in precise ratios to create delectable recipes. Only one type of Chemistry is this. Moreover, whether in solid or liquid form, every pharmaceutical medicine is made up of several chemical components.

I've benefited from chemistry in many different ways. First of all, it has assisted me in selecting a career path. The intriguing ideas have sparked a desire in me to study science. I will therefore continue studying this topic in my higher education.

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IELTS Cue Card Topic – Sample Answer 3

To be completely honest, I don't find chemistry or physics to be all that fascinating. However, I appreciate the ideas behind biology. I think it's a fascinating topic because it reveals important new information about the human body, plants, and animals.

I can still clearly recall that I became suddenly interested in this topic when in the tenth grade. To fully comprehend, I used to read a lot of books and ask my lecturers for notes. Not only that, but I also used to scan the internet for information to satisfy my thirst for knowledge.

I think the internet is an excellent resource for learning a practical subject because it provides a variety of learning opportunities. I used to watch YouTube videos to readily learn difficult concepts whenever textbooks got boring.

I enjoy this subject because it teaches me so much about my body, which is another reason. I learn how to properly manage my physical and mental health in this way. In addition, I get to learn how to take care of both fauna and flora.

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  • Facet: a particular aspect or feature of something.

Example: A philosophy that extends to all facets of the business.

  • Incredibly: extremely

Example: Michelle was incredibly brave.

  • Impart: make (information) known

Example: The teachers impart knowledge in schools.

  • Comprehension: the ability to understand something

Example: Some won't have the least comprehension of what I'm trying to do.

  • Boggle: (of a person or their mind) be astonished or baffled when trying to imagine something

Example: The mind boggled at the spectacle.

  • Pique: a feeling of irritation or resentment resulting from a slight, especially to one's pride.

Example: He left in a fit of pique

  • Enthralled: capture the fascinated attention of.

Example: She had been so enthralled by the adventure that she had hardly noticed the cold.

  • Delectable: (of food or drink) delicious

Example: Those were delectable homemade chocolates.

  • Intriguing: arousing one's curiosity or interest; fascinating

Example: This is an intriguing piece of the story.

  • Sparked: give rise to

Example: The trial sparked a furious row.

  • Comprehend: grasp mentally; understand.

Example: He couldn't comprehend her reasons for marrying Lovat.

  • Concepts: abstract ideas

Example: Structuralism is a difficult concept.

  • Fauna and Flora: Fauna refers to all animal life and flora refers to all plant life

Example: Fauna generally cannot prepare their food, so they depend on flora for this.

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