Describe an activity that you do after school or work - Cue Card # 799

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The blog first discusses what is a cue card topic that needs to be answered in the IELTS Speaking module. It then presents a sample cue card topic that is followed by a sample answer. Finally, the blog moves on to the tips that you might keep in mind while answering a cue card topic.

Describe an activity that you do after school or work - Cue Card # 799

The subjects on which candidates are to talk are listed on the cue cards provided for IELTS Speaking Part 2. Candidates are given two to three minutes to speak and one minute to take notes. IELTS Speaking part 2 evaluates candidates' fluency, pronunciation, coherence, and cohesive speaking as well as their knowledge of grammar and vocabulary.

IELTS Cue Card Topic - Sample Question

Describe an activity that you do after school/ work. You should say:
• what activity it is
• when and where you do it
• who you do it with

and explain how you feel about doing this activity.

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IELTS Cue Card Topic -Sample Answer

I used to be content to come home after work and simply relax with some TV. While I have nothing against spending time with our family at home, I eventually found this to be a somewhat dull activity.

I needed to locate some different kinds of activities, in other words. So, around six months ago, I went to a store and bought a bicycle for myself. Yes, you guessed it correctly. I bought this bicycle so I could play with it a little after work.

Naturally, it was not the first time I had ever owned and ridden a bicycle. In reality, approximately ten years ago, when I was a student at my university, I used to ride a nice-looking "two-wheeler" and own one as well.

However, I eventually had to give up the concept of riding a bicycle when I began work that needed a different lifestyle from my end. But now that I'm enjoying this activity after work, or rather, primarily after work in the afternoon, as I also occasionally ride it in the morning on the weekends, I've reverted to my "old self," who was more daring.

However, I always attempt to undertake this exercise in a nearby park because they are generally less congested or busy than those city highways or streets, regardless of when or at what time I am doing it. And sure, even though it occasionally would be wonderful to have other riders join me, I still prefer doing this exercise alone.

Nevertheless, riding alone or not, I really love this somewhat new activity because it lets me revert to and act like the "young me" once more. After beginning this practice, I also feel much more "liberated" and confident in myself because it helps me divert my attention from the occasionally "toxic" work atmosphere I must endure.

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Tips For Answering the Cue Card

Topic: Describe an activity that you do after school/ work.

This cue card topic presupposes that you are either a college student, a working professional who has your own business or works in an office. This is the reason why it asks what you do after work, school, or the workplace.

Let's start by assuming you are a student. In that scenario, you must describe a routine action you take as soon as you get home from school, college, or university. Therefore, it stands to reason that you should discuss an afternoon or evening activity.

And you can mention that you go out and enjoy nature while strolling for a bit, go to a nearby café and spend some time there reading a book, go to a gym to get some exercise, or do any number of other things once you get home from school.

The kinds of activities that pupils can engage in after leaving school are not restricted. Therefore, we advise you to choose an activity you enjoy doing before planning and discussing it.

Before providing details of the activity, if you are a professional who works in an office or owns your own business, let the examiner know the time that you typically arrive home from work. then describe a habitual activity. The activities could include everything from cooking, gardening, walking, running, exercising, watching TV, or reading a book or magazine.

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A list of activities that you may talk about for this topic:

  • Taking part in a team sport, playing a game, or going to the gym
  • Cycling
  • Reading a newspaper, book, or magazine
  • Cycling, viewing birds, and fishing
  • Consuming music
  • Yoga, gardening, hiking, hanging out with friends, watching TV, and cafe-hopping

This Cue Card topic comes with 4 accompanying questions which are -

  • what activity it is
  • when and where you do it
  • who you do it with

and explain how you feel about doing this activity.

Before going into the specifics of the activity, we advise you to thank the examiner. After that, be sure to specify what "activity" you engage in when you get home from work or school. The first query would be amply addressed by this.

Example: Before I get into the specifics of an activity that I routinely engage in after I come home from my university, I'd like to thank you for the opportunity to discuss this topic.Give the time, duration, and whether you typically do it indoors or outdoors in response to the second question, which asks when and where you do it. Include a sentence or two to explain why you choose to perform this activity at that specific location if it is an outdoor activity.

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Example: Almost every evening, except for when the weather is too severe, I play football with my buddies. When I get home, which is usually about 3:30 pm, I take a shower, eat dinner, and then relax for a while. However, I go outside and play football with my pals for at least an hour when the clock strikes 5:00 pm. In a playground that is only a 10-minute walk from my house, we play football, which happens to be my favorite sport.

The third question, "who you do it with," has already been addressed in the aforementioned case. Only the fourth and final question is left to be answered, which concerns how you feel about the work you do. Give that some good energy because it's something you often do to pass the time when you're free. Include a few advantages of that activity as well.

Example: I enjoy playing football with my pals. I have a strong interest in this activity and enjoy spending my evenings outside. So this activity gives me the ideal chance to get outside, exercise to be healthy and fit, see my friends, and spend quality time with them. I really appreciate what I do in the evening.

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I usually do some activity after school hours to spend my leisure time. Some of these activities include going out for a walk, running or playing football. I also take care of my garden sometimes. On other days I like to visit my friends or just watch TV leisurely.
Being honest, I enjoyed doing a lot of activities in my childhood. I remember doing so many things like playing video games, ludo, indoor games like chess or outdoor games like football or basketball. However, to top it all, I used to love playing hide and seek with my friends.
I like to enjoy a number of activities like playing outdoor sports like cricket and football, enjoying indoor sports like chess and ludo with my friends’ back home. I also like to watch kids shows and cartoon on tv in my free tiem after school hours every day.
The most common activities that kids enjoy doing after school are as follows:
•    Swimming classes
•    Ice skating or skating classes
•    Performing gymnastics
•    Playing soccer
These are some activities that kids perform during their toddler and preschool days.
Following are some activities I like doing after my school hours:
1.Baking a snack
3.Coloring pictures and images
4.Solving crossword puzzles
5.Going for a short walk
7.Reading a book

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